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Welcome to Fairfax Underground, a project site designed to improve communication among residents of Fairfax County, VA. Feel free to post anything Northern Virginia residents would find interesting.
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George Mason Police 538  Officer NippleThorn  06/29/2019 10:08AM 
If I signed a Change.org petition to ramp up deportations and my employer found out 143  Concerned employee  06/29/2019 07:12AM 
Last Post by You did the right thing, but....
Any hotels / motels with hi-rise balconies around Fairfax? 678  balcony guy  06/29/2019 06:27AM 
Last Post by 200 motels
James Fields...life sentence. 125  Thug.Niggah  06/29/2019 05:18AM 
Last Post by Dentist
I Love This Site 554  25  Kranky  06/29/2019 12:25AM 
Last Post by Street Comic : "We Get It"
SOL Percentile Scores? 3,240  11  parent...  06/29/2019 12:03AM 
Last Post by PeerPower
elites lowering temp of earth on purpose 61  yynyj  06/28/2019 10:20PM 
Last Post by yynyj
Babs Harrison-fired? Demoted? 199  A greatfull citizen  06/28/2019 09:58PM 
Last Post by think about it
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2i-g7UL-cc 56  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=  06/28/2019 09:35PM 
Last Post by abduhl in tysons
Worthy Adversary 224  skipper  06/28/2019 08:39PM 
Last Post by whackamole
No Canceling of Student Debt 772  65  angrypppnv  06/28/2019 06:11PM 
Last Post by Marianne is sexxxxy
Flying from Dulles to Heathrow. British Airways or Virgin Atlantic? 338  11  &@&@&@&@&@&@&@&@&@&@&@  06/28/2019 05:49PM 
Last Post by Frank7788
mold. 263  Oldy moldy  06/28/2019 05:08PM 
Last Post by Howdy Doo
Abortion Saves Lives. 157  Pro Choice Republican!  06/28/2019 04:21PM 
Last Post by republican dude
What An Asshole Joes making of Himsleft Today Whineing Talking About The American People 119  Joes Hanging On By His Fingers  06/28/2019 02:45PM 
Last Post by Joe Gone
SO Whats The Problem In 2020 Count Them All I Say ! 55  No Problem People  06/28/2019 01:26PM 
Last Post by They Cant Release Census Info
Favorite Reston Town Center Restaurant and dish? 513  26  Craig  06/28/2019 12:35PM 
Last Post by Beer ME!
Fairfax Google offices: YouTube took down a video from Project Veritas showing a senior employee at the company appearing to admit that the company plans to interfere in the next presidential election. GOOGLE GETS GRANT MONEY (your taxes) 66  non-anonymous  06/28/2019 12:20PM 
Last Post by Vsuxo
Best place for day game in Northern Va? 195  Me2  06/28/2019 11:07AM 
Last Post by krayons
So The 2020 Democrats Want To Give Illegals A Ticket And Not Deport Them Even If They Commit Crimes 99  Except For Joe  06/28/2019 07:27AM 
Last Post by Is the US that far gone?
Medical Marijuana and Cannabis Oil 140  budlord67  06/28/2019 05:27AM 
Last Post by Dr. C. E. Koop
80,000 Hits, Here We Come! 87  gracealexwatch  06/28/2019 04:53AM 
Last Post by gracealexwatch
DC Mall Fireworks Expected to Be 10 Times Size as Usual - $1 Million Dollar in Fireworks vs Usual $75,000 159  Kowa Bunga  06/28/2019 01:47AM 
Last Post by Black Caulk
They Died Seeking Asylum ! What A Farce! 358  10  Democrats Are Responsible  06/27/2019 11:06PM 
Last Post by Mark j
Best Company You Worked For 615  36  gargargar  06/27/2019 11:04PM 
Last Post by JP Flume
Last Post by Demographer
Scary Places in NOVA Robbers Nests and Worst 508  21  The Twilight Zones Of NOVA  06/27/2019 10:03PM 
Last Post by Caterpillar
Is NBC4 Jackie Benson....? 573  Doug Weatherman  06/27/2019 09:36PM 
Last Post by Ghost o' Vance
Helicopters Over Burke This Morning 251  ETCYC  06/27/2019 08:19PM 
Last Post by Officer Friendly
DC's $200 million street car flops 229  #Flopcar  06/27/2019 02:52PM 
Last Post by street lessons
Fireworks Saturday June 29th- Lake Fairfax(Early July 4th) 115  Saturday June 29th!  06/27/2019 01:17PM 
