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Welcome to Fairfax Underground, a project site designed to improve communication among residents of Fairfax County, VA. Feel free to post anything Northern Virginia residents would find interesting.
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Sticky: Personal attacks and attempted outing    Pages: 1 ... 7 8 9 All 94,184  844  Cary  12/01/2016 02:15AM 
Last Post by Gerry and the Ragheads
POLL: Should Donald Trump put Hillary Clinton into jail? 249  35  Trump Stumped the Chumps  12/10/2016 11:04PM 
Last Post by Libtardz! Lolz!
dani daniels fucked in yacht 46  dani daniels fucked in yacht  12/10/2016 11:03PM 
Last Post by eesh
Trump picks ExxonMobil CEO as Secretary of State. 246  37  Gerrymanderer2  12/10/2016 10:56PM 
Last Post by Libtardz! Lolz!
MGM.......It's reached it's capacity of niggers! 326  12  Biig DicKKK BlacKKK  12/10/2016 10:56PM 
Last Post by Marge
LEAKED eesh College transcripts 80  VCCS COLLEGE  12/10/2016 10:54PM 
Last Post by failed all
Job ideas for mike basl 251  24  The notorious J.O.B.  12/10/2016 10:54PM 
Last Post by tgrd gtr ghrt
Hard evidence proving that eesh is a fudgepacker! 111  Investigator  12/10/2016 10:52PM 
Last Post by WSH LAX Scholar 2016
L. Ron Hubbard "seems to think he has unusual ability" 181  Office of Naval Personnel  12/10/2016 10:51PM 
Last Post by bring it on COCKSUCKERS
Fox News talking about fake news is like... 141  19  Gerrymanderer2  12/10/2016 10:51PM 
Last Post by Gerrymanderer2
The Mike O'Meara Show    Pages: 1 ... 823 824 825 All 3,209,148  82,461  WashingToneLocian  12/10/2016 10:50PM 
Last Post by Blobb Spewsack
"Thought Police" ATTACK Brady Bunch star Susan Olson for alleged "homophobia" 24  The youngest one in curls  12/10/2016 10:49PM 
Last Post by True the Vote!
Trump Predictions-Dec. 2016 131  18  Numbers  12/10/2016 10:42PM 
Last Post by True the Vote!
NIGGERS GONE WILD 38  the sad truth  12/10/2016 10:41PM 
Last Post by Nig Noggin'
Republican wins Louisiana U.S. Senate seat 30  Dems again beaten and crushed!  12/10/2016 10:30PM 
Last Post by Cuckalucka Cuck Cuck
Trump Cheered at Army Navy Game 179  23  ditds  12/10/2016 10:29PM 
Last Post by See for yourself
Steelworkers Boss Says Trump was Lying His Ass Off About Carrier Jobs 151  18  Trump Tweets  12/10/2016 10:16PM 
Last Post by Bye Bye Unions
Trump team memo on climate change alarms Energy Department staff 84  VoteStrike  12/10/2016 10:15PM 
Last Post by Gerrytardin'
Who's mom is this? 60  take a guess  12/10/2016 10:08PM 
Last Post by take a guess
Hot or not? 48  Theatre fan  12/10/2016 10:06PM 
Last Post by ok
Hillary Clinton’s losing campaign cost a record $1.2B 90  Libs are smart w/ $ LOL  12/10/2016 10:06PM 
Last Post by Tela tubby
Obama will try to fuck up Trump's inarguation . 51  True the Vote!  12/10/2016 10:05PM 
Last Post by Cuck says wha???
winter curves - pick em 1-2-3 53  pick me  12/10/2016 09:55PM 
Last Post by Np6y3
Meade Skelton has been named an honorary harlem globetrotter 36  Mayor McCheese  12/10/2016 09:45PM 
Last Post by Meadeballer
Is it possible for a white man and a white woman to have a black baby? 317  13  q's  12/10/2016 09:38PM 
Last Post by Lol. Nice try
Disturbing New Photos of CIA Torture 179  11  VoteStrike  12/10/2016 09:34PM 
Last Post by D4jFC
black adult kills white 14 year old in philly, lib media buries story 135  g4g4g4  12/10/2016 09:31PM 
Last Post by hEwHW
what your views on AA 110  14  doantwed  12/10/2016 09:15PM 
Last Post by F. Costanza
Foods Your Bowels Dont Want    Pages: 1 ... 79 80 81 All 115,132  8,048  Blooming Onion  12/10/2016 09:12PM 
Last Post by Brown Onion
MONQUIE WILL GO HOME ON 12-15-2016 133  10  FAIRFAX ADC  12/10/2016 09:07PM 
Last Post by no weight lifting
Hillary whines that "fake news" lost her the election 236  19  Gerrymanderer1  12/10/2016 09:02PM 
Last Post by Trump Stumped the Chumps
Newsflash: Trump to cancel free phone program 148  22  Tip&Ring  12/10/2016 08:54PM 
Last Post by GHHcc
post your ex pics/....rate my ex gf 7,165  76  Anonnon  12/10/2016 08:39PM 
Last Post by billy0
YAHOOOOOO! Miley Cyrus is leaving the US for good....... 667  34  Miley Brainlus  12/10/2016 08:32PM 
Last Post by b6FwV
wtop warns 10' snow in a few days! get ready for it! 75  mister information  12/10/2016 08:26PM 
Last Post by mister information
Heroin How to / Do's and Don'ts 105  VoteStrike  12/10/2016 08:26PM 
Last Post by okkko
Fun with Peebers (PYBRs)    Pages: 1 2 All 3,160  149  miz's favorite pop star?  12/10/2016 08:16PM 
Last Post by how to measure air pressure
Lizzie completes second week - approaches Hump Day    Pages: 1 ... 13 14 15 All 10,179  1,443  lizzie the convict  12/10/2016 08:15PM 
Last Post by Day 91 completed!
