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Sticky: Personal attacks and attempted outing    Pages: 1 ... 5 6 7 All 36,204  691  Cary  09/30/2014 07:08AM 
Last Post by Barry F
Sticky: Thousands of posts by the "Niggardly Nigger" Lamb Center troll deleted 2,778  52  Cary  09/29/2014 10:34PM 
All surveillance videos of missing UVa. student Hannah Elizabeth Graham 58  uva cavs united  09/30/2014 03:48PM 
Last Post by Big Dick Black
Teacher charged with having sexual relationship with student 133  10  news patrol +2 +1 =3  09/30/2014 03:45PM 
Last Post by Big Dick Black
So when exactly did young Asians & young Latinas become just as popular if not more popular with older men than young blonde white girls? 66  Over 18 of course  09/30/2014 03:44PM 
Last Post by I rest my case
One of Hannah Graham’s last tweets was about helping a drunk woman 99  lost missing girl still not foun  09/30/2014 03:37PM 
Last Post by Big Dick Black
Anal versus Vaginal 107  Sexfanaticz  09/30/2014 03:27PM 
Last Post by Fdggh
A break from all the political shit 79  politicalpostsareuseless  09/30/2014 03:01PM 
Last Post by curvesahead
African Women, Where in Fairfax? 96  African Women Lover  09/30/2014 02:24PM 
Last Post by Dffdvd
ex girlfriend pics    Pages: 1 ... 6 7 8 All 1,174,019  769  mike  09/30/2014 02:18PM 
Last Post by kel
Chelsea Clinton's baby (1st pic) 93  Granny Hillary  09/30/2014 02:01PM 
Last Post by Granny Hillary
landlord deducted from security deposit refund 113  UeDpt  09/30/2014 01:42PM 
Last Post by A Landlord
Obama Knew About Knew About Break In But Waiting 11 hrs Before Releasing a Statement and Then Blamed Video 50  FOX News ALERT!  09/30/2014 01:32PM 
Last Post by SS
I'm sure it's just a coincidence... 127  Yucky24.  09/30/2014 01:30PM 
Last Post by XU3LU
Is Wingnut-job sexually attracted to Obama? 53  4wL4L  09/30/2014 01:23PM 
Last Post by kisses
Alyson Michalka and amanda michalka full set leaked 71  supergreat  09/30/2014 01:18PM 
Last Post by supergreat
Gunlover Myth #2: Guns don't kill people—people kill people. 85  11  Gunlover-tard  09/30/2014 01:04PM 
Last Post by Xymp9
Oh here we go again, the Teatards are picking on babies now. They get owned every time they pick on adults, and children, so now it is just babies. They are such real men. 32  6KCmG  09/30/2014 01:02PM 
Last Post by 6KCmG
"There Are Two Sides to Every Story" Says Mother of OK Muslim Beheader 212  16  WingNut  09/30/2014 12:54PM 
Last Post by all the way with the kkk
Victim allegedly raped by Jesse Matthew at Liberty University never filed charge 70  uh oh oho oh  09/30/2014 12:50PM 
Last Post by hCt7F
Republican Candidate Distancing Themselves from The Republican Party and Saying "Bi-Partisan" 48  GOP Implosion  09/30/2014 12:29PM 
Last Post by Cruz Gate
White House Coverup: Obama Left the Front Door Open 97  11  Darrell Issa  09/30/2014 12:11PM 
Last Post by teavangelical maniacs
NS4W : Celeb shows something that they don't want you to see 1,753  12  supergreat  09/30/2014 12:09PM 
Last Post by supergreat
reading vs discussions 29  nowayjose  09/30/2014 12:04PM 
Last Post by nowayjose
Prostate Massager Doesn't do it 52  Orgasm765  09/30/2014 11:45AM 
Last Post by Orgasm765
This is how fucked up our country has become 397  22  tefrekdwefg  09/30/2014 11:45AM 
Last Post by Henro
Democrats distancing themsellves from Obama as mid=terms approach 45  Yeah.  09/30/2014 11:33AM 
Last Post by Feckless leader
Just When You Feel the World is Too Scary.... 205  12  funstuff  09/30/2014 11:31AM 
Last Post by missme?
Has The Obobo Commented on the OK Beheading? 80  WingNut  09/30/2014 11:21AM 
Last Post by Conserva-tards!
