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Welcome to Fairfax Underground, a project site designed to improve communication among residents of Fairfax County, VA. Feel free to post anything Northern Virginia residents would find interesting.
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Don Jr.'s flop UCLA, Conservatives jeered him! 21  woody the Carpenter  11/11/2019 05:39PM 
Last Post by Wow Great Post Bruh
Poker Stars 951  17  Donk  11/11/2019 05:20PM 
Last Post by martinimaani
Liberal government assassinates pro American supporters at close range set another on fire 43  16  President Trump FTW!  11/11/2019 05:15PM 
Last Post by President Trump FTW!
If you are the type that don’t dance, or some trumptard that doesn’t dance, name that one or two songs that makes you want to dance 10  Trumptard getting down  11/11/2019 05:08PM 
Last Post by Trumptard getting down
Basic hamburger at McDonalds 177  10  so fucking hungry  11/11/2019 04:49PM 
Last Post by land air sea is the way to go
Something you'll never see at Chick-fil-A 48  Nog life  11/11/2019 04:33PM 
Last Post by Nog life
You Can't Blame Popeyes For This One. 171  20  Nate Higgers  11/11/2019 04:28PM 
Last Post by mahdi key aches muk mudium
Nobody needs a scalp with 100 plugs in it. 21  President Trump FTW!  11/11/2019 04:27PM 
Last Post by President Trump FTW!
Testimony Transcript Shows William Taylor Never Talked To Trump, Wasn’t Even On July 25 Phone Call 39  Sham Impeachment  11/11/2019 04:23PM 
Last Post by President Trump FTW!
"Nobody needs a gun with 100 clips in it." 115  32  He has a point  11/11/2019 04:16PM 
Last Post by President Trump FTW!
It was inevitable that Virginia would turn blue 235  33  demographics is what kilt her  11/11/2019 04:14PM 
Last Post by Virginia has gone to pot
Thank you to all the veterans. Libs don't look. 58  President Trump FTW!  11/11/2019 04:03PM 
Last Post by Leftist.Gorilla
Mutha fuckin. P.I.M.P. 62  Liberal heads go explodin  11/11/2019 03:54PM 
Last Post by man handler
Veterans day Libtards are too stupid to get it. 47  President Trump FTW!  11/11/2019 02:11PM 
Last Post by Panera Bread had a sign for them
imagine having to see this every day...and then u walk through tent cities full of diseases and human shit! 36  Yes we can  11/11/2019 02:04PM 
Last Post by Yes we can
This Veterans Day, don’t forget the soldiers in non US armies who fought and served! 203  21  Cam Francis  11/11/2019 01:49PM 
Last Post by No worse than America today
BREAKING NEWS!!! Socialist Dictator of BOLIVA "Evo Morales" Has Been Forced to RESIGN !! !! !! !! 37  Trump Stumped the Chumps  11/11/2019 12:45PM 
Last Post by r4tgtrere
I finally figured out why Libtards start so many threads on the same subject 31  President Trump FTW!  11/11/2019 11:42AM 
Last Post by President Trump FTW!
ON VETERANS DAY — President Trump Is First President to Kick Off NYC Veterans Day Parade 19  President Trump FTW!  11/11/2019 11:36AM 
Last Post by President Trump WTF?
Can we talk about how stupid libtards are? 25  President Trump FTW!  11/11/2019 11:20AM 
Last Post by President Trump FTW!
Trump-xalta for TDS 23  There is a Cure  11/11/2019 11:14AM 
Last Post by Living fast or dying slow
Anti American libtarded professor attacks veterans and bites LaRosa causing a gaping wound. 41  President Trump FTW!  11/11/2019 10:05AM 
Last Post by President Trump FTW!
If there’s ever a race war, I’m definitely fighting for the blacks 166  14  X’Anon  11/11/2019 10:00AM 
Last Post by Waitaminute
Neil Young now wants to be a citizen so he can vote trump out! 23  Yes we can  11/11/2019 09:49AM 
Last Post by President Trump FTW!
Redskins Still In The Hunt! 38  Who Needs Trent?  11/11/2019 09:47AM 
Last Post by Daniel S
being triggered by a word is the ultimate in brainwashing 19  brainwashed slaves  11/11/2019 09:45AM 
Last Post by brainwashed slaves
RIP Mr. Moreno USMC veteran 520  23  Honorable veteran  11/11/2019 09:41AM 
Last Post by Veteran's day
Last Post by Anon12
Once You Go Black..... 282  Nate Higgers  11/11/2019 09:24AM 
Last Post by Christina CC
30 more pro American judges before the end of the year 10  President Trump FTW!  11/11/2019 09:15AM 
Last Post by President Trump FTW!
