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Welcome to Fairfax Underground, a project site designed to improve communication among residents of Fairfax County, VA. Feel free to post anything Northern Virginia residents would find interesting.
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Sticky: Personal attacks and attempted outing    Pages: 1 ... 11 12 13 All 137,582  1,238  Cary  03/17/2018 05:01AM 
Last Post by eesh
McCabe has been fired!!!!!!!! 171  33  Breaking news!!!!  03/17/2018 08:40AM 
Last Post by there there little man
Top-Award Winning AMERICAN Film Legend "KURT RUSSELL" Turns "67" TODAY!! !! !! Trump Stumped the Chumps  03/17/2018 08:29AM 
Last Post by Trump Stumped the Chumps
lorton man dies when dump truck contacts electrical lines 211  19  jyxxk  03/17/2018 08:26AM 
Last Post by Joopw
Foods Your Bowels Dont Want    Pages: 1 ... 135 136 137 All 170,699  13,625  Blooming Onion  03/17/2018 07:40AM 
Last Post by Damn.
Meade has a record-breaking case of Pectus carinatum 117  11  My diagnosis  03/17/2018 06:54AM 
Last Post by eesh
The Mike O'Meara Show    Pages: 1 ... 903 904 905 All 3,517,982  90,418  WashingToneLocian  03/17/2018 06:37AM 
Last Post by Gallant-in-training
Morbidly obese libshit judge shits herself 677  20  Disgusting shitlibs  03/17/2018 06:14AM 
Last Post by Vv5fdr4
Meade admits to weighing 280lbs 121  15  Fat man fever  03/17/2018 04:57AM 
Last Post by Xy655
Another Local Pervert Teacher Busted 902  16  WingNut  03/17/2018 04:49AM 
Last Post by TransNokesville
Karl Rove says Trump is a liability on the midterm campaign trail 43  Donald, please stay home  03/17/2018 04:18AM 
Last Post by Rove learned lesson in 2006
Trump won 2584 counties; Hillary won 472. The 472 Hillary counties accounted for 64% of GDP 109  14  economics lesson  03/17/2018 04:17AM 
Last Post by if all those counties went blue
Lizzie completes second week - approaches Hump Day    Pages: 1 ... 76 77 78 All 96,258  7,799  lizzie the convict  03/17/2018 04:14AM 
Last Post by HapPYBRthday eesh!
Attended an interesting government training seminar 248  31  making homes 'gun safe'  03/17/2018 04:05AM 
Last Post by this is all irrelevant
WJFK/Sports Junkies moved to Lanham already? 2,385  22  Wally pip  03/17/2018 03:55AM 
Last Post by zhangmeng55
Would you buy a car from this guy? 67  Buy here, pay here  03/17/2018 03:05AM 
Last Post by this is apropos
Women are objects 315  Pharoah Ramesses  03/17/2018 02:55AM 
Last Post by PYBRharoah PYBRamesses
Explanation on Kelly Flynn 3,494  81  fourlegs  03/17/2018 01:58AM 
Last Post by Rwac7
once racist nazi cops are the only ones with guns, we can finally have peace 58  truth hurts snowflakes  03/17/2018 01:47AM 
Last Post by notice how gerry tard
Irish considered the lowliest of the white race, yet compar them to the Africas... 114  10  IrishBlessed  03/17/2018 01:31AM 
Last Post by GSjjb
Hillary falls down twice, Andrew McCabe is fired... Looks like a Good Week to me! 76  10  HE BROKE YOU  03/17/2018 12:48AM 
Last Post by Gerrymanderer2
Life is Great with Trump 30  President Trump FTW!  03/17/2018 12:47AM 
Last Post by President Trump FTW!