Has there ever been a complete overnight implosion of an American political party like the Demtards in 2016? 45  Greatest Political Failures  12/10/2016 07:38PM 
Last Post by Greatest Political Failures
Miley Cyrus' Brother...Trace Cyrus 1,323  30  eesh  12/10/2016 07:30PM 
Last Post by eesh
Click if you hope Trump will deport Gerry2. 10,951  27  give 'er a click, folks!  12/10/2016 07:03PM 
Last Post by eesh
Hey Sharon Moreno you fat faced Jabba the Hut read this    Pages: 1 2 All 1,183  107  Hey Sharon read this  12/10/2016 07:01PM 
Last Post by Vcxf5d
The media suppresses stories of democrats raping children 83  Gggubg  12/10/2016 06:55PM 
Last Post by h5h5h5h5
White BOYZ love to suck my BBC 136  VoteStrike  12/10/2016 06:46PM 
Last Post by dloos
Scientology says "vitamins 'run out' radiation!" 201  15  L. Ron Hubbard  12/10/2016 06:22PM 
Last Post by so much for that
white ppl are the scum of the earth 3,241  23  crackers  12/10/2016 06:06PM 
Last Post by arab girls ARE great!
I expect the next Democratic Administration and congress to prosecute Trump. 122  14  Gerrymanderer2  12/10/2016 06:03PM 
Last Post by Gerrymanderer2
Michelle says Obama chronically smells horrible 69  PC retards  12/10/2016 05:56PM 
Last Post by Lord of the flies
What do 3 white guys do at 3am? 183  VoteStrike  12/10/2016 05:50PM 
Last Post by Gerrymanderer2
What is a federal employee buyout? 205  18  Job seeker  12/10/2016 05:48PM 
Last Post by Ahab
order underwear 95  fun is where u finds it  12/10/2016 05:39PM 
Last Post by Vcxf5d
Is Silver Really the Only Thing That Can Kill Vampires? 56  Vamp Prepper  12/10/2016 05:38PM 
Last Post by or stake thru heart, OR
L. Ron Hubbard Had A MASSIVE LUMP On His Head! 82  Medicus  12/10/2016 05:29PM 
Last Post by zenu
The Party of Reagan has been co-oped by Russia 91  Arrested for allegedly  12/10/2016 04:35PM 
Last Post by Fuck Russia
Why did Comet Ping Pong include a picture of their bathroom on their GoFundMe page? 183  pottyparty  12/10/2016 04:30PM 
Last Post by Alex Jonesin
William Moreno is a pedophile    Pages: 1 2 3 All 4,195  259  Sharon Moreno's son is a pedo  12/10/2016 04:29PM 
Last Post by Miz-Send Mo $
Niggers in Missouri planning on social media to loot and burn white neighborhoods 1,962  31  Big Dick Purple  12/10/2016 04:12PM 
Last Post by pnN3w
HAPPY 100TH BIRTHDAY KIRK DOUGLAS! 164  MjhLb  12/10/2016 03:46PM 
Last Post by the guy was great
14 million less employed under Obama and democrat control. 103  KKKillary KKKlinton.  12/10/2016 03:34PM 
Last Post by Frank Marshall Davis
Trump blames CIA report on "upset" agents 67  VoteStrike  12/10/2016 03:12PM 
Last Post by Gerrymanderer2
Trump- I only Grope Good Looking Women 175  18  Redws  12/10/2016 03:10PM 
Last Post by Gerrymanderer2
Michelle Obama's Hog 889  19  Somali Warlord TSA Guy  12/10/2016 02:19PM 
Last Post by O'fakes are fags
Pamela Anderson cries for Julian Assange's release 77  he hates Clinton  12/10/2016 02:07PM 
Last Post by he hates Clinton
How to make CRYSTAL METH at home 53  VoteStrike  12/10/2016 02:05PM 
Last Post by VoteStrike
Meade Skelton grew up on a farm in Loudoun County ! 65  OldVirginians  12/10/2016 02:03PM 
Last Post by Lookonamap
100% Proof Michelle Obama is a tranny 2,545  14  IKnowEverything  12/10/2016 02:01PM 
Happy 37th birthday Sara Bareilles! 319  16  Celeb birthdays  12/10/2016 01:58PM 
Last Post by JewGal
What happens when you give cash to the extremely poor 128  VoteStrike  12/10/2016 01:33PM 
Last Post by I never give money to homeless
Michael Josef Basl's harassment and stalking of 14 year old Tj Sadler 3,356  65  Michael Josef Basl is very dangerous  12/10/2016 01:31PM 
Last Post by xvhtw
Trump installing Cabinet So Trump Inc. Can Take Over Markets Once He Leaves 44  The Best Con  12/10/2016 01:15PM 