Respect the BBC    Pages: 1 2 All 12,118  148  eesh  11/11/2019 09:14AM 
Last Post by Chuck S
We need more threads about the whistleblower 65  We already know  11/11/2019 09:11AM 
Last Post by truth will out
Looking at the Bob Evans Farmhouse feast for Thanksgiving dinner this year! 138  20  so H00ngry  11/11/2019 08:43AM 
Last Post by FDA
Thinking of Pledging? If so, see how Grace Episcopal Responds to the Church Abuse Crisis 18  Grace Episcopal  11/11/2019 05:08AM 
Last Post by Grace Episcopal
Eesh needs to be put to death 779  58  EeshforPrison  11/11/2019 03:45AM 
Last Post by Doesn't exist
I am afraid that the Dems are going to take Lee-Jackson day away from us. 62  State employee  11/11/2019 12:46AM 
Last Post by Dems Will Rename It
Meade shits on the grave of Roy Orbison 109  17  Amature hour Meade  11/10/2019 11:13PM 
Last Post by Keep telling yourself that
DNA Hair test for Chemtrail HEAVY METAL Poisoning. 23  H4XMM  11/10/2019 10:44PM 
Last Post by I5ZNN
Are Guillotines In America? Yea, its Real. 41  LD6GC  11/10/2019 10:16PM 
Last Post by LD6GC
Last Post by Anon12
SELLING 100% LIVE CC(Cvv),Fullz,dumps+pin,Email Leads,ATM Cards Bank logs,Wu trf, Spam Tools==> ICQ :745680073 Anon12  11/10/2019 09:32PM 
Last Post by Anon12
Last Post by Anon12
Alligator fishing in Accotink Creek 377  31  fomer new englander  11/10/2019 06:54PM 
Last Post by chicken
With Impeachment Crumbling, a Third Plot Emerges to Remove Trump 48  uyljd  11/10/2019 06:38PM 
Last Post by uyljd
Which of the 2 is more smart? 210  FFXU .  11/10/2019 06:27PM 
Last Post by lololulz
Guiliani Indictment May Include Treason 181  37  Lying Corrupt Trump Swamp  11/10/2019 06:11PM 
Last Post by Wop hater
Trump got more boos than cheers at LSU ha, Fox just reported 81  15  Fox just reported  11/10/2019 06:07PM 
Last Post by Typical
Don’t forget to pledge! 26  Grace Episcopal  11/10/2019 05:37PM 
Last Post by Bob Malm
Hunter Biden makes $478 an hour 95  19  Wjkd  11/10/2019 05:11PM 
Last Post by President Trump FTW!
Priest Demands Justice After Hindu Mob of 500 armed hindi Storm Catholic School 140  21  r4ggrew  11/10/2019 04:21PM 
Last Post by Gay as Fuck for Goatfuckerer2
Trump retweets John Bolton 9/11 message... 84  Gerrymanderer2  11/10/2019 03:42PM 
Last Post by Dumbass MAGAtards
Whites can’t win a race war because they don’t have the combat experience to win. 55  Urban military academy  11/10/2019 02:59PM 
Last Post by Time to get real
NY AG- Trump Foundation Was Complete Fraud And Con Game 59  LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP!  11/10/2019 02:59PM 
Last Post by r4tggrre
Ralph Northam is an EVIL Man! 129  11  Gungrabbingbabykiller  11/10/2019 02:56PM 
Last Post by Doesn't add up
Why did Trump give televangelist Paula White a job in the White House and Not Meade Skelton? 40  Reginald Wentworth III  11/10/2019 02:41PM 
Last Post by Trinity Moses
REVIEW:: Of The NEW "Chicken Sandwich" at POPEYE !!! 51  Trump Stumped the Chumps  11/10/2019 02:15PM 
Last Post by Mountain Man
Michael the Cray Cray guy/girl/whatever    Pages: 1 2 All 923  136  Megan's Revenge  11/10/2019 01:34PM 
Last Post by Doctor Poo
Whites in NOVA Shrinking 64  sureokkkverygay  11/10/2019 01:03PM 
Last Post by sureokkkverygay
Virginia is gone because of Trump. Will Trump ruin Texas for you too? 33  Gerrymanderer2  11/10/2019 12:58PM 
Last Post by Virginia is the Swamp
Why is Donkey Blue Kalifornia a paradise again? 51  Should I like what I see?  11/10/2019 12:41PM 
Last Post by TROOF
Friendsgiving 132  True the Vote!  11/10/2019 12:22PM 
Last Post by Leftist.Gorilla
All about getting the disinterested (which are millions) to watch the so-called Impeachment. 24  CNN is pittifull  11/10/2019 11:43AM 
Last Post by CNN is pittifull
Weren’t we told the customer is always right, how come that’s not the case with minority workers? 22  Pimpin at da popeyes  11/10/2019 11:38AM 
Last Post by Pimpin at da popeyes
Remember Dirty Mike and the Boys from the Movie "The Other Guys" 43  Christineth  11/10/2019 11:26AM 
Last Post by Top O'the Morning To Ya
Twitter Claims Naming Alleged Ukraine Whistleblower Isn’t Against the Rules, but Suspends Users for It 26  just kill democrats  11/10/2019 11:22AM 
Last Post by just kill democrats
Trump gets the loudest cheers at LSU - Alabama game 98  15  Yes we can  11/10/2019 11:14AM 
Last Post by President Trump FTW!