bought new shoes today at Volume Shoe Source 30  Iibs hate America  03/17/2018 12:30AM 
Last Post by Iibs hate America
This may be the most damning evidence yet all is not well in Trumpville 108  The Hole Keeps Getting Deeper  03/17/2018 12:18AM 
Last Post by Tyrannosaur
Why do American cars suck?? 452  66  Statham  03/16/2018 11:47PM 
Last Post by UAW
As usual.......it's NIGGERS! 210  Shit Storm  03/16/2018 11:43PM 
Last Post by well we can't deport them
Plot holes in the Alien franchise 43  Ripley 2.0  03/16/2018 11:30PM 
Last Post by Fjshsl
mccabe lied for illegal warrants that led to mueller investigation 30  truth hurts snowflakes  03/16/2018 11:22PM 
Last Post by sarahcarterpagelisa
McCabe Fired. Comey next then prison for Hillary. 26  Swamp draining  03/16/2018 11:19PM 
Last Post by Swamp draining
Meade Skelton sings "Hot Baloney, Eggs, and Gravy" 1,731  38  country honk  03/16/2018 11:14PM 
Last Post by fatass trumptards
Disarming America, how to do it. 147  14  Bill Brady  03/16/2018 11:12PM 
Last Post by fixed that
Got a raise in allowance today 33  Iibs hate America  03/16/2018 11:10PM 
Last Post by Iibs hate America
vindictive prosecution 57  kate steinle  03/16/2018 11:08PM 
Last Post by OJwins!?
Hey BEH there’s hope! 97  Ahk  03/16/2018 10:55PM 
Last Post by American Pi
WHAT NOW? 43  sgf,,,,,,hj  03/16/2018 10:43PM 
Last Post by Caca Man
so the black race is being genocided in the womb...leftist dunce says they deserve this 32  leftist monkey brain  03/16/2018 10:38PM 
Last Post by truth frees you
who is more insane ? pro-abortion vegans or pro-abortion blm ? 57  SOROS works for ...  03/16/2018 10:35PM 
Last Post by truth frees you
So, one dog dies in an overhead compartment on a plane...and we have legislation the next day. 17 kids get shot up and killed at school...and nothing changes. 92  14  Leftist.Gorilla  03/16/2018 09:58PM 
Last Post by Udey7
Honda HA-420 HondaJet 254  16  President Trump FTW!  03/16/2018 09:40PM 
Last Post by Pilot
Miami Florida pedestrian bridge falls, serious injuries maybe deaths 97  H: Engineering Disasters  03/16/2018 09:19PM 
Last Post by 6hwjw
Trump's PornWhore Attorney Claims Physical Threats Made 103  bye now  03/16/2018 09:14PM 
Last Post by Gerrymanderer2
Meade Skelton is determined to get to a "healthy weight" this year... 37  Root4Him  03/16/2018 08:57PM 
Last Post by Root4Him
libs hate America 35  ate at McDonalds today  03/16/2018 08:50PM 
Last Post by ate at McDonalds today
libs hate America 38  got a new BB gun  03/16/2018 08:50PM 
Last Post by got a new BB gun
libs hate America 39  just got a new bus pass  03/16/2018 08:49PM 
Last Post by just got a new bus pass
libs hate America 33  just bought a solid gold dildo  03/16/2018 08:47PM 
Last Post by just bought a solid gold dildo
http://www.constitution.org is "GONE", missing. Tell me anyone if you can say where it is / what happened. 43  help me find this site  03/16/2018 08:45PM 
Last Post by f3jkj
Va woman fired from gov job when she got a weapons permit - suing - political bashing claimed 82  WMAL  03/16/2018 08:43PM 
Last Post by vvd6n
Stephen hawking jokes! 221  14  Let’s have a good day  03/16/2018 08:39PM 
Last Post by wecve
another Fairfax young man barricades himself - police shoot and "miss", more ... 122  wtop  03/16/2018 08:37PM 
Last Post by VW49N
How's the healthcare bill coming along? GOP had 8yrs to come up with a replacement. 186  12  Pc retards.  03/16/2018 08:23PM 
Last Post by Dunno
Just bought a new beach house. THANKS AMERICANS! 1,286  16  libs hate America.  03/16/2018 08:22PM 
Last Post by Atleast this bitch is dead
Democrats win in Alabama, YES.. I said ALABAMA 293  84  OBAMA wins in BAMA!  03/16/2018 08:21PM 
Last Post by hk7nw
More fun with fbi libtards 39  Swll  03/16/2018 07:28PM 
Last Post by Swll
Six More Prostitutes Come Forward With Claims Of Trump as their "John" 153  12  The Mayor Barry Trump Show  03/16/2018 07:23PM 
Last Post by sureokkk
Custodian Charged with Stealing $180 from Unattended Bags During High School Anti-Gun Walkout 62  guess the race!  03/16/2018 07:21PM 
Last Post by fgnme
Summer is Almost Here! 71  libs hate America.  03/16/2018 07:16PM 
Last Post by libs hate America.
