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Welcome to Fairfax Underground, a project site designed to improve communication among residents of Fairfax County, VA. Feel free to post anything Northern Virginia residents would find interesting.
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Can't acces my Bicoin password. 129  10  AndrewHarsey  01/23/2020 07:46PM 
Last Post by Help Center Manager
Want to make fun of Ralph Northam, Mark Herring, Danica Roem, Dick Saslaw or Eileen Filler-Corn? Do it now, soon it will be illegal! 100  Bye Freedom  01/23/2020 07:00PM 
Last Post by 7E3MB
Two married men having sex 566  15  Fairfax Dave  01/23/2020 03:11PM 
Last Post by Fred Garvin
Is Miss Utility Hot?? 505  12  Dnump  01/23/2020 01:58PM 
Last Post by True Dat
absolutely immediate completely serious semi critical question !! 998  16  nock wudera  01/23/2020 11:40AM 
Last Post by DanGolfy
Drilling a hole through the curb in my front yard 1,800  87  DIY guy  01/23/2020 11:20AM 
Last Post by qvchsn
Jason Spivey, 57 of Falls Church has been arrested and charged with molesting a student from the former JEB Stuart (Justice) High School 167  Another liberal Fairfax Dem  01/23/2020 10:12AM 
Last Post by Another liberal Fairfax Dem
Ass to Mouth 350  Curious Bi  01/23/2020 06:29AM 
Last Post by Alex Trebec
Please let me know your knowledge. 266  henrylee  01/23/2020 04:45AM 
Last Post by DamienGH
First ever verified pic of DAJAX the cool afro american 2A cop who's bad side you never wanna be on and who's good side is gooder than gold! 176  say cheese!  01/23/2020 12:16AM 
Last Post by So Thats My Thanks Pal
Corona Virus patented by pirbright institute, being spread worldwide 79  857578  01/22/2020 11:25PM 
Last Post by 857578
gold color $1 coins from the post office 1,650  13  Curmudgeon  01/22/2020 10:31PM 
Last Post by I Heard They Were Withdrawn ??
West Springfield McDonald’s 451  Kelly101  01/22/2020 09:34PM 
Last Post by Silly
ganhar dinheiro na internet 56  Svenn Zalcburg  01/22/2020 09:03PM 
Last Post by XYTJF
Is video in motion illegal in VA? 212  qweschon  01/22/2020 03:25PM 
Last Post by qweschon
Pit bull owners are Insane    Pages: 1 ... 4 5 6 All 64,292  537  no choice but to take action  01/22/2020 03:24PM 
Last Post by sick pitt owner
3 dead in Burke domestic shooting @6100 block of 2,140  47  Trump Economy Rocks  01/22/2020 02:32PM 
Last Post by kjlaewlkj
online sports betting 620  14  gambler  01/22/2020 01:58PM 
Last Post by Dilanial
Liberal Washington Post article can't help but imply Andrew Yang is a clueless racist 73  The last straw  01/22/2020 01:52PM 
Last Post by The last straw
VA legislative News Lee-Jackson Day gone! 98  Richmond done good  01/22/2020 12:35PM 
Last Post by stuck in the middle
Gypsies begging for money 1,152  20  rory  01/22/2020 11:13AM 
Last Post by romani’s
this is the bull dyke who got arrested at lobby day 464  10  Dr Coonman  01/22/2020 10:48AM 
Last Post by JP4MK
Fairfax Library 3d printer 674  juanvaldez  01/22/2020 10:33AM 
Last Post by GlicerinEBAG
IS Racism an instinctual behavior or learned ?? 88  Dr. Coonman  01/22/2020 09:06AM 
Last Post by Good luck with that one
Media, Hollywood paint Virginia rally as ‘extremist’ & violent despite its uneventful nature 68  mxwny  01/22/2020 09:05AM 
Last Post by Russian Times article
What's your career and salary?    Pages: 1 2 All 5,858  144  American Dream  01/22/2020 07:36AM 
Last Post by Mar Illos
Where to get weed 814  16  Edward  01/22/2020 06:55AM 
Last Post by Toronto
Soros puppet prosecutor proven to be a race baiting liar after video of disputed traffic stop emerges 73  Criminals benefit  01/22/2020 06:41AM 
Last Post by Criminals benefit
Alt Media Experiencing Trouble Across the Net 52  vnmrtyo  01/22/2020 01:05AM 
Last Post by vnmrtyo
VA High School Students Plan Massive School Walk Out to Show Support for New Gun Laws 565  20  Students Support New Gun Laws  01/22/2020 12:11AM 