Texas Couple Sets Record as ‘Oldest Married Couple’ in the World 24  breitbart  11/10/2019 11:09AM 
Last Post by breitbart
American express online savings lowers its interest rate to 1.75% 36  saver1  11/10/2019 11:02AM 
Last Post by realistically now
Niggers and new Popeyes CHICKEN sammich 97  why o why  11/10/2019 10:50AM 
Last Post by Don't Forget
Three Years Since 2016 Election – DOW Reaches 111th All-Time High – Markets Up More than 50% – Largest Increase in History! 43  Impeach This!  11/10/2019 10:28AM 
Last Post by Farmers Killing Themselves
Is The Popeye's Chicken Sandwich Really That Good? 162  11  So Fuckin H0ngry  11/10/2019 10:28AM 
Last Post by Reginald
Elizabeth Warren speaks to empty auditorium, faces huge humiliation in 2020 113  Hillary 2.0  11/10/2019 09:42AM 
Last Post by Antiasshat.
What Does A Fool Look Like? 61  Antiasshat.  11/10/2019 09:38AM 
Last Post by Antiasshat.
Bloomberg 72  12  Antiasshat.  11/10/2019 09:26AM 
Last Post by 'O'
AMERICN "Funny-Man" SNL Comedian "TRACY MORGAN" Turns "51" TODAY !! !! !! 22  Trump Stumped the Chumps  11/10/2019 09:21AM 
Last Post by Trump Stumped the Chumps
Dem. Del. Eileen Filler-Corn blocks investigation into Justin Fairfax rape allegations 85  13  Defending Rapists  11/10/2019 09:08AM 
Last Post by lifelong democrat
William or Michael or Monique or Megan for Thanksgiving Dinner 157  Who will u invite to thanksgivin  11/10/2019 08:42AM 
Last Post by Nibbles
Thanksgiving at the Moreno's 966  18  washington insider  11/10/2019 08:41AM 
Last Post by Nibbles
Massive Stand Down In Juarez 79  newsforbidden--cartels invade US  11/10/2019 08:40AM 
Last Post by Guy Mandude
eesh's thanksgiving dinner 1,347  33  They're all going to laugh at yo  11/10/2019 08:19AM 
Last Post by Nibbles
Ready for Thanksgiving?! 37  Hungry Bogart  11/10/2019 08:05AM 
Last Post by Scrooge
One week till the "House smellin yummy" troll posts 649  28  shithouse walls  11/10/2019 06:17AM 
Last Post by fan of yummy smells
What will happen with the old NRA hdqtrs when they move out of VA 144  They are moving out  11/10/2019 05:55AM 
Last Post by jim bob
Did Monquie Samuels choke a bitch and is Candiace cray cray 38  ohnojoe  11/10/2019 05:12AM 
Last Post by ohnojoe
Meade's much-delayed livestream is tomorrow! 51  tune in, folks!  11/10/2019 02:52AM 
Last Post by isn't he having a guest?
Eesh baptized my baby 711  betterthanyoubitch  11/10/2019 02:12AM 
Last Post by wtf was this?!?
SNOWFLAKE MEADE IS CRYING 137  25  Proud Democratic..  11/09/2019 11:49PM 
Last Post by Get a "Life"
Where Do Mormon Family Survivors Place Blame? 41  MMWUP  11/09/2019 11:32PM 
Last Post by LOL! They're blaming Trump!
Good God! I just checked my stock portfolio! 165  17  President Trump FTW!  11/09/2019 09:59PM 
Last Post by Antiasshat.
Fairfax Underground Confession Booth    Pages: 1 2 All 2,973  128  TThN3  11/09/2019 09:45PM 
Last Post by Secret Sniffer
Does Chicken Make Nogs Violent And Crazy? 84  Nate Higgers  11/09/2019 09:36PM 
Last Post by Coonville
POLL 50  Save the goats  11/09/2019 09:10PM 
Last Post by Pete Poofter
Good news white people, you will start paying for nogs to ride the nog hauler 137  11  nog hauler rider  11/09/2019 08:55PM 
Last Post by William Robert Moreno Arrests
Ass kicking stories    Pages: 1 2 All 4,188  101  Ivan Jerkinov  11/09/2019 08:44PM 
Last Post by Lizzie owns Miz
Trump shit his pants...lol    Pages: 1 2 All 2,250  184  Trump shitter.  11/09/2019 08:26PM 
Last Post by Hog 44
I intend to release some nutria around the Burke Lake area 78  gourmet hunter  11/09/2019 08:16PM 
Last Post by Look harder
Virginia Democrats elect states first ever female Speaker of the House. 56  Gerrymanderer2  11/09/2019 06:57PM 
Last Post by a female speaker? oh fuck.....
The 1 Percent close in on having more wealth the entire middle class. 43  Gerrymanderer2  11/09/2019 06:56PM 
Last Post by Top 10%
Democrats in Virginia seek to raise the minimum wage, potentially legalize marijuana and address gun violence. 29  Gerrymanderer2  11/09/2019 06:32PM 
Last Post by legalized pot is cool
Breaking News: Non Citizen Voting in Virginia elections 32  VoterFraudVA  11/09/2019 06:03PM 
Last Post by VoterFraudVA
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