Wife just spent $50k on a horse. 779  13  libs hate America.  03/16/2018 07:09PM 
Last Post by libs hate America.
I just bought a Cray supercomputer to replace my desktop 788  11  libs hate America.  03/16/2018 07:05PM 
Last Post by libs hate America.
Yep libs, I bought another beach house. 261  libs hate America.  03/16/2018 07:04PM 
Last Post by libs hate America.
Comedy's Gallager Found Dead 124  GaIIagher Smash  03/16/2018 06:46PM 
Last Post by FAKE NEWS!
Well damn, California wants damns in other states not theirs (despite water need) 45  breitbart  03/16/2018 06:12PM 
Last Post by Gerrymanderer2
Put Those MAGA! and Trump Shirts and Hats Back On! 61  MAGA! Trump FTW!!  03/16/2018 05:53PM 
Last Post by President Trump FTW!
California Appoints Illegal Alien to State Office 40  breitbart  03/16/2018 05:51PM 
Last Post by breitbart
big Democrats caught in $1.5 billion dollar China deal scam !! 33  WMAL / breitbart  03/16/2018 05:51PM 
Last Post by Gerrymanderer2
European Union releases 10-page list of potential targets for retaliatory tariffs on U.S. products 58  sureokkk  03/16/2018 05:51PM 
Last Post by Düsseldorf
The leader of the democrat party 84  26  President Trump FTW!  03/16/2018 05:27PM 
Last Post by President Trump FTW!
Stormy Daniels Wants to Tells Us Some Details... LOL 160  10  You Can't Make This Up  03/16/2018 04:21PM 
Last Post by President Trump FTW!
Trump Readies Sweeping Tariffs and Investment Restrictions on China 23  windy fartenstein  03/16/2018 04:14PM 
Last Post by windy fartenstein
BREAKING NEWS!!! "Hillary Clinton" Falls Down AGAIN and "BREAKS Her WRIST" (in INDIA)!!!! 193  12  Trump Stumped the Chumps  03/16/2018 04:06PM 
Last Post by pure karma
Making love to Chad Duke’s wife 114  Blue shorts  03/16/2018 03:52PM 
Last Post by peekza
How did Achmed the ClockBoy's lawsuit go??? BWHAAAAA 290  Master of Reality...  03/16/2018 03:22PM 
Last Post by Smart Kid
Illinois Sent Thousands Of Troops South To Free The Slaves. 36  Old Buck  03/16/2018 12:51PM 
Last Post by Old Buck
dead BURNING BODY found in Woodbridge (just south of occoquan) 112  wtop  03/16/2018 12:47PM 
Last Post by dark tides are coming
UK: Cowardly Telford cops said of Muslim rape gang activity that “in most cases the sex is consensual” 59  Muslim Rape Gangs  03/16/2018 12:40PM 
Last Post by 6ptut
Redskins expected to sign WR Paul Richardson to 5 year $40 million deal 119  13  Ashburn Dumpster Fire  03/16/2018 12:37PM 
Last Post by Jack Cant Cook
Trump is the Kiss of Death for Republican Candidates.. PA Elects Democrats Now 28  Trump Ruins Everything  03/16/2018 12:28PM 
Last Post by Trump Ruins Everything
Order Pain Relief Pills & Medical Marijuana Tel: +13109826663 (dicapslo@outlook.com) for more info 72  serolop  03/16/2018 12:27PM 
Last Post by derfty
Florida: 17 Year old Corey Johnson, ISIS supporter and wanna be, kills 13-year-old, stabs 2 others during a sleepover at a home in BallenIsles County Club, Feds had planned to charge him for international school threats, before incident 49  Too Little Too Late Feds  03/16/2018 12:15PM 