gf.bf 84  luis  09/30/2014 11:19AM 
Last Post by gdiermfyfg
REPORT:Obama Missed HALF of 2nd Term Daily Intel Briefings 88  17  WingNut  09/30/2014 11:07AM 
Last Post by Or this little gem
Im concerned about someone 198  Criminal Mischief  09/30/2014 10:56AM 
Last Post by bloody blisters
NEWSFLASH: Guns + People = People Being Shot 47  Gunlover-tard  09/30/2014 10:55AM 
Last Post by lol @ libturdz
Bitch Takes it Like a Dirty Slut (A bit NSFW) Part 2 333  27  eesh  09/30/2014 10:53AM 
Last Post by Yuke
Foods Your Bowels Dont Want    Pages: 1 ... 12 13 14 All 26,063  1,324  Blooming Onion  09/30/2014 10:49AM 
Last Post by Blooming Onion
Chimpout at Six Flags Organized via Twitter - 3 Injured 106  Barry White  09/30/2014 10:43AM 
Last Post by all the way with the kkk
Man cited in accidental shooting at Jacksonville gun shop......Some more Guntards did not know the gun was loaded. 125  12  Tired of it all  09/30/2014 10:36AM 
Last Post by Gunlover-tard
Gunlover-tard = Tribute Act FAIL 37  WingNut  09/30/2014 10:09AM 
Last Post by very curious
US Economy Q2 Results Show More Growth Again 73  Fucking  09/30/2014 09:41AM 
Last Post by Smartness
Bitch Takes it Like a Dirty Slut (A bit NSFW) 2,736  33  eesh  09/30/2014 09:36AM 
Last Post by kisses
NC Democrat Overcome With White Guilt Says He’s Ashamed Of His Whiteness 74  Yucky24.  09/30/2014 08:57AM 
Last Post by WingNut
Gunlover Myth #9: More and more Americans are becoming gun owners. 39  Gunlover-tard  09/30/2014 08:33AM 
Last Post by Gunlover-tard
GUnlover Myth #7: Guns make women safer. 45  Gunlover-tard  09/30/2014 08:32AM 
Last Post by Gunlover-tard
Gunlover Myth #6: Carrying a gun for self-defense makes you safer. 37  Gunlover-tard  09/30/2014 08:32AM 
Last Post by Gunlover-tard
Gunlover Myth #5: Keeping a gun at home makes you safer. 38  Gunlover-tard  09/30/2014 08:31AM 
Last Post by Gunlover-tard
Texas Man Shot To Death While With 13-Year-Old Sister Identified More Guntards 107  Again  09/30/2014 08:20AM 
Last Post by kisses
Obama: "Everyone needs to calm down with these beheading ordeals...they're all isolated incidents" 91  Only so long  09/30/2014 08:19AM 
Last Post by kisses
How to spot pure ignorance on the highway 479  20  Pay Tree It  09/30/2014 08:01AM 
Last Post by left turn clyde
YOUR WEEKLY GOOD MORNING MESSAGE 36  adrienne crownower  09/30/2014 07:29AM 
Last Post by adrienne crownower
Fatal N. Mpls. Shooting Could Be Ruled Self Defense 131  YNUUd  09/30/2014 07:00AM 
Last Post by CGDHh
Is hiring a hooker legal in Ontario Canada? 138  774Td  09/30/2014 06:59AM 
Last Post by Vexxxed
Nigger be thirsty 91  Yucky24.  09/30/2014 06:52AM 
Last Post by Yucky24.
Rick Perry's Genius on Oklahoma Murder 212  17  Texas Dumb-Fuck Governor  09/30/2014 06:48AM 
Last Post by "I's" of Texas Grand Jury Upon U
Rep.Jim Moran Donates Money to HAMAS Linked CAIR 87  WingNut  09/30/2014 06:32AM 
Last Post by CAIR-Ger2
Sarah Schneider leaked 274  supergreat  09/30/2014 06:11AM 
Last Post by Ugh the giant caveman
Is Hannah Graham dead? 570  25  Ana Gram  09/30/2014 03:39AM 
Last Post by Sad to say
States w/ the highest percentage of black garbage? 240  Game of the States  09/30/2014 02:09AM 
Last Post by zldcf
Something to Haunt Your Dreams, Goodnight 384  10  eesh  09/30/2014 01:55AM 
Last Post by xcl;
TO: ALL HOMOSEXUALS & PERVERTS    Pages: 1 ... 5 6 7 All 18,465  694  HOMOSEXUALS WELCOME  09/30/2014 01:55AM 
Last Post by PEA PODS
TO: ALL SEX OFFENDERS, HABITUAL CRIMINALS [Lamb Center]    Pages: 1 ... 5 6 7 All 17,980  681  Corruption  09/30/2014 01:53AM 
Last Post by LUV LUV LUV!!!
Last Post by Personal Attack!
