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Sticky: Personal attacks and attempted outing    Pages: 1 ... 12 13 14 All 139,733  1,323  Cary  05/13/2018 12:03PM 
Last Post by My PYBR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10 of Your All Time Favorite CD's or Albums in 10 Days 103  Gerrynamderer2  05/23/2018 02:11AM 
Last Post by RVAsinger, himself
Megan the cray cray lady    Pages: 1 ... 106 107 108 All 257,750  10,725  Megan Toohey of Chantilly  05/23/2018 01:57AM 
Last Post by Look at what I can do also
This is my fantasy, I wish my estranged wife would do this to me 37  Tysons Corner attorney  05/23/2018 01:24AM 
Last Post by can't afford a divorce lawyer
Lizzie completes second week - approaches Hump Day    Pages: 1 ... 85 86 87 All 102,952  8,658  lizzie the convict  05/23/2018 01:22AM 
Last Post by will josh go to jail?
Masturbating to Saved by the Bell    Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 All 87,202  444  Sicko? Nooo  05/23/2018 01:04AM 
Last Post by Blank Frank
I drove by a particular home on Riverview Court in Sterling, Virginia that I plan on buying 215  12  The renovator  05/23/2018 12:58AM 
Last Post by Sharon brought her work home
Alleged Swatter Admits Placing a Hoax Phone Call that Led to a Fatal Police-Involved Shooting 88  11  eesh  05/23/2018 12:25AM 
Last Post by 20/20 hindsight
Michael Cohen's business partner drops a dime on him. 32  Gerrymanderer2  05/23/2018 12:08AM 
Last Post by Is that Leiser?
i used to be a lib when they believed in freedom and truth to power....soros bought and owns their souls now 32  libs are bankster zombies  05/22/2018 11:55PM 
Last Post by Soros pawns
The bigger the lips and nose the more evolution was skipped. 16 y/o cop killing nog. 178  34  J64KP  05/22/2018 11:52PM 
Last Post by what g2 could have accomplished
I am almost 30 years old and have made a career out of playing video games. 56  sore thumbs  05/22/2018 11:45PM 
Last Post by It would suck to be you
How brutal is the whiplash against rightards gonna be after this shit show is over? 96  12  Gerrymanderer2  05/22/2018 11:05PM 
Last Post by lib morons
Justice is dying... 159  12  Gerrymanderer2  05/22/2018 11:04PM 
Last Post by Gerry the fairy
Get Ready to Bail Out Banks Again- GOP Repeals Junk Loan/Financial Crisis Regulations Bills 58  Corrupt Trump Swamp  05/22/2018 10:39PM 
Last Post by lolz at bank regulation
Stormy Daniels attorney Michael Avenatti lose judgment for $10 Million! 57  Bigger than eesh  05/22/2018 10:24PM 
Last Post by Too Funny
‘John Brennan Should Pop the Glass Capsule and Take the Cyanide Now; He’s Going to Die in a Federal Penitentiary’ 47  Roger Stone  05/22/2018 10:20PM 
Last Post by Brennan is fucked
We need to report Meade for SSI FRAUD 38  sisissis  05/22/2018 10:12PM 
Last Post by Your Wallet Empty
Facebook wants you to send nudes 80  Facebook Stupidity Test  05/22/2018 10:05PM 
Last Post by An asshole and a pussy
Harley Davidson closing its factories and shipping its jobs overseas. Shame 37  Great Negotiator Giveaways  05/22/2018 10:00PM 
Last Post by Fdettrttr
You Boner, You Lose 4,310  91  eesh  05/22/2018 09:59PM 
Last Post by eesh
Every time I think of Meade I touch myself 42  Divinyls  05/22/2018 09:44PM 
Last Post by eesh
Human Rights Activist Files RICO Suit Against Fusion GPS Founders 29  Sound familiar?  05/22/2018 09:40PM 
Last Post by Sound familiar?