Last Post by Packed Every Year
www.coltsfanshop.com 76  liny195  06/27/2019 06:16AM 
Last Post by Artie Donovan
Anyone know what was going on 236 about 1030 today? 349  Burke Guy 101  06/27/2019 01:26AM 
Last Post by bobthebuilder
Fiona's 339  O'Malley  06/26/2019 11:08PM 
Last Post by rumor has it
Liz Warren At the Debate on Guns 159  Are They Out Of Their Minds  06/26/2019 11:08PM 
Last Post by None Of Them Had Anything
Husband of Falls Church City Council Member Arrested    Pages: 1 ... 11 12 13 All 83,678  1,270  In the News...  06/26/2019 10:47PM 
Last Post by Trumptards is wring
Town of Mosaic: YOGA IN THE PARK, EVERY SUNDAY 354  18  Warrior 1  06/26/2019 10:20PM 
Last Post by Well-heeled Mosaic Resident
Mr President Fire Every One Of These Asylum Officers 93  To Hell With Them  06/26/2019 10:05PM 
Last Post by Enoughs Enough
Reparations NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 786  31  The Majority  06/26/2019 07:13PM 
Last Post by op SANTA
Stupid Liberals, Can't even Whip Your Dick Out in Public Anymore! 139  President Trump FTW!!!  06/26/2019 02:19PM 
Last Post by Massive Junk
Kristina Daggs 1,790  10  Mr. Nun  06/26/2019 02:13PM 
Last Post by Ass man 2
Energy efficient windows posing fire hazard for some homEownrs 154  476474  06/26/2019 01:25PM 
Last Post by Roast it
Dunn Loring area to be renamed Tysons-Mosaic 780  62  FACTS ONLY  06/26/2019 01:04PM 
Last Post by DMV
For All The Liberals Talk President Trump Is Worth 3 Times As Much As Paul McCartney 137  I Love You Ya Ya ya  06/26/2019 11:35AM 
Last Post by Trump under oath
Rocky Parish 637  16  WTEM Guy  06/26/2019 08:18AM 
Last Post by Geaux F Yourself
Mosaic is a better town than Falls Church or Vienna 717  77  FIFY  06/26/2019 07:07AM 
Last Post by Mosaic resident
Democratic senator Chap Peterson: Lawmakers shouldn't worry about 'what happened in some bar in 2004.' 235  12  SoWhatHappenedInABarIn2004??  06/26/2019 03:17AM 
Last Post by Jussie Smollett was real though
https://www.healthline.com/health/emf#protection 58  474567  06/26/2019 01:50AM 
Last Post by 474567
Target arrest/Melissa Tochterman back to same job true? 2,072  19  Teacher  06/25/2019 10:27PM 
Last Post by kranky
Assorted #Pain-Medications, #Anxiety-Medications, #Benzodiazepines, #Pain-Relief-medications, #Insomnia-Medications, 58  Medspharma  06/25/2019 08:57PM 
Last Post by Medspharma
El Salvador vs Honduras tonight at 10:30 164  "Don"  06/25/2019 08:56PM 
Last Post by matildo
Fairfax County in 1900 562  20  History alive!  06/25/2019 08:54PM 
Last Post by Grow up
Jobs in fairfax 198  net and yahoo  06/25/2019 08:48PM 
Last Post by matildo
carport enclosure 288  Ambar  06/25/2019 08:33PM 
Last Post by harry homeowner
Gang Task Force: MS-13 Recruitment On The Rise in DC Region 177  SNDEM  06/25/2019 07:27PM 
Last Post by Huh???
When did Mt. Vernon High School go to shit 603  10  mvhs  06/25/2019 06:35PM 
Last Post by yonamamo
Best Gay friendly spots in the DMV 331  23  Jean K  06/25/2019 04:48PM 
Last Post by Yes Its Understandable
What happened to Quiznos? 6,300  12  Mmm Mm  06/25/2019 02:55PM 
Last Post by Jersey Mikes Philly Is Awesome
FASAP for marijuana charges (Drug test)? 403  10  Cheeese  06/25/2019 02:33PM 
Last Post by Escobar
For those you wealthy folks that actually pay taxes 197  Citizen jdwhcj  06/25/2019 02:22PM 
Last Post by libtards are not taxpayers
Is CW Woodson the “better” of the fcps schools? 953  34  Dragic  06/25/2019 02:03PM 
Last Post by Fjjfkfkf
Rodent infestations 946  17  Rodent infestationis  06/25/2019 11:30AM 
Last Post by Build that wall!!!!!
Sit down and enjoy the ride 568  21  Undocumented  06/25/2019 10:21AM 
Last Post by Driver
Iran 174  .......  06/25/2019 07:16AM 
Last Post by Mama Mohamed McCoon
Tele-marketing calls Way Down Today? It Worked? 205  Long Boner  06/25/2019 06:19AM 
Last Post by Pussy Grabbin's Back!