Last Post by Muslim=Death
BREAKING NEWS!!! Injuries and "DEATHS" in Tragic "MIAMI PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE" Collapse!! !! 102  Trump Stumped the Chumps  03/16/2018 12:14PM 
Last Post by Herbert Kornfeld
AMERICAN Superstar Actor & Celebrity "ERIK ESTRADA" Turns "69" Today!! !! !! 31  Trump Stumped the Chumps  03/16/2018 12:01PM 
Last Post by Trump Stumped the Chumps
Germany: A rejected Afghani asylum seeker has been arrested for murdering his girlfriend because she refused to convert to Islam 50  MERKEL'S LEGACY OF DESTRUCTION  03/16/2018 11:37AM 
Last Post by Europe's Downfall, shameful
Why not arm hard working families? 59  Ok ok  03/16/2018 11:18AM 
Last Post by Ekkkff
Bowels Thread Broke 111  Image Blocker Onion  03/16/2018 11:16AM 
Last Post by Image block onion
Election Loser Timmy Kaine has the solution to gun problems. Will consult with students who don't know shit about shit. 92  15  Libtardz! LoLz!  03/16/2018 11:06AM 
Last Post by Tim Cain't Get It Right
My son and his gorgeous trans girlfriend 510  24  Gables  03/16/2018 10:45AM 
Last Post by LMAO...
Donald Trump Jr.'s wife files for divorce. 262  29  Gerrymanderer2  03/16/2018 10:25AM 
Last Post by mommy melania
Hillary Clinton slits her wrist in India! 53  President Trump FTW!  03/16/2018 10:05AM 
Last Post by President Trump FTW!
I just took a glorious dump! 142  Wow! That was awesome!  03/16/2018 10:02AM 
Last Post by great webber
Megan the cray cray lady    Pages: 1 ... 103 104 105 All 251,242  10,471  Megan Toohey of Chantilly  03/16/2018 09:48AM 
Last Post by I <3 driving
Would you rather have eesh visit your house or William Moreno babysit your kids? 34  Poop brush  03/16/2018 09:09AM 
Last Post by Poop brush
BLACK MALES HAVE RUINED OUR CITIES 1,500  34  YOU!!!!  03/16/2018 09:01AM 
Last Post by weaponized sickle cell
Heitkamp on when Hillary Clinton will go away: 'Not soon enough' 39  President Trump FTW!  03/16/2018 08:59AM 
Last Post by lolz cnn
NEWS ALERT!!!! "Hillary Clinton" FALLS DOWN the Stairs!! "Hillary Clinton" FALLS DOWN the Stairs!! 450  71  Trump Stumped the Chumps  03/16/2018 07:34AM 
Last Post by Hillary lol
Communist Alexandria VA threatens students with un-announced WEAPON FIRE in school, endangering students for real. 75  WMAL  03/16/2018 04:17AM 
Last Post by PWVTG
VA beach lets hispanic murderer go free "on technicalities" 99  WTOP  03/16/2018 12:29AM 
Last Post by Pharoah Ramesses
Donald Trump is the antichristi 146  13  God help us all  03/16/2018 12:25AM 
Last Post by Oh yea Gerrytard
Mike O’Meara Show coming back to Fairfax in 2020 78  Siced!  03/15/2018 11:55PM 
Last Post by HV77W
Libs hate truth 104  20  Dkjd  03/15/2018 11:20PM 
Last Post by jpbyj
Trump takes credit for Lamb win 72  Trumptardz! LOLZ!!!  03/15/2018 10:37PM 
Last Post by oh, for fuck sake!
BREAKING NEWS!! PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP has FIRED "HR McMasters"!!! 89  Trump Stumped the Chumps  03/15/2018 10:36PM 
Last Post by Gerrymanderer2
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