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Welcome to Fairfax Underground, a project site designed to improve communication among residents of Fairfax County, VA. Feel free to post anything Northern Virginia residents would find interesting.
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Two Planned Parenthood clinics to close in Ohio after funding cuts 27  Keep it Going!!!!!  09/09/2019 08:49PM 
Last Post by Keep it Going!!!!!
Hot or Not: mother_of_dragon___ (insta-slut) 222  Nigger lover  09/09/2019 08:29PM 
Last Post by Smmd
Do democrats think they are running for president in Venezuela? 29  President Trump FTW!  09/09/2019 07:52PM 
Last Post by President Trump FTW!
Is this a Trump rally? 42  Question....  09/09/2019 07:48PM 
Last Post by Question....
How much money was spent by the New York times advocating for women to make more money than men for playing the same sport? 24  President Trump FTW!  09/09/2019 07:41PM 
Last Post by President Trump FTW!
The New York Times is running an add for pay equality 24  President Trump FTW!  09/09/2019 07:33PM 
Last Post by President Trump FTW!
Remember when Obama released 5 Taliban war criminals in exchange for an American deserter? 54  Betrayed America Repeatedly  09/09/2019 06:57PM 
Last Post by Never saw OBL's pic
Trump tried to make peace with Taliban, but they couldn't be trusted 87  28  Worth an effort  09/09/2019 06:45PM 
Last Post by A Day in a Pathetic Life
fairfax makes national news: GEORGE MASON DUPING BY SELLING SEXUAL PERMISSION as a "gift and a right" for being a student 53  12  breitbart  09/09/2019 06:42PM 
Last Post by student 101
Grace Episcopal Hits an Iceberg 17  Edward John Malm  09/09/2019 06:27PM 
Last Post by Edward John Malm
Sarah Palin's husband Todd Palin files for a divorce. Blames her temperament. 64  Gerrymanderer2  09/09/2019 06:16PM 
Last Post by will he post her nudez?
Wolf Trap It Ain't 96  Nate Higgers  09/09/2019 05:45PM 
Last Post by chimpout monitor
Romney sign vandalized LOL 771  26  spider jar  09/09/2019 05:40PM 
Last Post by y6uytr
US Military Would Refuse Orders From President Trump - Former Intel Chief Says 1,044  56  Not Presidential  09/09/2019 04:53PM 
Last Post by 098sdfkj
All you sorry ass bitches wish you could afford a car like this 367  36  Alpha-Male  09/09/2019 04:05PM 
Last Post by caaann
Re: More Bill Clinton era scandals. PRIVATIZING (selling) government property and hiding public property 23  how google was really made  09/09/2019 03:37PM 
Last Post by 546trere
Mark Sanford Announces Republican Presidential Candidate 63  12  Hell YES!  09/09/2019 03:11PM 
Last Post by Rocket Man Love Affair
No cows on the moon yet: NASA Locates India's Vikram Lander on Lunar Surface Day After Failed Touchdown 65  sputnik radio  09/09/2019 03:05PM 
Last Post by Damarris Fuques
Re: More Bill Clinton era scandals. Pay for play government - and federal agency bribing made legal 24  12  government OPEN FOR BRIBES  09/09/2019 03:01PM 
Last Post by 2rfgtgre
When is BIll Clinton Going to Jail over GOLDEN PARACHUTE: think citibank recently    Pages: 1 2 All 2,194  160  ykmpc  09/09/2019 01:58PM 
Last Post by o9sudfkj
The president is correct, she’s a foul mouthed ghetto ho 171  Polly wog head  09/09/2019 01:29PM 
Last Post by Pc retardzz
Students Protest John Carroll University’s Decision to Cancel Annual Drag Show 31  desperate democrats  09/09/2019 01:23PM 
Last Post by rgtgre
Where are Gerry’s NFL Posts 52  Gerry Gave Up  09/09/2019 01:14PM 
Last Post by Enough of this shit
As promised, Mexico is paying for the wall. 60% decrease in border arrests. MAGA! 53  13  President Trump FTW!  09/09/2019 01:07PM 
Last Post by Trump is a NAZI Sympathizer!
Just came across this 108  I report, you decide  09/09/2019 12:47PM 
Last Post by I report, you decide
Democrats going to Mexico and coaching the catering to nom citizens 22  Traitors  09/09/2019 12:35PM 
Last Post by Traitors
Damn Gerry, when were you in Argentina? 33  President Trump FTW!  09/09/2019 12:27PM 
Last Post by President Trump FTW!
Peep/TJ is back and impersonating William Moreno 135  17  Thanks, Puppetmaster  09/09/2019 12:23PM 
Last Post by peep
Will CNN become a news organization now? 32  President Trump FTW!  09/09/2019 12:04PM 
Last Post by President Trump FTW!
More DNC democrats means no BOEING, no BOEING means no US military. 21  bill clinton rats  09/09/2019 11:51AM 
Last Post by bill clinton rats
Trump invited taliban to Camp David near 9-11 42  When will he stop  09/09/2019 09:35AM 
Last Post by no more POW/MIA’s
Racist white woman apologizes for calling whites disgusting 51  Yes we can  09/09/2019 09:24AM 
Last Post by Yes we can
Help Trump Out in the Debate- Terdy Bernie 54  President Trump FTW!!!  09/09/2019 09:19AM 
Last Post by Grab some Pussies~!