High's dairy store needed in Fairfax. 401  17  so H00ngry  06/24/2019 10:36PM 
Last Post by W Buffet
Negroes hunting fags in DC 544  16  Hate Crime Reporter  06/24/2019 10:29PM 
Last Post by Prog Delimma
Apple FCU atms 206  Jim22  06/24/2019 07:34PM 
Last Post by PenFedCU
Northham, VA delegates, Fairfax: have done nothing TAX INCREASES and give gov workers pay raises, and gerrymander law to allow criminal democrats to cheat gov 776  17  tired of picked winners  06/24/2019 05:34PM 
Last Post by Truth will set you FREE
5G: A Plan to Depopulate Earth? Sunday, June 23, 2019 97  7907097  06/24/2019 05:24PM 
Last Post by 7907097
burglary arrest 1,148  snafu  06/24/2019 04:44PM 
Last Post by Breaking news.
It's That Time of Year to Fall in the Potomac and Down- 3 Swift Water Rescues Sunday- Scotts Run, Great Falls 248  16  7 DROWNING Deaths A YEAR  06/24/2019 03:57PM 
Last Post by Say to to Kosovo
Jude Lovchik 2,019  28  Burke 5  06/24/2019 03:37PM 
Last Post by Progressive Fairfax 69
Best and Worst parts of Virginia 678  29  Ranker  06/24/2019 12:21PM 
Last Post by No place is perfect
Are all convertables chick cars or just some brands 475  32  Q .  06/24/2019 11:36AM 
Last Post by add to that
Étudier pour les étudiants étrangers? 173  AjurdJor  06/24/2019 06:32AM 
Last Post by Svenn Johannson
BOS Meeting 161  FXBOS  06/24/2019 05:15AM 
Last Post by ?s
The war drums are banging at socnet. 180  ....  06/23/2019 10:15PM 
Last Post by Silverbullet
Master Bath Tub to Shower Renovation 680  Master Bath  06/23/2019 09:30PM 
Last Post by Case
JP Santangelo 455  Gogolak  06/23/2019 08:29PM 
Last Post by RoadApples
7 Bikers Dead In New Hampshire Crash Be Carefull Out There Bros 504  26  God Bless The Biker Bros  06/23/2019 08:13PM 
Last Post by Barron is a tard
Hillary Clinton covered up pedophile ring at the State Department 168  NBC NEWS  06/23/2019 06:10PM 
Last Post by NBC NEWS
Are student loans taxable income for 2018?9KW3J 331  18  /:/:/:/:/:/:/:/:/:/:/:/:  06/23/2019 04:47PM 
Last Post by Lloyd McDowson
How do newly arrived immigrants get brand new car loans? 603  26  nosybug  06/23/2019 03:45PM 
Last Post by CatinBox
The Best the Dems have to offer ....... 192  DEMS = DIM WITS  06/23/2019 03:29PM 
Last Post by Maga 2020
List of Fairfax County Police officers + salaries    Pages: 1 2 All 72,640  118  Archivist  06/23/2019 11:51AM 
Last Post by whatever.
WASHPOST: less and less quoted by anyone 273  18  breitbart  06/23/2019 09:41AM 
Last Post by Just deserts...
House Hears Slavery Reparations Hearing How Much Cash Should Each US Slaves Decendents Receive 276  1000 Cash A Week For Life Club  06/23/2019 09:39AM 
Last Post by YE9TY
Where can you buy research chemical online 80  Haofung  06/23/2019 01:41AM 
Last Post by Haofung
Jeffrey Cummins, 56, Former Annandale Music Teacher Charged With Abusing Students Found Dead 465  Another Liberal Pedo Down  06/23/2019 12:24AM 
Last Post by Pied Piper
Where to walk in Fairfax on an acid trip... 428  25  Weekend at Bernie’s  06/22/2019 09:27PM 
Last Post by Bad Trip
Townhomes in Fairfax county 8,453  94  mainstream guy  06/22/2019 05:49PM 
Last Post by Frank Howard
Last Post by pussy grabber blues
Buying a new car... 522  24  Hater 2  06/22/2019 01:12PM 
Last Post by New car smell
Fairfax county and Fairfax county schools compression salary adjustment t 500  county employee123.  06/22/2019 01:00PM 
Last Post by Eddie the Boner
A neighbor reported me to the county for adding a bathroom without a permit. 1,262  64  Kings Park West homeowner.  06/22/2019 12:50PM 
Last Post by jimmy jim
Browns QB Taylor injures remaining hand; changed through Mayfield 126  Pietrangelo  06/22/2019 12:18PM 
Last Post by english motherfucker
Payday loans in Danger? 1,606  25  FUNdamental  06/22/2019 12:14PM 
Last Post by Kevin T
College students are overestimating how much money they can make after graduation 144  savage nation  06/22/2019 11:47AM 
Last Post by Bad medicine...
Buy Generic Viagra (Sildenafil) online 132  onlinechemshop  06/22/2019 11:27AM 
Last Post by Xannder
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