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Welcome to Fairfax Underground, a project site designed to improve communication among residents of Fairfax County, VA. Feel free to post anything Northern Virginia residents would find interesting.
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Stray bullet strikes woman at child’s soccer game 1,514  Hellwig Park incident  10/14/2013 11:18AM 
Last Post by lolwtf4
Was Jules Coy ever tried for Armed Robbery? 1,522  Just Curious  10/08/2013 12:14PM 
Last Post by yippie
DASH Motors in Manassas 4,039  21  Sap Green  10/05/2013 10:04PM 
Last Post by silly me
Joe Ruhren 3,042  close friends of joes  09/29/2013 09:55PM 
Last Post by Not Surprised
BMW "Anti-Theft" Door Locks 1,030  IRT  09/19/2013 01:20PM 
Last Post by IRT
Makovoz Boxing Club - www.makovozboxing.com 904  Makovoz Boxing  09/16/2013 10:24PM 
Last Post by Makovoz Boxing
Aaron hamman 1,060  that other guy  09/16/2013 10:44AM 
Last Post by What a coward
k2 983  bigjfromva  09/14/2013 11:36AM 
Last Post by bigjfromva
Anyone about to buy a new/used car, if so this might help 976  Mark1376  09/07/2013 12:13PM 
Last Post by Mark1376
Pool in the new High school 2,267  19  Emma C  09/06/2013 03:30PM 
Last Post by Trashman
Operation Ruby Red 2,079  chinaman  09/05/2013 01:16PM 
Last Post by chinaman
Death on Joplin 2,335  Gordon Blvd  09/05/2013 12:07PM 
Last Post by BEH
pills 5,700  16  lookinforanod  09/04/2013 07:36PM 
Last Post by Got its
Especially FFX City and PWC 1,215  Loser EMT/Firemen  08/29/2013 10:29AM 
Last Post by Loser EMT/Firemen
Especially FFX City and PWC 978  Loser EMT/Firemen  08/29/2013 10:28AM 
Last Post by Loser EMT/Firemen
Why do we need whitey? 1,446  jayZ  08/28/2013 08:36PM 
Last Post by bring back fieri
Last Post by uxvyk
Guy Fieri 3,337  42  Fieri Fan Club Prez  08/28/2013 11:55AM 
Last Post by Betty Cocker
Pit bull attack in Manassas 1,435  PW DAILY MONITOR  08/25/2013 10:08AM 
Last Post by Kstradamus
Stay Away from Dale City Long John Silver's 2,392  Disgusted  08/21/2013 09:21PM 
Last Post by npeev
Bath salts/hookah cleaner/plant food Manassas? 1,732  Rock$taR  08/19/2013 11:17PM 
Last Post by a man
svenwestmneie 843  ynwdx  08/19/2013 02:55AM 
Last Post by but
How Virginia’s 18-year-olds can “Stick It to the man.” 2,746  DogZilla  08/17/2013 07:39PM 
Last Post by svennestle
Railroad Crossing Accidents 989  Gainesville Resident  08/17/2013 07:27PM 
Last Post by svennestle
VEHICLE CHECKPOINT OLD BRIDGE ROAD 1,069  Minuteman  08/17/2013 07:04PM 
Last Post by svennestle
LOST: Tegu Lizard 1,124  P. Sedlak  08/17/2013 06:29PM 
Last Post by svennestle
i am untouchable 1,731  Ryan k. Brooke  08/17/2013 06:27PM 
Last Post by svennestle
Tent community behind best western hotel 997  Crazyish  08/17/2013 05:39PM 
Last Post by svennestle
Grinder 910  2252me1  08/12/2013 06:15PM 
Last Post by 2252me1
James Craig Summers Trial - Prince William County 2,833  13  Rebel  08/04/2013 11:42AM 
Last Post by ignoranceisbliss
Covington place 1,021  Concerned neighbor  08/01/2013 01:55PM 
Last Post by ilovenews
Anybody excited for the upcoming high school football season? 780  Jimmie  07/24/2013 08:24PM 
Last Post by ppg
williamstown characters 1,361  arlbulldog  07/06/2013 10:12PM 
Last Post by Henry
VASAP program, Manassas 1,981  Fuckyou1_KTA  07/05/2013 01:44PM 
Last Post by gaymarket
NA 963  rjt86  06/12/2013 02:25AM 
Last Post by localboob
Why? 1,011  The Redneck Section  06/04/2013 03:01PM 
Last Post by Wondering...