Deborah Messing is really very unattractive 405  23  Deborah the Mess  09/09/2019 09:15AM 
Last Post by President Trump FTW!
BREAKING NEWS!! WASHINGTON Redskins AMERICAN QB Football Hero "JOE THEISMANN" Turns "70" TODAY !! !! !! 27  Trump Stumped the Chumps  09/09/2019 09:11AM 
Last Post by President Trump FTW!
Silverback Serena got destroyed by a white Canadian 218  13  White Power  09/09/2019 08:53AM 
Last Post by Johnny Mac
Stampede and looting ensue at concert spnsored by Lil Nigga 88  nog watcher  09/09/2019 07:43AM 
Last Post by Ghose face kracka killah
Whore of Haycock Naomi Leiser found in Nokesville stable molesting stallion 87  Spca  09/09/2019 06:37AM 
Last Post by Buddy buster
Cary, what type of computer programming do you do? 401  quick question  09/09/2019 05:50AM 
Last Post by Samuel90
Which Hobbit do you think eesh looks most like? 638  18  Gollum  09/09/2019 02:35AM 
Last Post by but it IS a scrawny eesh!
TJ Sadler aka obeesh is bumping numerous threads pertaining to Eesh 412  14  Keeping tabs  09/09/2019 01:33AM 
Last Post by Hi Tazer Boy
Attorney Phillip Leiser pimped out his daughter Naomi Leiser in order to win cases 56  Basl Slayer  09/09/2019 01:28AM 
Last Post by Basl Slayer
Haycock slut Naomi Leiser fucked her own brother Ariel Leiser 63  Basl Slayer  09/09/2019 01:21AM 
Last Post by Basl Slayer
Naomi Leiser and Michael Basl under investigation for sodomizing monkeys 35  Basl Slayer  09/09/2019 01:11AM 
Last Post by Basl Slayer
Hi! I’m looking for information about Louise Miller Basl 224  11  23 and me  09/09/2019 01:07AM 
Last Post by Basl Slayer
Whore of Haycock Naomi Leiser has already sucked every boy in her class 49  Sex crimes unit  09/09/2019 01:06AM 
Last Post by Sex crimes unit
Phillip Leiser molested daughter Naomi Leiser 31  Child protective services  09/09/2019 12:56AM 
Last Post by Child protective services
Naomi Leiser arrested as leader of child sex ring 36  Sex crimes unit  09/09/2019 12:53AM 
Last Post by Sex crimes unit
Naomi Leiser sucked off Michael Basl 43  Basl watch  09/09/2019 12:52AM 
Last Post by Basl Slayer
Gun lovers and Mental illness, a deadly combo 39  Hornady Specialist  09/09/2019 12:50AM 
Last Post by Basl Slayer
Naomi Leiser is a hot little slut 321  Triceratops  09/09/2019 12:42AM 
Last Post by bumptup
I've Uploaded the New Zealand Shooting Video 575  39  eesh  09/09/2019 12:41AM 
Last Post by Eesh <3 mass shooters
Whore of Haycock: Naomi Leiser 857  30  cps  09/09/2019 12:41AM 
Last Post by bumptup
Michael Josef Basl bought an ice cream truck 804  17  Basl watch  09/09/2019 12:35AM 
Last Post by bumptup
eesh must really be hurting for money 281  13  broke as a joke  09/09/2019 12:33AM 
Last Post by wanggggg
LOL I saw Eesh panhandling in Richmond! 201  Eesh the hobo  09/09/2019 12:33AM 
Last Post by ganngg
Do I look good? 108  hot sex  09/09/2019 12:24AM 
Last Post by anonymous.troll
Hey Michael Basl/Eesh/Starban, do these photos bring back memories? 105  13  Basl Slayer  09/09/2019 12:24AM 
Last Post by Crucial
Why eesh should be banned 1,767  20  -fArTiAn-  09/09/2019 12:18AM 
Last Post by agreeeeeeeee3
Hey EESH Aimpoint (red dot) or EOTECH (holo)? 432  Concealed Carrier1  09/09/2019 12:18AM 
Last Post by mass shooter knows best
Remember this old eesh thread that was deleted? 281  19  Warning!  09/09/2019 12:17AM 
Last Post by can eesh still rejoin the Army?
Why did Eesh cross the road? 146  10  joke of the day  09/09/2019 12:13AM 
Last Post by gaaaaaaaaaaaaaangggg
Eesh sure is Triggered Today Bumping All the Miz Thread? 204  32  Morning Redbull  09/09/2019 12:11AM 
Last Post by baaaaaaaaangg
Wasn't William Moreno ordered to stay off this site? 134  29  Madness of the Morenos  09/09/2019 12:11AM 
Last Post by Starban
Eesh didn't have one friend in the world to bail him out of jail... 725  26  That's telling you something  09/09/2019 12:10AM 
Last Post by waaaaaaaaaaanggg
Look closely at Michael Basl's one mugshot...you can tell he was crying 127  12  Crybaby Basl  09/09/2019 12:09AM 
Last Post by saaaaaaaaaaaangg
Anti-Trump thread 40  True American  09/08/2019 11:57PM 
Last Post by but, trump has saved out nation
Let us be thankful this Sunday evening that Donald John Trump is our president. 54  President Trump FTW!  09/08/2019 11:27PM 
Last Post by Gerrymanderer2.