Last Post by Look at this little scrawny fag
HAHAHAHAHAHA SO MUCH FOR IMPEACHMENT 117  nigger slave  01/21/2020 11:51PM 
Last Post by 7NMVF
See this girl with a big hairy pussy? 739  Don't be shocked  01/21/2020 11:41PM 
Last Post by 69XE7
Michael Josef Basl is on a predator watch site 1,164  Child predator aleet  01/21/2020 11:39PM 
Last Post by so stoopit
Doug Crupper 5,051  52  Mike Turco  01/21/2020 11:09PM 
Last Post by Cropper the Analizer
Buying a new car... 769  33  Hater 2  01/21/2020 11:07PM 
Last Post by Carfax
Bernie EXPOSED Again! New Undercover Video PROVES 100% His EVIL Plans for Trump Supporters 53  7373676  01/21/2020 09:44PM 
Last Post by 7373676
Bernie EXPOSED Again! New Undercover Video PROVES 100% His EVIL Plans for Trump Supporters 28  uruu65  01/21/2020 09:44PM 
Last Post by uruu65
The Signs Of Richmonds 2a American Patriots 104  The 2A On Display In Richmond  01/21/2020 08:49PM 
Last Post by The 2A On Display In Richmond
CHASED BY ANGRY GUYS FOR SNEAKING INTO HOTEL! It all went wrong.. 178  cluuk  01/21/2020 08:36PM 
Last Post by B7VXT
Drunk and dumb dickhead discharges firearm 157  Avoiding Hotel Bars  01/21/2020 08:31PM 
Last Post by lawyers guns and big money
"The Richmond Report" New Firearms Legislation In Virginia 517  43  The Word Is ....  01/21/2020 08:02PM 
Last Post by It Never Happened
Thoreau Middle School Teacher Aressted 3,691  64  ThoreauMs  01/21/2020 07:32PM 
Last Post by Libs run the schools
Lauryn Rickets vs Lauren DeMarco 1,855  15  Alfred E Neumann  01/21/2020 06:48PM 
Last Post by T5yh2
Highgate at the mile 128  Tysonscornerboner  01/21/2020 06:12PM 
Last Post by Property Manager
The JMU Note-oriety Girls (See this) 1,563  17  FFX Events  01/21/2020 06:00PM 
Last Post by Chooooosey one
Jerry Ford in Annandale Run by Accused Woman Beater 1,865  50  Tom's Best Freind  01/21/2020 05:58PM 
Last Post by Tom is good UBER
Glasgow MS Teacher Charged 534  GlasgowMS  01/21/2020 05:50PM 
Last Post by Diversity at FCPS
Most educated..... 163  NoVa Hater  01/21/2020 05:26PM 
Last Post by Look behind the paper
The Richmond 2A Rally 125  Well Done Americans  01/21/2020 04:51PM 
Last Post by Shoot em up
BREAKING: Thoreau MS Teacher Arrested for Allegedly Sexual Abusing Minor 711  Vienna is for Kid Touchers  01/21/2020 04:49PM 
Last Post by Scarlett Mistry
What is the definition of insanity? 87  Poor little Greta at Davos  01/21/2020 04:19PM 
Last Post by followthemoney
Redskins +10 vs Eagles 476  23  Jimmy the Greek  01/21/2020 11:52AM 
Last Post by Jeorge H Waters
Dear chief little dick Roessler 791  33  Freedom fighter  01/21/2020 11:30AM 
Last Post by wot in tarnation
How did America become so Divided? How did we get here politically? 222  19  CheesyGoodness  01/21/2020 11:22AM 
Last Post by Electing people like this
Laurent Simons, 9-year-old child prodigy, set to graduate from Belgian college 218  savage nation  01/21/2020 09:11AM 
Last Post by Roy Haines
Need a Plumber in Chantilly 152  FFxResident27  01/21/2020 07:36AM 
Last Post by u get what u pay for
I need a ride to/from Richmond on Monday 357  17  Fight for ur Right  01/21/2020 07:19AM 
Last Post by Big Pussies
How do you become a grandmother in your 30's 470  12  G7JU6  01/21/2020 07:13AM 
Last Post by Elijah Muhammad cummings
El Taco in Centreville is for sale 5,044  52  Nino  01/21/2020 03:55AM 
Last Post by Tony Montana
Buy NemButal Pentobarbital Online Securely 23  Buy Nembutal  01/21/2020 01:58AM 
Last Post by Buy Nembutal
Fairfax Police Misconduct Exposed 481  Fairfax Police Misconduct  01/21/2020 12:31AM 
Last Post by aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Last Post by Fox News TV
VIRGINIA: FAA Declares "National Defense Airspace" Over Richmond, Live Streams On DLive 49  uvm4n  01/21/2020 12:24AM 
Last Post by r4fgtbr
Rich Anderson running for State Chair of the Republican Party 169  NoVA News Live  01/21/2020 12:15AM 