George Zimmerman Says He’s $2.5 Million in Debt, Too Broke to Afford Lawyer 103  13  Silly George  05/22/2018 09:40PM 
Last Post by some broke guy w/no future
Barbara Comstock=Seth Comstock 464  20  family connex  05/22/2018 09:29PM 
Last Post by Bid back
Harley Davidson closing its factories and shipping its jobs overseas. 44  Gerrymanderer2  05/22/2018 09:27PM 
Last Post by business, the trump way
The Pope only likes gays because they disprove evolution!! 62  Science rules!!  05/22/2018 09:20PM 
Last Post by xjx74
I am not shaving my Pubes until the Capitals win the Stanley Cup 32  CapsFan  05/22/2018 09:14PM 
Last Post by CapsFan
NEW POLL- What is the "BEST #1" Web-Site???? 40  Trump Stumped the Chumps  05/22/2018 09:09PM 
Last Post by Ying Ko
Blue Wave crashes on the rocks 115  13  Tears for Queers  05/22/2018 08:52PM 
Last Post by Moronerer2
2918 Farm Bill Fails- Trump Screws USA Farmers 44  Sexy Tractor  05/22/2018 08:36PM 
Last Post by Gerrymanderer2
Trump Backpedals on North Korea Summit: ‘If It Doesn’t Happen, Maybe it Will Happen Later’ 72  15  sureokkk  05/22/2018 08:05PM 
Last Post by Gerrymanderer2
People on the spectrum or keyboard warriors 97  Could this really work?  05/22/2018 07:49PM 
Last Post by kmhjn
When is BIll Clinton Going to Jail over GOLDEN PARACHUTE: think citibank recently 351  51  ykmpc  05/22/2018 07:39PM 
Last Post by 73uex
Do Not Speak Spanish in Public 150  12  Big Sky Country  05/22/2018 07:37PM 
Last Post by mkuew
Anybody Seen Trump's Taxes? He said He Would Release Them? 64  16  Audit over yet?  05/22/2018 07:28PM 
Last Post by gdkkc
“You know they let homos in, right? … We do not support homos around here, I can tell you that.” 97  weeblow  05/22/2018 07:25PM 
Last Post by my9ph
Trump’s attorneys want to limit mueller’s questions for Trump to Russia related matters occurring before the election 51  Deeds of innocent men  05/22/2018 07:22PM 
Last Post by Gerrymanderer2
Scott Pruitt at EPA Needs to Be Gone Already 22  Corrupt Evil Bastard  05/22/2018 07:21PM 
Last Post by Gerrymanderer2
White cops rough up black grandma during traffic stop. White cop resigns. 80  10  KKKops  05/22/2018 07:20PM 
Last Post by jumwu
Loudoun County Approves activist's application to hold Confederate-Nazi flag burning 162  27  Oh, It's Happening Alright  05/22/2018 07:19PM 
Last Post by Gerrymanderer2
Pulitzer's GRAVE IS BEING ROBBED: FOR REAL. Black rapper getting prize for nigga music. 38  uncle sam  05/22/2018 07:03PM 
Last Post by lolz at our society
Miami Florida pedestrian bridge falls, serious injuries maybe deaths 435  45  H: Engineering Disasters  05/22/2018 07:02PM 
Last Post by vdwcx
Trump bullied and taunted North Korea into blowing up their nuclear test facility with over- use!!! Potenially radiating themselves and China for decades!! 33  Pc retardz  05/22/2018 06:23PM 
Last Post by Pc retardz
Steve King Introduces Act to Imprison Politicians Who Help Illegal Aliens Evade Deportation… THERE WAS ALREADY A LAW FOR THAT. MANY. 31  breitbart  05/22/2018 06:21PM 
Last Post by Carrie
President Donald Trump has said his Chinese counterpart Xi Jingping gave him a history lesson on China and Korea. 42  Its not so easy  05/22/2018 06:07PM 
Last Post by made up
A paying Mar-a-Lago member took photos of Trump being briefed on North Korea — and posted them to Facebook 70  lock her up  05/22/2018 06:06PM 
Last Post by salute
Pelosi going to prison for calling Trump.gov "The Most Corrupt Government in History" 31  a lie she won't stand behind  05/22/2018 06:00PM 
Last Post by a lie she won't stand behind
So, I had a weird dream about Meade Skelton 54  Kate Flower  05/22/2018 05:54PM 
Last Post by WonderfulMeades
Oh my fucking God - Meade's hallucinating again 149  12  portrait of a typical trumptard  05/22/2018 05:38PM 
Last Post by wbjnp
Mike O'Meara is Still Fat, Drunk and Stupid 39  BOAD Guy...........  05/22/2018 05:36PM 
Last Post by BOAD Guy...........