MUVE CAR SHOW 1,060  MUVE  05/29/2013 10:43PM 
Last Post by MUVE
Please 1,546  12  dennishopper  05/25/2013 11:48AM 
Last Post by Detaine
Stay Away From DASH Motors in Manassas 1,213  Brother Bear  05/02/2013 08:28AM 
Last Post by Ryan
Is it true....is Old Dominion Speedway finally dead? 1,248  Stabitha  04/19/2013 05:12AM 
Last Post by Nugget of Knowledge
Forest Park High School 1,627  parker  04/15/2013 11:54AM 
Last Post by GOHARD
L & B's in Dale City 2,423  Patron of...  04/06/2013 11:50AM 
Last Post by WHY
Black "wanna be" Ghetto trash test.... 1,302  john Carver  04/05/2013 06:08AM 
Last Post by bill clinton
Need COPPER Pipe, Scraps, Cutoffs , etc for a project 912  VA Rocketry  04/04/2013 03:35PM 
Last Post by VA Rocketry
DUI checkpoint Minnieville road 11pm April 3rd 907  Friendtou  04/03/2013 11:20PM 
Last Post by Friendtou
Alamo Drafthouse now hiring! 1,074  Alamo Drafthouse  03/29/2013 11:35AM 
Last Post by Alamo Drafthouse
Local Commercial About Lingerie 1,187  Curious-  03/15/2013 03:57PM 
Last Post by localboob
Buddy wanted for boxing sparring and friendship 1,141  Mike P  03/07/2013 05:55PM 
Last Post by localboob
Barnes and Noble in Manassas 2,236  Jane357  02/27/2013 03:48PM 
Last Post by Blowtorch333
Richard Sean Ryals AKA: Tree Works Unlimited 829  Stop the thief  02/22/2013 12:34PM 
Last Post by Stop the thief
Jan padgett's a pothead bitch-prez of homeowner's assoc. 3,290  12  TumblingBrook  02/18/2013 07:39PM 
Last Post by Aceystar13
LOOKING FOR INFORMATION ON WOMAN 5,514  35  personwhocares  02/18/2013 02:42PM 
Last Post by localboob
PW County Massage Parlors 1,618  Blowtorch  02/15/2013 06:35PM 
Last Post by Foo
white guys that need head 1,577  service provider  02/15/2013 12:50PM 
Last Post by localboob
PWC High Scools 1,102  Teal88  02/13/2013 01:00PM 
Last Post by localboob
Meat vendors? 884  oc  02/01/2013 08:26PM 
Last Post by Manassas Meats
Mars Family? I am new to area.. Is this guy full of it? 2,582  Ashley  01/18/2013 04:09PM 
Last Post by localboob
Need recommendations on Criminal Law Attorney 1,665  jo  01/10/2013 09:33PM 
Last Post by not bill stevens
Who is that fat fuck commonwealth attorney that works the general district court in PWC like he is working his corner? 3,271  14  annonymous  01/08/2013 09:01PM 
Last Post by op angry
Jerk in the electric blue mazda plate... 1,824  Still Won  01/04/2013 04:26PM 
Last Post by localboobz
Sport & Health is BAD 1,300  Jay Clemny  12/22/2012 01:18PM 
Last Post by Jay Clemny
sexual harrassment 2,065  jamie smith  12/22/2012 12:43PM 
Last Post by Jesus in Manassas
arrested in Old town 2,662  stupid  12/22/2012 12:36PM 
Last Post by Po Po man
Cell phone screen repair 1,332  Samantha  12/22/2012 12:36PM 
Last Post by mac1
Need dat gush 3,319  Deebo  12/22/2012 12:34PM 
Last Post by Po Po man
Pw packway 1,253  Driver  12/22/2012 12:30PM 
Last Post by Driver2
Downtown Manassas 2,145  0tter  12/22/2012 12:29PM 
Last Post by Real Philly
St Margaret's Episcopal church-money embezzled! 1,658  son of a gun  12/22/2012 12:27PM 
Last Post by Jesus in Manassas
Obama RACE WAR 1,616  Beware or be NEXT !!  12/22/2012 12:22PM 
Last Post by BBCman
Hey Concert Lovers (Hook-Up Here!) 2,385  11  STDC Mike  12/22/2012 12:20PM 
Last Post by Ticker
NOVA Musicians, Venues & Promoters Gone Bad 1,690  downtoearth  12/07/2012 06:01PM 
Last Post by localboob
Lookin for Cid 1,919  Xplodr  11/21/2012 10:24AM 
Last Post by BEH
Richard Sean Ryals 993  Tree Works Unlimited  10/25/2012 12:08AM 
Last Post by nocsa
Tree Works Unlimited 2,085  Buyer Beware!  10/19/2012 09:08AM 
Last Post by Buyer Beware!