Last Post by organizational disaster
My heat pump is frozen solid white outside, should I be worried? 1,388  61  Townhouse dweller  01/21/2020 12:07AM 
Last Post by hvac hell
Liberals very disappointed 260  xjhcnvejkbdwhc  01/20/2020 10:31PM 
Last Post by Right On
The ONLY person arrested at VCDL Lobby day was........ 848  Dr Coonman  01/20/2020 10:21PM 
Last Post by 18.2-422
White Nationalists, White Supremacists, Alt Right are inconsistent and are hypocrites in their beliefs 333  18  Iana  01/20/2020 09:26PM 
Last Post by this sums it up nicely
This is why we must assassinate the tyrants now. They must not take another inch because this is and always has been the end game 240  12  Proud domestic terrorist  01/20/2020 07:38PM 
Last Post by the fat controller
Illegal...unless you're a Muslim 177  ksxjhcgf  01/20/2020 06:31PM 
Last Post by Who was that masked dog
Finally leaving Fairfax county this Spring! 1,199  69  RSS grad  01/20/2020 03:50PM 
Last Post by Truth Teller 2020
Constitutional Issues of Fairfax Police 154  Constitutional Matters  01/20/2020 01:33PM 
Last Post by Constitutional Matters
Fairfax county now offering classes on how to be a father. Free classes at taxpayer expense. 113  taxed hard  01/20/2020 12:06PM 
Last Post by real public pretender
Grampa Ralph wants to play storm the castle 157  Dr. Coonman  01/20/2020 11:54AM 
Last Post by au contraire
Last Post by Fast and safe delivery
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Last Post by Fast and safe delivery
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Last Post by Fast and safe delivery
Buy METHADONE Online 21  Bellastodelivery  01/20/2020 11:31AM 
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LSD/acid for sale 276  medhealth  01/20/2020 09:09AM 
Last Post by tripn
Education is Key 1,464  61  BruceKlienIII  01/20/2020 06:23AM 
Last Post by Lmaredo
Girls Hotter Than Kelly Flynn 3,790  53  Only the best!  01/19/2020 11:31PM 
Last Post by Blabber
Democrats are preventing a lawful assembly of Americans. Think about that. 171  Democrats hate Americans  01/19/2020 09:51PM 
Last Post by Right, but can’t Write
Republicans are allowed to vote in the open Democrat primary- please vote for Bernie, he is the easiest to beat 56  Operation KAOS  01/19/2020 09:17PM 
Last Post by I Will Vote
How do you reason with a democrat when they are the party of racism, elect racists, defend racists, but then call other people who aren't racist, racist? 82  Dems love the KKK  01/19/2020 08:34PM 
Last Post by $racist
local politicians 67  Average joel  01/19/2020 06:49PM 
Last Post by Average joel
New pictures of Fairfax county, hate em! 2,566  52  South Parker  01/19/2020 03:05PM 
Last Post by Bike Rider
President Trump brought prayer back to public schools 99  God loves Americans  01/19/2020 02:57PM 
Last Post by Gerrys alter ego
Owning a gun is not a personality 288  17  Keset  01/19/2020 02:37PM 
Last Post by frg3grgew
Cary Your Legacy Is Falling Into The Toilet 215  Cary !... Cary... Hello.. Cary  01/19/2020 01:59PM 
Last Post by 203 WP Side
Remember: Only post and comment Meaningless Babble that no one is able to Understand here on FFXU 141  12  Advisory Board  01/19/2020 12:36PM 
Last Post by Azul
Democrats know they are terrorists 57  Coonman Nazi Notham  01/19/2020 12:14PM 
Last Post by Coonman Nazi Notham
Why are democrats so afraid of Americans? 98  Democrats hate Americans  01/19/2020 10:37AM 
Last Post by Uncle Ralph
Where do you find day labors in Fairfax? 220  11  Lily  01/19/2020 08:53AM 
Last Post by U-Haul
The Upcoming Women's March & Strike in 2020 - Planning & Theme 448  20  Barrickman  01/19/2020 08:47AM 
Last Post by live from the scene
Here We Go Again Did Not Take Long 304  Was He Was Going With The Flow  01/19/2020 08:37AM 
Last Post by Phil M
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