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Welcome to Fairfax Underground, a project site designed to improve communication among residents of Fairfax County, VA. Feel free to post anything Northern Virginia residents would find interesting.
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Sticky: Personal attacks and attempted outing    Pages: 1 ... 15 16 17 All 152,077  1,603  Cary  09/12/2019 09:41PM 
Last Post by Blue-America
Any Places Hiring 50 Year Olds Without A College Degree? 19  I Feel Like I'm Stuck In A Rut!  09/20/2019 07:58AM 
Last Post by Xv5dt443
Meade has a lot of Moxy! 70  15  American Pioneer  09/20/2019 07:51AM 
Last Post by Quinn thee eskimo
Would you support airstrikes on Iran? 53  savage nation  09/20/2019 07:33AM 
Last Post by President Trump FTW!
Why is it only democrats, liberals, socialists are the only racist mother fuckers out there but call freedom loving people racist? 25  President Trump FTW!  09/20/2019 07:29AM 
Last Post by Peace, love and happiness
Trump Wall going up at the rate of a mile a day:$6 billion to be spent over the next year Glorious  09/20/2019 07:27AM 
Last Post by Glorious
My Opinion of the Downton Abbey Movie (Spoiler Alert ) 27  Movie guy  09/20/2019 06:55AM 
Last Post by Quinn thee eskimo
I implore al white users of Fairfax understand to deride white nationalism and white supremacy 128  14  United we state  09/20/2019 06:42AM 
Last Post by Nome Sane
Last Post by U suck
Is Donald Trump really running for re-election? 38  Gerrymanderer2  09/20/2019 05:43AM 
Last Post by The chief transmitter himself
Surprise for my girlfriend 43  Fredic  09/20/2019 04:49AM 
Last Post by Fredic
Malmites Hire Guards as Pope Robert Prepares to Flee 10  Diocletian  09/20/2019 03:55AM 
Last Post by Diocletian
In less than 30 days, Monique Wells a.k.a. "Lizzie" will be released back into the community 143  24  peep  09/20/2019 02:30AM 
Last Post by peep
For all that is holy, PLEASE VOTE FOR ED! 309  52  GreatScots  09/20/2019 02:29AM 
Last Post by Aeron
Having problems with ED/fertility? Your local grocer may be able to help 232  Local grocer1  09/20/2019 02:27AM 
Last Post by Localman333
Talk about men's health? 315  Aiina None  09/20/2019 02:25AM 
Last Post by Aeron
Female Sex Drug Goes on Market Today 574  10  eesh  09/20/2019 02:15AM 
Last Post by peep
Rarely Seen Meade Skelton Pics ! 1,909  59  MusicLoverVA  09/20/2019 01:59AM 
Last Post by Meade-waste of a human life
There was some drama at work today involving the office trumptard 33  it's always something  09/20/2019 01:18AM 
Last Post by I believe you!