Big tough rednecks wanted 2,143  Punching Bag  10/16/2012 08:29AM 
Last Post by BEH
Fire on Sapphire Ridge 1,044  GvilleMama  10/15/2012 10:22PM 
Last Post by ReadItAgainSam
Where is the biggest gymnasium in Prince William County 1,316  Gymseeker  09/28/2012 08:40AM 
Last Post by Gymseeker
Ronnie Smith Tree Service 1,380  It takes a thief!!!!  09/22/2012 09:18PM 
Last Post by It takes a thief!!!!
any info on her? 2,744  manassas  09/01/2012 09:48AM 
Last Post by manassas
CW Price 5,325  13  CW Price  08/23/2012 08:35AM 
Last Post by steve k2
Prince William Remodeling- FREE ESTIMATE! 1,797  RML  08/22/2012 06:29PM 
Last Post by PWC Resident
Thefts from Parked Cars 3,527  15  AnnieBee  08/04/2012 09:34AM 
Last Post by BroadRun Neighboor
Really? 1,779  MC's in Bristow?  07/30/2012 09:43PM 
Last Post by RickJamesBitch
Wing It Restaurant in Bristow 1,513  Chili_Pepper  07/30/2012 09:33PM 
Last Post by RickJamesBitch
Gators Home Services: Free Estimates and 10% Off Coupon 1,494  GatorsServices  07/25/2012 10:06AM 
Last Post by Jennifer
Old Bridge Rd 1,639  can't remember  07/23/2012 09:01AM 
Last Post by can't remember
Cruise'in Sunday July 15th 1,532  BigK  07/11/2012 10:14PM 
Last Post by BigK
Male Sexual Abuse 1,690  Novaguy  06/20/2012 09:16AM 
Last Post by Novaguy
Curise-in at Jukebox Diner today 1,611  BigK  06/19/2012 02:32PM 
Last Post by BEH
Police pull over cars moving for ambulance on old bridge 1,983  Angrydriver  06/16/2012 08:28AM 
Last Post by hey
drugdealers on probation 2,730  18  wethepeople  06/08/2012 08:09PM 
Last Post by Urlacking
pick pocketer in manassas 1,473  run  06/08/2012 02:38PM 
Last Post by run
Ronnie Smith Tree/Firewood illegal business 1,455  Scammed  06/08/2012 12:58PM 
Last Post by BEH
New CUSTOM T SHIRT STORE open now in WOODBRIDGE 1,101  T Shirt Time  06/06/2012 06:33PM 
Last Post by T Shirt Time
Woman Arrested After Allegedly Trying To Steal A Baby On A Bus 1,275  McGruff - The Crime Dog!  05/30/2012 01:28PM 
Last Post by AlphaGuy
Bristow 4,011  20  Professor Pangloss  05/30/2012 08:00AM 
Last Post by MouthyStealersFansRGay
Babur Lateef is a Loser! 2,068  Happy About It!  05/16/2012 04:48AM 
Last Post by What
AMERICAN LANDSCAPING SPECIALISTS 4,182  42  whodunit  05/06/2012 06:49AM 
Last Post by good luck
crooks 1,965  anybody know a Nick or Kenny Outlaw?  05/05/2012 07:14PM 
Last Post by analyst
Lee Hughes Religious Zealot to evict family from their home of 23 years for his personal profit 1,637  cramey  04/30/2012 09:19AM 
Last Post by El' Julio de la Gato Flores Jr.
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