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Welcome to Fairfax Underground, a project site designed to improve communication among residents of Fairfax County, VA. Feel free to post anything Northern Virginia residents would find interesting.
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Sticky: Unscheduled downtime: 4/20/17 8:28am - 4/21/17 4:17am | 100+Gbps DDoS 6,799  47  Cary  11/19/2017 01:04PM 
Last Post by Of course
Sticky: Welcome to Fairfax Underground! [New users read this first]    Pages: 1 ... 4 5 6 All 630,020  518  Cary  10/28/2017 01:48AM 
Last Post by NewG Pdns
Nigger kneels during anthem on Thanksgiving! 34  Pete Roselle Jr.  11/24/2017 05:08PM 
Last Post by You mad coon?
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Steve K2's HS Football Predictions    Pages: 1 2 All 8,012  152  Steve K2*  11/24/2017 04:45PM 
Last Post by Upset
Reston Town Center Devistated By Parking Fees, Goes Free for Thanksgiving Week and Friday Thanksgiving Parade 422  11  Free Parking  11/24/2017 04:41PM 
Last Post by excuse me
Fairfax HS student Cara Golias is missing    Pages: 1 2 All 17,085  142  FAIRFAX POLICE  11/24/2017 04:38PM 
Last Post by FCPS grad
HS Football 2017    Pages: 1 ... 9 10 11 All 43,273  1,086  HS Football 2017  11/24/2017 04:37PM 
Last Post by Upset
Red onion prison documentary on HBO 2,276  47  Steve Keller  11/24/2017 04:19PM 
Last Post by here
Washington Post Employee Poses as ICE Official - Gets Caught 887  17  Fix News  11/24/2017 04:08PM 
Last Post by Jannie Clipp
Mason District registered voters only 339  16  Fairfaxnews  11/24/2017 03:42PM 
Last Post by campaign?
Old pictures of Fairfax county, love em!    Pages: 1 ... 88 89 90 All 781,191  8,904  Kings Parker  11/24/2017 03:04PM 
Last Post by What’s he saying, Robin?
John CONYERS, Super nigger 413  16  Horny& crusty negroid CONYERS  11/24/2017 02:48PM 
Last Post by sounding off
Cary, how much $ to shut this site down? 251  18  uDidIt  11/24/2017 02:34PM 
Last Post by dickerthelibs
Please tell Paki and Indian Women to not wear sanadals 57  Thought police  11/24/2017 02:33PM 
Last Post by Thought police
olde alexandria lodging motels 538  old alexander  11/24/2017 02:32PM 
Last Post by olde head
The Hijab pulling teacher from Lake Braddock must be fired and do at least a year in prison! 870  39  Basic rights  11/24/2017 02:28PM 
Last Post by jumppp
Where Did Julie Wright FOX 5 Traffic Chick Go?    Pages: 1 2 All 36,601  172  Hands Up - Don't Loot  11/24/2017 02:27PM 
Last Post by Dairy Queen
Any nice black friday incidents yet? 72  KFCworker  11/24/2017 02:26PM 
Last Post by your boss
top quality medical marijuana at low prices 559-492-7571 61  mnmn jhjgh  11/24/2017 02:21PM 
Last Post by cannabis contessa
Are the Redskins still an NFL team? 253  14  Jack Cant Cook  11/24/2017 02:20PM 
Last Post by Say no more
84-children-rescued-120-human-traffickers-arrested-across-us 131  84-children-rescued-120-human-tr  11/24/2017 12:02PM 
Last Post by Billy Bush
Someone wake up Soul Brother #1 403  33  G Soros  11/24/2017 11:41AM 
Last Post by The Black Keys
Another white terrorist... 121  Truth Hurts  11/24/2017 11:00AM 
Last Post by Getting africans to work
virginia-lt-gov-ralph-northam-calls-for-decriminalization-of-marijuana/ 112  Virginia be like Colorado 2018!!  11/24/2017 08:26AM 
Last Post by Bud Smoker
Turns out Jiffy Lube is the best place in the USA to get your oil changed 1,339  83  mekhanic  11/24/2017 08:18AM 
Last Post by C'mon man
Tim Kaine's Thanksgiving Message 208  15  Tim 2018  11/24/2017 08:13AM 
Last Post by Tom Kaine wife
MS-13 stabs, decapitates, rips out heart of man, buries him in public park 442  18  diversity is our strength  11/24/2017 08:11AM 
Last Post by jig 2 u
BREAKING NEWS! Gruden to be fired on Monday morning. Skins to name interim head coach on Monday afternoon. 1,199  28  Inside source in Ashburn  11/24/2017 08:11AM 
Last Post by Jimmy Johnson
Long John Silver's fades into the long night 314  Fish Heads  11/24/2017 06:34AM 
Last Post by fish heads fish heads
Maybe it's time to clean house at Lake Braddock secondary school 562  20  education educator  11/24/2017 06:28AM 
Last Post by educ8tor
Lake Braddock Sexual Assault and Corruption    Pages: 1 2 3 4 All 22,137  306  Karl Kerns  11/24/2017 06:01AM 
Last Post by DanKnows
Here’s how much Virginia taxpayers are spending to jail marijuana users 180  Blue Virginia Legalize Bud Now!!  11/24/2017 04:07AM 
Last Post by imagine cannabis shops in VA!!!!