DEM Bernie Sanders Admits Medicare-For-All "Will Bankrupt The Nation" 23  Bernie was a blond?  09/20/2019 01:00AM 
Last Post by tlltm
We need to disarm and neuter White males 108  mahdi key aches muk mud  09/20/2019 12:08AM 
Last Post by Mud hut Mahdi
Lizzie completes second week - approaches Hump Day    Pages: 1 ... 109 110 111 All 135,138  11,023  lizzie the convict  09/19/2019 11:57PM 
Last Post by myeesha
Tulsi Gabbard 353  36  Tulsi Gabbard or bust  09/19/2019 11:57PM 
Last Post by surety
POLL:: Should "Justin Trudeau" RESIGN From Office for "BLACK FACE" ?!? ?!? 39  Trump Stumped the Chumps  09/19/2019 11:33PM 
Last Post by Justin Negreau
I still don’t understand why kids aren’t starting at Nvcc then transferring 32  It’s not “settling”  09/19/2019 11:28PM 
Last Post by Even better
Last Post by Its laughable
Looks Like Somebody Started There Own Website 49  Poor Poo BOI  09/19/2019 11:03PM 
Last Post by Derrick
Libtard run NBC News Roasted and Trolled When Climate Confessions Goes Wrong 25  Libtarded Foolz  09/19/2019 10:57PM 
Last Post by Pc retardzz
Who would win in a fight, corn pop or the squad? 40  Pop goes da weasel  09/19/2019 10:28PM 
Last Post by 4WXUY
Whistlerblower Link Is Credible- Suspected- Trump offered $250 Million in Aid to Ukraine for Dirty Work on Biden 18  Lying, Corrupt Guiliani  09/19/2019 10:26PM 
Last Post by Traitor McCabe
Last Post by 896809
warren "pocahontas" is promised the presidency by clinton 22  hjwwd  09/19/2019 10:18PM 
Last Post by hjwwd
Democratic Donor Arrested After Third Man Overdoses In His LA Apartment 13  Buck Shot Democrat  09/19/2019 10:07PM 
Last Post by Squeeze my lemon
THEY GOT HIM NOW! Trump smuggling money on plane to give to terrorists nations like Obama does! 22  They got him now  09/19/2019 10:06PM 
Last Post by Wymyn on da $20
Impacts of Fairfax Underground on the Evolution of the English Language 24  Guardian of the Posts  09/19/2019 09:53PM 
Last Post by We Need Original Handles Too
Shakeup: Bernie Sanders’ Iowa Political Director No Longer with Campaign 11  Rut-Roh DEMZ  09/19/2019 09:52PM 
Last Post by Rut-Roh DEMZ
Storm Area 51 People Setting up Campsite Around Area 51 in Massive Groups 26  MAGA BITCHES!!!  09/19/2019 09:51PM 
Last Post by MAGA BITCHES!!!
Trump Scores Victory as Judge Temporarily Blocks California Law Requiring Disclosure of Tax Returns 10  MOAR Winning!  09/19/2019 09:51PM 
Last Post by MOAR Winning!
I love watching old videos of libtards who thought a Trump win would never happen 210  15  Rub It In Fridays  09/19/2019 09:48PM 
Last Post by Pollster Polls
How long will Lizzie be free before she’s thrown back in jail? 16  Black is the old black  09/19/2019 09:44PM 
Last Post by Black is the old black
Obama's daughter is going to keg parties and hanging w/ white boys in MAGA hats! 84  This is so cool  09/19/2019 09:42PM 
Last Post by Pc retards.
California Adds Iowa to Travel Ban List for Not Funding Gender Transitions 35  breitbart  09/19/2019 09:41PM 
Last Post by Franny da Tranny
Why is Trump fighting so hard to keep his tax returns secret? 27  The Tax Man  09/19/2019 09:34PM 
Last Post by What a dumb ass
Trump Transportation Secretary Chao Under Massive Investigation for Hundreds of Millions in Illegal Activities 65  16  Drain the Chinese Swamp  09/19/2019 09:14PM 
Last Post by Right Cross
Industrial Espionage & War on Vaping 15  Ain't No Mystery  09/19/2019 09:07PM 
Last Post by Obvious Answer
The truth about the Holocaust, the numbers don’t add up 24  Der Stürmer  09/19/2019 08:37PM 
Last Post by Der Stürmer
Many of today's best selling games are not firm on making a next release. 14  is it done yet?  09/19/2019 08:31PM 
Last Post by is it done yet?