Did that actor die? 75  Reverse of Fortune  05/22/2018 04:34PM 
Last Post by Reverse of Fortune
Put in Timing Belt Today 204  19  shady tree  05/22/2018 04:30PM 
Last Post by Volvos for closet homos
Capitals season will end on monday 146  11  It's Over  05/22/2018 04:25PM 
Last Post by remeber
They couldn’t take Gerry’s abuse and politics anymore 36  Ace Ventura  05/22/2018 04:07PM 
Last Post by Ace Ventura
Senate Committee Votes Overwhelmingly to Block Trump’s Plans to Revive Chinese Telecom Company ZTE 34  Phillip Primo  05/22/2018 04:07PM 
Last Post by dread the bed
Order Pain Relief Pills. Contact us at: +1 909 435 0304 21  dorothyy  05/22/2018 04:02PM 
Last Post by BEH
Kuffar friends, The British Royal family is related to the prophet Muhammad 87  Yaseen  05/22/2018 03:50PM 
Last Post by what the know
If Trump gives AIDS to his Prostitutes is that Illegal? 54  Trump's Herpe Dick  05/22/2018 03:40PM 
Last Post by Trump AIDS
Manafort tries Again to Get the Fraud Case Dismissed on Strange Theory 25  Again New Claim  05/22/2018 03:36PM 
Last Post by Again New Claim
Donald Trump cloud spotted over Chicago this weekend.    Pages: 1 ... 19 20 21 All 10,762  2,006  Do you believe in miracles?  05/22/2018 03:15PM 
Last Post by r.w.s.
Trump Justice 26  wonderzzz  05/22/2018 03:13PM 
Last Post by wonderzzz
Dems CONTROLLED the MEDIA, RIGGED the Primary, Spent $! BILLION, OBAMA'S Deep State Had an FBI SPY in TRUMP'S CAMPAIGN, and THEY STILL LOST 61  Trumpus Maximus Americanus  05/22/2018 03:10PM 
Last Post by Derrick
Trump's Justice Dept. Investigating Trump's Justice Dept. 105  24  All makes sense to me  05/22/2018 03:10PM 
Last Post by what does Trump want?
Al Sharpton says royal wedding shows white supremacy is ‘on its last breath’ 61  biracial1  05/22/2018 02:51PM 
Last Post by Vogt
BREAKING NEWS!!!!! An "Active SHOOTER" Has Been "Reported' in Panama "City" FLORIDA!!!! 49  Trump Stumped the Chumps  05/22/2018 02:30PM 
Last Post by Trump Stumped the Chumps
"They're animals" 58  Trump was right. Again!  05/22/2018 02:12PM 
Last Post by Trump was right. Again!
Huma emails back in spotlight with new IG report 45  Hillary Lapdog  05/22/2018 02:00PM 
Last Post by Hillary Lapdog
“If you start whining before the game’s even over, if whenever things are going badly for you and you lose, you start blaming somebody else, then you don’t have what it takes to be in this job because there are a lot of times when things don’t go our way 41  President Trump FTW!  05/22/2018 01:59PM 
Last Post by Obobo is a loser
Why won't Trump testify? 69  Gerrymanderer2  05/22/2018 01:55PM 
Last Post by fuck the usa and russia
Stormy Daniels Tour Baltimore, See One of the Pussies Trump Fucked in Person at Fantasies Nightclub & Sports Bar, $30 176  11  Trump Stripper Pussy  05/22/2018 01:06PM 
Last Post by Details of Show
Texas School Shooter Followed Guns, Ivanka and Trump on Social Media 111  16  Another Wacko Trump Suppoter  05/22/2018 01:00PM 
Last Post by Lawsuits Against Gun Owner
Exquisite Tits Thread(NSFW)    Pages: 1 2 3 All 6,915  237  peep  05/22/2018 12:57PM 
Last Post by Racer93
Hundreds of Apps Can Empower Stalkers to Track Their Victims 89  eesh  05/22/2018 12:56PM 
Last Post by Good Lord
Bannon- "China Trade Deal is Worst Ever for USA" Complete "Giveaway" 49  Great Negotiator Giveaways  05/22/2018 12:44PM 
Last Post by Drunken Bannon
Mueller Impeachment of Trump Could Start As Early as August 194  39  Oh that Clever Mueller!  05/22/2018 12:42PM 
Last Post by Guiliani is Saying Sept
Why won't democrats share evidence that Russians hacked the DNC server? 30  President Trump FTW!  05/22/2018 12:41PM 
Last Post by President Trump FTW!