Joshua Bell 695  41  Alias  09/30/2014 01:44AM 
Last Post by lsfkj
Republican Fox News - Global Warming A Millionaire/Billionaire Issue 124  10  Fucker Carlson's Logic  09/30/2014 12:41AM 
Last Post by needs to know more people
1 in 10 U.S. workers cannot speak English 162  Yucky24.  09/29/2014 11:48PM 
Last Post by Homie D Clown
Suburban Sluts 223  eesh  09/29/2014 11:44PM 
Last Post by flabbyho
facebook chicks and celb chicks exposed 159  copyman3196  09/29/2014 09:58PM 
Last Post by copyman3196
FFXU thread bump contest (prior to 2010) 235  10  Phorum huge fan2  09/29/2014 09:52PM 
Last Post by just wonderin
Looks like libtards are back 294  21  LIB-TARDZ LOLZ!  09/29/2014 09:36PM 
Last Post by Gerrymanderer2
So you thought your wifes pussy smells like fish? 168  soyeah  09/29/2014 08:53PM 
Last Post by soyeah
Group to erect massive Confederate flag off I-95 in Richmond 1,863  95  Just LOL  09/29/2014 08:45PM 
Last Post by Peter Tully
Contards Top Ten attempted Book Banning. (Or what Wingnut-job and LHA do in their spare time) 92  3E97P  09/29/2014 08:01PM 
Last Post by WingNut
Childhood friends die in accidental shooting, suicide in Willowbrook 144  Not again....  09/29/2014 07:50PM 
Last Post by WingNut
Well well well, now we know why Eric Holder would never prosecute any of the Wall St bankers 225  15  Stabitha  09/29/2014 07:49PM 
Last Post by WingNut
Michael Basl has broken out his "Aubry" screen name. You know what that means.... 96  mucous welby  09/29/2014 07:13PM 
Last Post by mucous welby
Question for Jen Money 344  27  Young man, hung and horny  09/29/2014 07:01PM 
Last Post by Decoy Octopus
ISIS is on the run after Obama's airstrikes 288  15  Yucky24.  09/29/2014 06:34PM 
Last Post by CH3NO2
Islam in Japan 99  Yucky24.  09/29/2014 06:15PM 
Last Post by Yucky24.
Store manager uses gun to defend employees 83  omftr  09/29/2014 05:33PM 
Last Post by Gunlover
Ruger Making Me Mad, Another Gun to Get, AR-556 131  Gunlover  09/29/2014 05:28PM 
Last Post by xtbJ6
The Armed Citizen 65  dtra  09/29/2014 04:35PM 
Last Post by 9L9nh
Fun pranks to play at sleep overs with your mom's permission ("Copypasta" Thread)    Pages: 1 ... 46 47 48 All 34,411  4,717  Harry Tuttle  09/29/2014 04:14PM 
Last Post by jenyoda
Enterovirus D68 May Have Killed 69  CDC.Alert  09/29/2014 04:11PM 
Last Post by goway
does yoda have a crimanal record? 57  convictsince78  09/29/2014 04:09PM 
Last Post by convictsince78
sex life of yoda 235  uncle chairlift  09/29/2014 04:06PM 
Last Post by unisex
your own personal yoda 155  fine young cannabals  09/29/2014 04:05PM 
Last Post by BioHazard
Jennifer Yoda 240  yodas  09/29/2014 04:04PM 
Last Post by temple
Jennifer Yoga 750  JenYoga  09/29/2014 04:04PM 
Last Post by BioHazard
The Obobo Says the "U.S" Underestimated ISIS 145  29  WingNut  09/29/2014 04:01PM 
Last Post by what a tard
@eesh 387  14  eesh allah akbar  09/29/2014 04:00PM 
Last Post by supertramp
Guess the Next Major FOX News Story, Obama used the Wrong Fork? Michelle Obama's Dress Color? Obama Basketball Game? 90  Obamas Tie  09/29/2014 03:56PM 
Last Post by Rebel Freedom
My wife just let me put it in her pooper ;) 603  21  Happy husband  09/29/2014 03:28PM 
Last Post by hahahahahahahahhahahahahaaaaaaaa
US Trade Deficit Shrinking- American Oil Production Up 61  Energy Independence  09/29/2014 03:23PM 
Last Post by Paster
A Simpsons' charector will die on Sunday, but who? 335  Frank Grimes  09/29/2014 03:22PM 
Last Post by adolf h
So I received an anonymous donation... 1,033  34  Cary  09/29/2014 03:13PM 
Last Post by NippleChuck
Man Without a Face Has a Better Looking GF Than Most of You Butt Clowns.... 211  WingNut  09/29/2014 01:40PM 
Last Post by Olivia L Hornswaggle
Making a Killing on GOPRO Stock! Wahooooo! 84  GOPRO  09/29/2014 01:39PM 
Last Post by MppXN
JFK: NRA Life Member 149  dhb  09/29/2014 12:43PM 
Last Post by WingNut
Abigail Spencer Full set Leaked 243  supergreat  09/29/2014 12:10PM 
Last Post by CH3NO2
At what age does a man start thinking about replacing the supposed love of his life with a younger woman with not as much mileage on her? 203  25? 30? 35? 40?  09/29/2014 11:51AM 
Last Post by Are you gay?
Since Jesus is a Liberal, does that mean all you Contards are Satan? 343  26  juLJy  09/29/2014 11:45AM 
Last Post by stupid teabagger bullshit
If Republicans didn't remove Saddam Hussien 237  12  Gerrymanderer2  09/29/2014 11:43AM 
Last Post by Henro
NRA Guntards now using Newborns for Target practice ... 193  10  A Good Neighbor  09/29/2014 11:36AM 
Last Post by eotb
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