What is it with SFW? 743  18  H8ter  11/24/2017 02:19AM 
Last Post by OPOP
new-virginia-governor Ralph Northam pledges-marijuana-decriminalization 53  Be Like Colorado Virginia 2018!!  11/24/2017 12:48AM 
Last Post by 2020 legal weed in Virginia
474-arrested-28-sexually-exploited-children-rescued-during-statewide-human-trafficking-operation-lasd/ 80  474-arrested-28-sexually-exploit  11/24/2017 12:14AM 
Last Post by wowowowowow
Neighbors Dog 1,066  54  Luke  11/23/2017 10:58PM 
Last Post by WhitePrivExample
Federal Investigation Opened - RE: LBSS Sexual Harassment & Ensuing FCPS Cover-up 1,210  18  I DON'T TINK SO.........MAAAAAN!  11/23/2017 10:40PM 
Last Post by Yo purple heart
Happy thanksgiving wishes to soul brother #1. I feel ya dawg! 193  Whitedevil  11/23/2017 10:26PM 
Last Post by That takes guts
Butt sex on thanksgiving 372  i'm with TRUMP  11/23/2017 10:06PM 
Last Post by Thanksgiving Heiney
Worst lyft/uber experience? 440  20  Ryder  11/23/2017 09:39PM 
Last Post by Driver
Incident at LAKE BRADDOCK HIGH SCHOOL    Pages: 1 2 3 All 6,918  265  Yasmine  11/23/2017 09:22PM 
Last Post by Support his teacher
Last Post by tvjvv
New Fairfax County Government Executive 275  FFX Co. Citizen  11/23/2017 07:57PM 
Last Post by Wall St
Feel free to speed past a school bus with red lights on, it's legal for now 4,729  88  Mofo  11/23/2017 06:27PM 
Last Post by Fffffffffghy
Good place for an oil change? 1,293  19  Mofo  11/23/2017 06:23PM 
Last Post by Mike_Hunt
Hilarious 269  Played  11/23/2017 05:14PM 
Last Post by just wondering
Happy Thanksgiving to the Skelton/Haufe Household 160  11  #1 Meade Fan  11/23/2017 02:22PM 
Last Post by Eatmorechickin
Wildlife Of NOVA Pics and Stories    Pages: 1 2 All 5,108  130  Wildlife Lover  11/23/2017 12:01PM 
Last Post by Latin
StressedS-I-L 271  StressedS-I-L  11/23/2017 11:59AM 
Last Post by Dr Freud’s cousin
Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Adopts Social Equity Resolution 140  Equality of Outcome  11/23/2017 11:40AM 
Last Post by KHYTM
Churches Chicken near Ft Belvior 1,013  12  Hongry for Chicken  11/23/2017 11:36AM 
Last Post by Human Tripod
WHERE TF DO I BUY JUUL PODS 252  Juul  11/23/2017 11:34AM 
Last Post by Bud Hoal...