Trump not accepting results of this election. That’s a direct threat to our democracy! 36  Hillary R. Clinton  05/22/2018 12:27PM 
Last Post by Hillary R. Clinton
“There is no evidence that that has happened in the past or that there are instances in which that will happen this time. And so I’d invite Mr. Trump to stop whining and go try to make his case to get votes,” he continued. Obama added there was “no serio 28  President Trump FTW!  05/22/2018 12:20PM 
Last Post by President Trump FTW!
Capitals live to fight another day 60  Caps lock  05/22/2018 11:34AM 
Last Post by write a book
Another "informant" from another Obama agency tried to infiltrate the opposition campaign. 39  Pc retardz  05/22/2018 11:29AM 
Last Post by toe polish
Who is "Crooked' 34  bubble gum  05/22/2018 11:21AM 
Last Post by bubble gum
Poll: Do you like Fresca? 199  15  Fresca drinker  05/22/2018 10:53AM 
Last Post by cyclo mate
Obama said we were out of Afghanistan: TRUTH, Busch toppled Taliban leader but we're still there 30  tokyo rose  05/22/2018 10:24AM 
Last Post by *yawn*, Old News
Obama said we were out of Iraq: TRUTH, Busch toppled Sadam and were still there. 30  democrat lies, USA wars abroad  05/22/2018 10:24AM 
Last Post by *yawn*, Old News
Would Meade's livestreams get more attention if he did them in the nude? 91  slump dumped the strumpet  05/22/2018 10:13AM 
Last Post by Help Meades Rating
Washington Post DEMOCRATS published USA lost Philippines war and have left Philippines in 2016: the USA flag is still standing in Philippines. 39  tokyo rose  05/22/2018 09:46AM 
Last Post by 4rgtbfd
"Tim Kaine will be the next President of the U.S. after Hillary." Covfefe posting as Gerrymanderer2 7/04/2016...... 97  13  Hilarity Cliton  05/22/2018 09:44AM 
Last Post by Gerry is always right
It's Everyday, time to shitpost 142  Jerrymanderer2  05/22/2018 09:44AM 
Last Post by Gerry's Starting
Watch this video of libshits laughing it up and saying how Trump was never going to win the 2016 election 47  You Got Your Ass Beat  05/22/2018 09:41AM 
Last Post by It never ge3ts old
Washington Post colludes with the Deep State to justify FBI spying on Trump 285  54  Jeff Sleazos  05/22/2018 09:29AM 
Last Post by Here's the facts
If You Had a Super Power - What Would It Be? 39  Dan Snyder Super Zero  05/22/2018 09:29AM 
Last Post by Dan Snyder Super Zero
When a Muslim preaches tolerance to you, don't let them forget what they did/do to those who aren't Muslim 85  Muslim hypocrisy  05/22/2018 09:10AM 
Last Post by Mohammed is a pedophile
Inquiring minds want to know 104  Who’s first?  05/22/2018 09:03AM 
Last Post by Ruth Bladder Ginsburg
Meade's not doing a livestream today! 99  sunday is ruined.......  05/22/2018 08:15AM 
Last Post by Work to Reward Ratio
Property Tax: how to get a refund. 74  get your money BACK, guaranteed  05/22/2018 08:01AM 
Last Post by Gruntled
South Carolina Negress complains of racism from Virginia cop... 160  Indahood  05/22/2018 07:50AM 
Last Post by nog obliterator
Controversial AMERICAN Serial Killer "TED ("The Unabomber") KACZYNSKI" Turns "76" TODAY!!!!! 25  Trump Stumped the Chumps  05/22/2018 07:30AM 
Last Post by Trump Stumped the Chumps
Obama Admin Paid ‘FBI Informant’ Stefan Halper over $250,000 Right Before 2016 Election 92  Democratic Collusion  05/22/2018 06:52AM 
Last Post by Anderson Pooper
Hey Gerry, next time you go to pakistan, bring one of these! 138  13  Sherlock  05/22/2018 02:41AM 
Last Post by Gerry the incel
So, I had a weird dream about Meade Skelton 49  all becomes clear  05/22/2018 02:19AM 
Last Post by Overthink
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