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Welcome to Fairfax Underground, a project site designed to improve communication among residents of Fairfax County, VA. Feel free to post anything Northern Virginia residents would find interesting.
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Sticky: Welcome to Fairfax Underground! [New users read this first]    Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 All 354,679  459  Cary  08/20/2014 01:45PM 
Last Post by Hungry4PizzaOffline
Sticky: Massive Unscheduled Downtime: 9/3/12 8:46pm - 9/10/12 7:45pm EDT 16,484  73  Cary  08/18/2014 11:19PM 
Last Post by Bobby
The Mike O'Meara Show    Pages: 1 ... 443 444 445 All 2,094,542  44,457  WashingToneLocian  09/02/2014 05:13PM 
Last Post by Fuzzy non-coercible riot
Shooting In Culmore, One Dead 559  18  Diversity: Celebrate It!  09/02/2014 05:02PM 
Last Post by eG9uE
Come out and play beer pong with www.vabarpong.com 123  dj360va  09/02/2014 04:47PM 
Last Post by vintageee
Senior late start 22  sleepy senior  09/02/2014 04:46PM 
Last Post by sleepy senior
MS 13 STRIKES AGAN. CULMORE 325  WatchOut!  09/02/2014 04:40PM 
Last Post by Chupacabra
Be prepared for crazy traffic Tuesday! 1,126  26  GTwyy  09/02/2014 04:38PM 
Last Post by jejk3
Westfield on lockdown?!?! 167  CONCERNED2  09/02/2014 04:35PM 
Last Post by rich kid beater
School Starts - The Journey Before Sunrise... 349  17  Atlas Shruged in Fairfax  09/02/2014 04:34PM 
Last Post by A. Student
MISSING: Fairfax woman, 28 919  14  Lamb Center  09/02/2014 04:31PM 
Last Post by Reality Bites
Obama sends 1/2 a HS worth of illegals to FCPS 1,414  65  Legal resident  09/02/2014 04:27PM 
Last Post by 7dwyd
Old pictures of Fairfax county, love em!    Pages: 1 ... 33 34 35 All 257,097  3,484  Kings Parker  09/02/2014 04:27PM 
Last Post by Ann & Ale
classes with siblings in high school 339  11  studenntt  09/02/2014 04:26PM 
Last Post by studenntt
Police contact man taking photos of children in Vienna park 986  30  BOLO.  09/02/2014 04:15PM 
Last Post by sadsadsadsads
Megan the cray cray lady    Pages: 1 2 3 All 6,293  243  Megan Toohey of Chantilly  09/02/2014 04:14PM 
Last Post by Throw away the key
Free Golla-- Inside the Redskins Host. Really bad. 285  395runner  09/02/2014 04:13PM 
Jacqueline McBride 100  renter  09/02/2014 04:10PM 
Dead wife beaters family suing FCPD 47  Springfield boy3552234  09/02/2014 04:09PM 
Last Post by Springfield boy3552234
GMU Football? 510  18  NoVAFootballfan  09/02/2014 03:57PM 
Last Post by qtqt
Firefighter sacked for screwing volunteer    Pages: 1 2 All 5,674  119  Albert  09/02/2014 03:52PM 
Last Post by Always Rollin'
Is Lake Anna a good place to camp? 170  Bill the Camper  09/02/2014 03:34PM 
Last Post by kamper3
The Lamb Center 3220 Old Lee Highway    Pages: 1 ... 46 47 48 All 115,350  4,769  an innocent victim  09/02/2014 03:27PM 
Last Post by JUMP RABBIT
Another Teenager Dies of Drinking and Driving 350  16  DMV Observers.  09/02/2014 03:20PM 
Last Post by Wrong County
**** LOOKING for Weed Dealer ****    Pages: 1 ... 6 7 8 All 32,790  705  novadudeee  09/02/2014 03:20PM 
Last Post by Really?
FCPS Closed Tuesday Sept 2nd 327  Wait for it  09/02/2014 03:11PM 
Last Post by dr garza
Have you had LASIK Surgery, and where, with what kind of results? 2,022  27  ...in the 22039  09/02/2014 03:06PM 
Last Post by dry eyes
Who is Melinda Ardinger 337  WTOP  09/02/2014 03:04PM 
Last Post by Joe LL
Wow. VA sounds like a shithole. 1,304  42  Better than you  09/02/2014 02:47PM 
Last Post by CpenK
Catholic High School Population to Triple 1,570  45  In the name of the  09/02/2014 02:40PM 
Last Post by Billy Bob
The Ugliest People in America Live Here 755  34  WhatHappenedToFFX?  09/02/2014 02:04PM 
Last Post by RonO
springfield town center    Pages: 1 2 All 6,705  117  burkeresident  09/02/2014 01:25PM 
Last Post by hmmmmm
GMU POLICE BULLETIN!!! 1,547  28  mCgRUFF thE sLObberY DaWG  09/02/2014 12:56PM 
Last Post by Rev Al
FCPS Principal get Slush Fund from Parking Payments    Pages: 1 ... 4 5 6 All 18,057  547  skeptical taxpayer  09/02/2014 12:51PM 
Last Post by breaking even?