theapricity site is down! 25  meade ruins everything!  09/19/2019 08:17PM 
Last Post by Meade shits everywhere
Check Out This Indoctrination Material 2,545  75  eesh  09/19/2019 08:08PM 
Last Post by Bumptard
FCPS Bus driver is double dipping 237  11  question of the day  09/19/2019 08:05PM 
Last Post by uridetheshortbus
I’m not a Republican or a conservative but I voted for Trump 26  Memer  09/19/2019 07:46PM 
Last Post by Bain
Does Yemen have a SPACE PROGRAM 24  10  Clinton Google proxy us all  09/19/2019 07:43PM 
Last Post by before obama
SKINS 0-2, CAPS 2-0.... 14  Things are looking good  09/19/2019 07:36PM 
Last Post by Things are looking good
can you join the "YOUNG Christian group when you're 35? 19  retarted  09/19/2019 06:58PM 
Last Post by retarted
BREAKING NEWS: Saudi Arabia Shuts Down About Half Its Oil Output After Drone Strikes 77  23  savage nation  09/19/2019 06:57PM 
Last Post by 98dfkj
meade is so busy lately 15  meade is so busy  09/19/2019 06:56PM 
Last Post by meade is so busy
NBC News Asks for Confessions of Climate Change Sins 16  Climate Change Sinner  09/19/2019 06:50PM 
Last Post by Climate Change Sinner
Who will play who in the ffxu inspired lifetime movie? 112  10  Made for TV drama  09/19/2019 06:32PM 
Last Post by ccan't sspell
More misery for libtards while Americans continue to progress! US housing starts race to 12-year high in August 36  President Trump FTW!  09/19/2019 06:21PM 
Last Post by Interesting you mention that
Did Biden have a Srroke? 55  Leave Grandpa Alone  09/19/2019 06:20PM 
Last Post by DUHHHHH
Has black comedian Dave Chappell apologized about doing white face? 20  IM OUTRAGED  09/19/2019 06:09PM 
Last Post by IM OUTRAGED
The Beto special! 20  Ejkd  09/19/2019 06:06PM 
Last Post by Ejkd
The crimes of Beto O’Rourke 26  Ted Cruise  09/19/2019 05:58PM 
Last Post by Ted Cruise
Michael the Cray Cray guy/girl/whatever 254  29  Megan's Revenge  09/19/2019 05:51PM 
Last Post by Tell your friend
All fcps students will be mandated to learn about the holocaust in both elementary, middle and high school 15  Fcps parent  09/19/2019 05:46PM 
Last Post by Fcps parent
California is home to nearly half of all people living on the streets in the U.S., Trump visits Los Angeles 24  savage nation  09/19/2019 05:41PM 
Last Post by 0sdfkj
Looking for Jesus? You Won’t Find Him in the Discourse at Grace Episcopal Alexandria 14  Grace Episcopal Alexandria  09/19/2019 05:40PM 
Last Post by Bob Malm, perjuring priest
You are wasting the chance you've been given 174  19  Diogenes  09/19/2019 05:36PM 
Last Post by 4rgtgere
Beto’ O’Rourke Confirms: ‘Yes’ I Want to Tear Down Border Walls… 89  breitbart  09/19/2019 05:15PM 
Last Post by 34r3tgfe
Trump to replace Pence with Don Jr for 2020 49  WhiteHouse  09/19/2019 04:43PM 
Last Post by good choice
When was the last time 39  Market watcher  09/19/2019 04:38PM 
Last Post by Chompy
I'm curious to know what others think about this. 189  10  Cancer Sucks The Big One  09/19/2019 04:32PM 
Last Post by [deleted]
Did you invest in google? SUCKER. they are paying out billions in FAKE FINES 41  14  breitbart tech  09/19/2019 03:56PM 
Last Post by 34rfkddj
Will Truedeau PM of Canada resign? 47  Liberals are phonies and liars  09/19/2019 03:41PM 
Last Post by that dumb kid
What ever happened to Ronnie "Cocksucker" Calhoun? 49  Is he Gerrymanderer2?  09/19/2019 03:33PM 
Last Post by was seen wearing PYBRownface
Civil War in the Democrat Party: Part 37 38  DNC IMPLODES  09/19/2019 03:29PM 
Last Post by I'm familar with it
Grace Episcopal Hires Police Guards For Bob Malm’s Last Service 14  Grace Episcopal Alexandria  09/19/2019 03:22PM 
Last Post by Grace Episcopal Alexandria
Trump Republican Senator Charged With Pedophile & Child Porn Crimes 77  16  Stupid People Who Reply All  09/19/2019 03:21PM 
Last Post by much funnier than brown face
DC Climate Strike Sept 20 11am-2pm 21  Luke  09/19/2019 03:20PM 
Last Post by Global Warming is Fake
2nd amendment perspectives 27  Wayne LaPierre  09/19/2019 03:16PM 
Last Post by Wayne LaPierre
Amazon just bought 70 acres from me. LOL! 728  45  President Trump FTW!  09/19/2019 03:10PM 
Last Post by bottle of red, bottle of white
Real news versus fluff: Lizzy "Pocohantas" Warren 27  Clown Car Democrats  09/19/2019 03:09PM 
Last Post by Clown Car Democrats
Donald Trump cloud spotted over Chicago this weekend.    Pages: 1 ... 37 38 39 All 20,891  3,855  Do you believe in miracles?  09/19/2019 02:59PM 
Last Post by r.w.s.