Last Post by Gerrymanderer2
Scientology Leader David Miscavige: Tenth Grade Education 53  Thank you, Toby Plevin  12/10/2016 01:15PM 
Last Post by Thank you, Toby Plevin
Tim Kaine will be the next President of the U.S. after Hillary. 551  87  Gerrymanderer2  12/10/2016 01:10PM 
Last Post by Holton
35 Reasons Why I Hate Americans 129  14  VoteStrike  12/10/2016 01:01PM 
Last Post by good22
Add Newsweek to your Fake News list. Liberals doing all they can to lie to you. 86  15  Read between the lines  12/10/2016 12:54PM 
Last Post by Stay mad
Children held at Guantanamo Bay 73  VoteStrike  12/10/2016 12:30PM 
Last Post by They deserve every bit of it
Making your own Meade? 45  Lenny Wolf  12/10/2016 12:16PM 
Last Post by Lenny Wolf
Trump says they didn't talk about the wall. Mexican prez says he's a liar. 411  37  rainbows.1  12/10/2016 12:14PM 
Last Post by Trumps Con Games
CIA “Tortured and Sodomized” Wrongly Detained German Citizen 87  VoteStrike  12/10/2016 12:11PM 
Last Post by ddeep
Scientology: A Dangerous Organization 73  LA Times Archivist  12/10/2016 12:08PM 
Last Post by local news coverage
Gunlover Getting Himself a New Toy Drone 202  25  Gunlover  12/10/2016 12:00PM 
Last Post by Gunlover
Is the prospect of making $64,650 - $100,736 entry level worth an hour+ long commute? 135  fraeqtgr  12/10/2016 11:58AM 
Last Post by pcvJH
Scientology "head of the galactic confederation" 77  L. Ron Hubbard  12/10/2016 11:50AM 
Last Post by WHCe6
What's Real? 172  VoteStrike  12/10/2016 11:43AM 
Last Post by VoteStrike
From the "can't make this shit up file": Terry McAuliffe says his pet chicken named Hillary died right before election 116  Gerrytarderrer2  12/10/2016 11:39AM 
Last Post by wvHWY
Fuck John Glenn 367  52  VoteStrike  12/10/2016 11:38AM 
Last Post by VoteStrike
Kentucky County voted Democrat every election since it was founded in 1869 until.... 80  Kicking your ass  12/10/2016 11:32AM 
Last Post by hXMmx
Exhaust hose into car 91  eXbxk  12/10/2016 11:29AM 
Last Post by Christopher Rice
Under Obama, 'Black' Sites Swapped for Ships 56  VoteStrike  12/10/2016 11:29AM 
Last Post by VoteStrike
Another Crazy white piglet goes lunatic again this time with knives at a high school and gets a bullet 250  18  Gerrymanderer2  12/10/2016 11:15AM 
Last Post by H6n6C
White House Asks Court to Block Torture Photos’ Release 45  VoteStrike  12/10/2016 11:09AM 
Last Post by VoteStrike
Pappa Johns screwed me over but then made it right. 123  so h0ngry  12/10/2016 10:54AM 
Last Post by mCTLU
One Man In Hillary’s Campaign Warned She Could Lose, And Everybody Ignored Him 132  Doomed by arrogance  12/10/2016 10:49AM 
Last Post by northofme
Muslim violence compared to Christian violence    Pages: 1 2 All 1,818  125  Rock Solid American voter  12/10/2016 10:47AM 
Last Post by northy
GOP introduces plan to massively cut Social Security 162  10  VoteStrike  12/10/2016 10:37AM 
Last Post by I smell a loser
Trump hires 64 foreign workers as president elect for his Mar-a-lago. 154  16  Gerrymanderer2  12/10/2016 10:34AM 
Last Post by I've been around
If you were President Donald Trump what would you do on your first day in office? 171  23  Trump Stumped the Chumps  12/10/2016 10:30AM 
Last Post by mybff
Abandoned in Virginia: Can you tell where? 321  causeican  12/10/2016 10:06AM 
Last Post by Zika Carrier
Scientology: A Toy Navy? 161  making for port  12/10/2016 09:01AM 
Last Post by U34ke
Trump is Our President. 110  10  True the Vote!  12/10/2016 08:57AM 
Last Post by Gerrymanderer2
Wow! Just wow! 171  Up and cumming  12/10/2016 08:37AM 
Last Post by Up and cumming
Whatever happened to Robin Williams? 196  t73PY  12/10/2016 07:37AM 
Last Post by 3Cmnm
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