Blacks think this is black face, now they hate Gucci 251  Black face clothing  09/08/2019 10:56PM 
Last Post by XCHTH
Trump Cancels 9/11 Celebration With Taliban Leader at Camp David 87  14  too funny that dottard  09/08/2019 10:51PM 
Last Post by LYWVU
Former teacher is married to a guy 107  wowo wow  09/08/2019 10:23PM 
Last Post by wooow
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Last Post by Bellastodelivery123
Buy Roxicodone Online | Buy Roxicodone 30mg Online 25  Bellastodelivery123  09/08/2019 10:11PM 
Last Post by Bellastodelivery123
Trump gave $1,000,000 to Hurricane relief, what have you donated? 277  34  Gotta ask this one  09/08/2019 09:57PM 
Last Post by Fjshja
William Robert Moreno sucked penises while living in Richmond and Sterling 89  11  lemon party organizer  09/08/2019 09:42PM 
Last Post by More Moreno Madness
Sleepy fragile joe Biden finally wakes up and comes up with a name for trump 60  Libs will think he’s awsome  09/08/2019 09:42PM 
Last Post by Bongo lips
Grace Episcopal Alexandria Lurches Towards Financial Crisis 26  Wagrgwgbgl  09/08/2019 09:30PM 
Last Post by Wagrgwgbgl
I want W. Moreno to stab me! 52  Opening day!  09/08/2019 09:14PM 
Last Post by Johnnie hit and run Pauline
old trumptard opioid abusers are dropping like flies 51  bad news for trump  09/08/2019 08:07PM 
Last Post by Definitely not sambo
Meade's mom 79  Mis Matched  09/08/2019 07:58PM 
Last Post by Starban
Non sunt in coeli, quia gxddbov xxkxzt pg ifmk 3,183  ferfux  09/08/2019 07:43PM 
Last Post by Legit Vendor
eatin penis? 1,339  19  shroom fail  09/08/2019 07:43PM 
Last Post by José Clerks
Eric Bonetti will have his real estate license revoked if he keeps posting about grace or Bob malm 73  Nfukj  09/08/2019 07:25PM 
Last Post by Bob Malm, perjuring priest
Who is the Jinx Wintersteen girl and what happened to her? 151  11  231  09/08/2019 07:00PM 
Last Post by J lewis
Certificate programs at nova. Are they worth it? 40  Learner  09/08/2019 06:49PM 
Last Post by Learner
I got my license back, a car! I'm going to NYC!    Pages: 1 2 3 4 All 6,398  329  Good Samaritan  09/08/2019 06:42PM 
Last Post by FFU Classics
Hey Cary, I’m drunk mother fucker! Have u exposed and poster ALL my posts and threads yet! 60  It’s over  09/08/2019 06:36PM 
Last Post by It’s over
The Very Best of Meade Skelton 49  Songs for America  09/08/2019 06:27PM 
Last Post by Going into Deep
Hurricane Trump 50  The Different Drummer  09/08/2019 06:21PM 
Last Post by D'OHnny Boys
Trump wrote on weather map with a sharpie 79  Lock Him Up  09/08/2019 05:42PM 
Last Post by photo evidence
Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani "airplane mechanic" damaged a navigation system on a plane filled with 150 passengers (Miami to Bahamas waiting for takeoff) 86  breitbart  09/08/2019 05:39PM 
Last Post by 09dfidj
Dorian caused "planned oil spill in bahamas", environmentalists concerned 32  sputnik radio  09/08/2019 05:28PM 
Last Post by sputnik radio
Passion of Vernon 79  Ralio  09/08/2019 05:09PM 
Last Post by OP is Gerrymanderer2
Last Post by 8sdfkjd
THE DEATH LOTTERY OF VIRGINIA THREAD    Pages: 1 2 All 1,276  126  100,000 new committee members  09/08/2019 04:46PM 
Last Post by 8dfjjdj
eeshgate from outside looking in 1,203  77  new here 2  09/08/2019 04:36PM 
Last Post by GTE
Its his private business, you don’t like it, don’t go. 128  Meals named trump phrases!  09/08/2019 04:33PM 
Last Post by 09sdf
OMG !!!!! London Breed has has axed every neighborhood to house the homeless 287  32  nigger mayor is from hell  09/08/2019 04:32PM 
Last Post by osdfkjf
How much did police make in the 1980's 198  24  stupid millenials - answer !!  09/08/2019 04:31PM 
Last Post by rtgyhtrter
San Francisco HAS DECLARED WAR - it's not a joke 93  11  WAR HAS BEEN DECLARED: REALLY  09/08/2019 04:30PM 
Last Post by 09dfiui
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