Justin wearing blackface hurts my heart 33  Fairfax Progressives 4 Progress!  09/19/2019 02:50PM 
Last Post by microaggressions
Trump is sending EPA to San Francisco to help with problems of bums and illegal aliens shitting on city streets 29  Trump to the Rescue!  09/19/2019 02:40PM 
Last Post by on the home front
Should megan sue karen for displaying her nudez in court? 92  lover of FFU lawsuits  09/19/2019 02:36PM 
Last Post by post them? hell no!
Proof Mark Webster is the all hated Gerrymanderer2    Pages: 1 2 3 4 All 3,476  326  I knew it!  09/19/2019 02:04PM 
Last Post by Webster's dickionary
BREAKING: 8 Yrs of Trump Tax Returns - Subpeona Issued by New York Prosecutors 126  31  Tax Cheeto Bust  09/19/2019 01:49PM 
Last Post by Trump*'s audit
Europeans think we're stupid. How Euronews reports on Trump and the Florida shooting. 151  21  Gerrymanderer2  09/19/2019 01:41PM 
Last Post by Hoot and Holler
Who is the WhistleBlower? Bolton? 29  Love The Moooooochi!  09/19/2019 01:23PM 
Last Post by Love The Moooooochi!
Trump's Taliban Camp David Guests Kill 24 & Attack US Embassy 65  10  Boom Boom Out Go the Lights  09/19/2019 01:14PM 
Last Post by Lying, Corrupt, Cheating Trump
I'm glad that I live in the USA and not some other fucked up country of poverty! 49  I may not be rich, but not poor!  09/19/2019 12:44PM 
Last Post by Munich was better
Nobody gives a fuck what Republican scum have to say when they're in power. 53  10  Gerrymanderer2  09/19/2019 12:39PM 
Last Post by All niggers are scum!
Why Do Libtards Love Blackface?? 76  Libtarded  09/19/2019 12:36PM 
Last Post by Libtarded
Trump names Robert C. O’Brien to replace John Bolton as national security adviser 31  gs14  09/19/2019 12:14PM 
Last Post by Otto Warmbier
E.U. re-negging on contracts with USA: Europe Will Not Accept U.S. Ruling on Boeing 737 Max Safety 50  breitbart  09/19/2019 12:10PM 
Last Post by 98dfjk
Louisiana plans to subsidize Communist-owned chemical plant 129  17  uncle sam  09/19/2019 12:08PM 
Last Post by 34ttre
Owning and flipping houses is stupid 88  X10  09/19/2019 12:04PM 
Last Post by 309rfj
Democrats want to give IRAN $15,000,000,000 107  15  breitbart  09/19/2019 12:01PM 
Last Post by Doing business with Trump
Is Lynn Sadler still selling opioids? 59  I want some  09/19/2019 12:01PM 
Last Post by 09sdfkj
Blood thirty, war mongering, anti humanity, angry, baby killing libtards want WAR with Iran. 15  President Trump FTW!  09/19/2019 12:00PM 
Last Post by President Trump FTW!
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