Just Skip All Events and Restaruants at the Reston Town Center, No Need to Pay for Parking. Loudoun One and Plenty of other Better Places, Like Lake Anne Brew House and Coffee 119  Screw the Reston Town Center!  11/23/2017 11:07AM 
Last Post by HUman Tripod
Ultrasonic Devices 226  Just Curious  11/23/2017 10:52AM 
Last Post by what>
Snow For Thanksgiving! 718  16  School Reporter  11/23/2017 10:40AM 
Last Post by AAA Driver
My neighbor has had a mattress and box spring on the curb in front of his house for over a week! 408  16  city of Fairfax resident  11/23/2017 10:15AM 
Last Post by Human Tripod
I have a big fat wife 399  Stone cold  11/23/2017 09:29AM 
Last Post by Photo Matt
Jobless Antifa faggots going to trial 305  10  Herbert Kornfeld  11/23/2017 08:43AM 
Last Post by AllGood&More
40 MS-13 Gang Members Arrested In MD And VA - How Can This Be? Northam And The Media Say MS-13 Doesn't Exist 119  Illegals for Northam  11/23/2017 07:55AM 
Last Post by Source please
Wegmans on Westfields Blvd. WTF were they thinking? 643  16  News of the Absurd  11/23/2017 06:59AM 
Last Post by Wegmans milf pussy traffic
Any news on Teacher of the Year Laurence Einuis?    Pages: 1 2 3 4 All 18,503  323  BarfkoSwill  11/23/2017 04:26AM 
Last Post by Every fucking one knew
Fairfax County Police to Wear Body Cams- YES!!!! 284  12  About Time  11/23/2017 01:33AM 
Last Post by Now the other side of the story
Fairfax Library 3d printer 270  juanvaldez  11/23/2017 12:50AM 
Last Post by I'm Sure
Malia Obama caught kissing a WHITE man 1,028  36  PENCE  11/23/2017 12:06AM 
Last Post by Cloud
HS basketball 890  16  basketballfan  11/22/2017 10:32PM 
Last Post by Jlacy
Laurie Dirocco - Vienna Mayor 2,522  45  kth571  11/22/2017 10:08PM 
Last Post by Austin Powers
Radio Shack Closings? 1,781  43  Ajshdjd  11/22/2017 09:38PM 
Last Post by Flashbacks
How to know your politicians and news media are "faking it". 73  gjwcp  11/22/2017 09:36PM 
Last Post by Yo' Honnuh
My nigga mr. Sandres lake Braddock 1,188  15  Lake Braddock student  11/22/2017 09:33PM 
Last Post by I'd hate to be a monkey
How do principals get away with these bullying behaviors in FCPS? 1,921  35  IcyEasyKeeper  11/22/2017 09:22PM 
Last Post by Proof
The worst car breakdown you made it home on? 471  16  breakdown  11/22/2017 09:18PM 
Last Post by Scholar
Thanksgiving and white people 143  Borat 69  11/22/2017 08:37PM 
Last Post by Borat 69
Below freezing nights predicted until March. 194  the predictor  11/22/2017 08:30PM 
Last Post by Ludwig
How Is Not Showing NFL Games Working For Fat Tuesdays Near George Mason? 509  24  How Much Money Lost?  11/22/2017 08:00PM 
Last Post by Soccer 4 Ever
No BJ's on Thanksgiving 369  Ron Jeremy  11/22/2017 07:27PM 
Last Post by Dr. Memory
LBSS teacher being harassed by CAIR and school officials 335  This is Harassment  11/22/2017 07:10PM 
Last Post by Boomerang
Muslim Teen Being Harassed Online After Teacher Pulled Off Her Hijab, Group Says 550  21  NBC4 NEWS  11/22/2017 07:04PM 
Last Post by CommonSense
Whare dah fuck mah free turkey? All iz gots iz greens! Mah kids ain’t gots no turkeys what dah fuck! 129  Area nigger  11/22/2017 03:22PM 
Last Post by Nino Brown
FCPS Substitute - DWI 604  13  Aspiring Educator  11/22/2017 02:30PM 
Last Post by Aspiring Educator
is this company legit    Pages: 1 2 All 27,694  111  on the job  11/22/2017 02:12PM 
Last Post by josefa
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Dog Trespass Form -- Criminal AND Civil Penalties 141  Animal Trespass - Crime - PSA  11/22/2017 10:29AM 
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Derek Mohler - Known Drug Dealer at Burke Glory Days Grill    Pages: 1 ... 10 11 12 All 71,906  1,171  Former Glory Days Grill Employee  11/22/2017 09:55AM 
Last Post by Stacy
Anyone else with Verizon internet having problems? 115  Mike_Hunt  11/22/2017 09:40AM 
Last Post by Verizon Debt Collector
VDOT is adding tolls on 66 294  WhyDidYouReadMe  11/22/2017 09:22AM 
Last Post by Doesn’t work on 395
Julia Brandt, yet another horrific Fairfax county teacher    Pages: 1 2 All 16,228  140  Lane Dad  11/22/2017 08:37AM 
Last Post by Hung Well.
Seth Comstock    Pages: 1 ... 6 7 8 All 30,431  751  carlos  11/22/2017 05:10AM 
Last Post by result of socialist policies in
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