Crotch Rocket 548  Commuter  09/02/2014 12:38PM 
Last Post by Jos t.
Sunday Morning drag racing at Kohls/Starbucks Fair Lakes 1,756  37  Get off my lawn!  09/02/2014 12:37PM 
Last Post by vette dude
2014 Virginia SOL Results (Unpublished link) 156  SOL Shit outta luck  09/02/2014 12:32PM 
Last Post by RydelllRoad
TLC (the lamb center)    Pages: 1 ... 4 5 6 All 20,479  580  PJGTJ  09/02/2014 11:51AM 
Last Post by Double Dipper's Galore
Meth heads in FFX    Pages: 1 ... 4 5 6 All 23,808  512  Walterwhitejr  09/02/2014 11:43AM 
Last Post by Never Forget!
Ranking Virginia's Universities    Pages: 1 2 All 3,313  134  Farrow  09/02/2014 10:53AM 
Last Post by 4LeCb
Chad Dukes Against the World...LOL 192  Piikza  09/02/2014 10:47AM 
Last Post by WingNut
Either you suck dick or you don't 335  FUCKAMYspcae  09/02/2014 10:45AM 
Last Post by litenupgals
Fairfax Fishing: 6,643  15  curious  09/02/2014 10:24AM 
Last Post by FisherMan
Are their alot of retention ponds around here? 659  18  Prospective Homeowner  09/02/2014 10:22AM 
Last Post by Sharon Bulova
One time at the Bracey Welcome Center (I-95 South) 915  23  Bunga Bunga  09/02/2014 10:01AM 
Last Post by Restophillia Awareness
Can you do 10 MPH over the Speed Limit and not get ticketed? 203  Ra's Al Ghul  09/02/2014 09:59AM 
Last Post by Why Sure You Can
Burger Chef Franconia Road 247  love em  09/02/2014 09:21AM 
Last Post by WingNut
FFX County Fire Fighters Begging at Intersections In the Roads Causing Accidents    Pages: 1 2 All 1,914  106  Oh Christ  09/02/2014 09:07AM 
Last Post by Contact info
Northern Virginia Training Center closing? 1,304  28  special Ed  09/02/2014 09:04AM 
Last Post by Alifelikeyoursmorelikely
Reasons why NOVA sucks 168  Avoid like the plague  09/02/2014 09:02AM 
Last Post by VOR
Seth Comstock    Pages: 1 2 All 6,357  114  carlos  09/02/2014 07:43AM 
Last Post by burrios
Girls of 7-11 1,512  16  7pu6y  09/02/2014 07:40AM 
Last Post by Lil' Taquito
Tire Flipping 697  10  flippingout  09/02/2014 07:09AM 
Last Post by Accotink
Dina Ahmad spreading Hepatitis C in our community    Pages: 1 2 3 All 12,372  297  victum  09/02/2014 07:02AM 
Last Post by Gaygaygo
CBS WUSA (Channel 9) to do expose on Botetourt County Treasurer 158  News Intern  09/02/2014 06:29AM 
Last Post by Grammar intern
Centreville Football 2014 2,065  39  NovaFootballfan  09/02/2014 02:13AM 
Last Post by NoVAFootballfan
are they still illegal if their entry was sanctioned? 72  causeican  09/02/2014 02:00AM 
Last Post by causeican
Jerked off at Jimmy Johns today 366  Ozmozger Frandafin  09/02/2014 01:32AM 
Last Post by YUCK
So Hard over the Netz 87  Nothing but the facts  09/02/2014 01:17AM 
Last Post by Nothing but the facts
Last Post by Bruno_Hautenfaust
Redskins camp open soon 412  29  but everyone wants to know  09/01/2014 11:22PM 
Last Post by Gugugugugu
Deputy Sheriff Shoots 16yr Daughter After Mistaking Her for Intruder 948  39  Gunnuts  09/01/2014 11:02PM 
Last Post by Wayne LaPierre
heating and cooling system 226  nov00  09/01/2014 10:09PM 
Last Post by wkjXF
What happened to our County (Country)? 408  11  shoeshine girl  09/01/2014 09:45PM 
Last Post by uxFDc
Just took a big dump and did not wipe and I am now going to the Mosbys Woods pool in Fairfax 574  18  Dump truck ted  09/01/2014 09:32PM 
Last Post by derp da derper
"Trey" Taylor fired as football coach from Robinson...    Pages: 1 2 All 17,095  198  Steve Buckhands  09/01/2014 09:22PM 
Last Post by Fairfax County' Homers
High School Football 2014    Pages: 1 2 3 All 17,378  278  Johnny Manziel  09/01/2014 08:55PM 
Last Post by Fan
Crazy shit Chad Dukes says    Pages: 1 2 All 2,946  128  Arlington FTW  09/01/2014 08:50PM 
Last Post by Piikza
CVHS Delayed Opening 429  FCPS PA Officer  09/01/2014 08:48PM 
Last Post by Chem teach
So whats the deal with selling guns on the net? 435  19  Mabel Chattingham  09/01/2014 06:47PM 
Last Post by eesh
Pan Am panhandler 476  Nicdoot  09/01/2014 06:23PM 
Last Post by Nicdoot
Madison High NO 0's Policy 271  Madison High School  09/01/2014 05:33PM 
Last Post by Madison High School
Where can I buy e-cigarettes in northern Virginia? 2,810  16  Smokey Bear  09/01/2014 05:30PM 
Last Post by Date Vape
F the Boot! 620  Boots McGee  09/01/2014 05:11PM 
Last Post by 1%-er
VANESSA RUTHERFORD, Teacher @ Mantua Elementary caught in... 9,497  99  ConcernedOne  09/01/2014 04:51PM 
Last Post by formerstudent
More Federal Gov't Help You Didn't Know You Needed (Crossing Guards) 290  Little Kid Walking to School  09/01/2014 04:37PM 
Last Post by Winner.....
A gym on a month to month lease? 130  WTF?  09/01/2014 04:25PM 
Last Post by WTF?
Opinion on Mary Washington    Pages: 1 2 All 5,697  118  student  09/01/2014 03:55PM 
Last Post by CockzFatz
(703) 348-2235 - carpet cleaning call 126  annoyed phone owner  09/01/2014 02:03PM 
Last Post by annoyed phone owner
Court appointed lawyer or private attorney? 612  24  Mike Johnson  09/01/2014 02:02PM 
Last Post by Lionel Hutz
Do i need a county sticker with a temp. license plate? 743  ???^^^  09/01/2014 01:51PM 
Last Post by Bill.N.
Can I Evict A Tenant For Owning A Gun? 1,084  53  Liability Problems  09/01/2014 01:42PM 
Last Post by Bill.N.
fishing spots 3,528  44  dizzyd  09/01/2014 01:00PM 
Last Post by Palmo
Another attractive white girl ruins her life by associating with violent negro savages. 2,156  30  Big Dick Black  09/01/2014 12:20PM 
Last Post by Joe_P
Swingers Club in South Riding    Pages: 1 2 All 16,801  114  Swingin' Heavies  09/01/2014 12:12PM 
Last Post by Well??
Chantilly Specialists Pain Clinic 9,056  72  NeedMEDS  09/01/2014 11:39AM 
Last Post by sissy
Goddamn Fair Oak Costco 2,699  33  Bob Bitchin'  09/01/2014 11:18AM 
Last Post by aab
Roadkill cleanup in FFX county 1,075  ffxmotorist  09/01/2014 10:12AM 
Last Post by Geez
NBC4's Erika Gonzalez    Pages: 1 ... 4 5 6 All 61,136  515  Deepra  09/01/2014 08:46AM 
Last Post by Are we too hard on Erika?
Ghosts at Rose Hill academy (near Franconia Road). Does anyone know who this little girl was? 409  Meg / Alexandria  09/01/2014 08:44AM 
Last Post by jef3r
JUST READ THIS... "The vast majority of Fairfax county has jumped the shark where white people are concerned." IS THIS TRUE? 300  Is this true?  09/01/2014 08:24AM 
Last Post by lexus dear
Best carton price 3,425  53  Cheapcigs  09/01/2014 07:42AM 
Last Post by Healthy lungs
VCLA Test 9,672  67  A Loudon Teacher  09/01/2014 07:18AM 
Last Post by helpful teacher
Another Police Shooting in Fairfax Co.(West Springfield)    Pages: 1 2 3 All 9,432  252  6X  09/01/2014 06:25AM 
Last Post by SadDude
the breezeway motel 3,487  18  seth flickenger  09/01/2014 05:57AM 
Last Post by forum doctor
Stringfellow Road Widening Project 2,690  43  Lloydster  09/01/2014 01:09AM 
Last Post by I said "legit reasons"
michael edward cutts had first dui in july...had 2nd two weeks later lmao. 2,456  17  eedie  09/01/2014 12:42AM 
Last Post by 6eFde
Rocky Run Stream Valley Park 334  CHUCK FROM IOWA  09/01/2014 12:26AM 
Last Post by newgatedenizen
Verizon VS Fairfax Water Authority 225  Verizon/Fairfax water  08/31/2014 11:38PM 
Last Post by no issue with verizon
Sheriff Kincaid    Pages: 1 2 All 3,606  104  No Ticket for Stacey  08/31/2014 11:36PM 
Last Post by Sounds like fun and games
Border brother sexually assaults female in Gainesville 380  Juan Gomez  08/31/2014 11:25PM 
Last Post by Jesus H christ
NBC4 Dianna Russini ice bucket challenge. 2,454  33  HOT HOT HOT  08/31/2014 10:47PM 
Last Post by i've decided
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