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Welcome to Fairfax Underground, a project site designed to improve communication among residents of Fairfax County, VA. Feel free to post anything Northern Virginia residents would find interesting.
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Study links Depression and Internet Usage 502  eesh  06/17/2012 11:44PM 
Last Post by Jky4m
Rand Paul (R) Domestic Drones Require Warrants, Helicopters OK 789  DrillBabyDrill  06/17/2012 09:27PM 
Last Post by Vexxxed
Dance for the Dying @ Artomatic Saturday Night 495  Radiophile  06/17/2012 08:44PM 
Last Post by Radiophile
New RUSH Album "Clockwork Angels" Available NOW! 643  22  King Lerxst  06/17/2012 06:58PM 
Last Post by justsayin
Jury; Stand your ground claim not grounded. Guilty, and in Texas no less! 499  10  FUNdamental  06/17/2012 06:56PM 
Last Post by justsayin
Rodney King Dead at 47 604  20  eech  06/17/2012 05:14PM 
Last Post by Vexxxed
HomeMadeSuperArcade!! 311  ilulz  06/17/2012 04:40PM 
Last Post by ilulz
sycophantism and cronyism 334  Your mother  06/17/2012 03:31PM 
Last Post by Fairfax Singer
Ye Olde comedy Shoppe 224  The Unknown Comic  06/17/2012 03:05PM 
Last Post by The Unknown Comic
Kim Jong Un gets Angry at Funfair Staff 535  eesh  06/17/2012 01:39PM 
Last Post by WashingTone-Locian
Let's remember left-wing feminist discrimination against Fathers today 387  Yucky24.  06/17/2012 01:27PM 
Last Post by shout out
LINDSAY LOHAN DEAD 883  sadday  06/17/2012 03:41AM 
Last Post by why
beats 286  WashingYoung-MCian  06/17/2012 03:26AM 
Last Post by pumps in a bump
F*ck Karl Rove 538  BackToTheFifties  06/16/2012 11:53PM 
Last Post by Agreed
All Politicians Are Scum 957  10  Blurp  06/16/2012 11:52PM 
Last Post by Alexander Smith
More Diversity to celebrate 433  Piers Morgan  06/16/2012 11:03PM 
Last Post by Yucky24.
Music for you 343  Yucky24.  06/16/2012 10:37PM 
Last Post by Yucky24.
So there I was, balls deep in a jar of mayonnaise... 1,723  Eli Khalife  06/16/2012 07:33PM 
Last Post by Music Critiic #2
TLC Series My Strange Addiction 630  mega wire  06/16/2012 07:26PM 
Last Post by strangley erotic
I like this song 364  Bed and Breakfast Man  06/16/2012 07:19PM 
Last Post by find a fire...
"A Dingo's got my Baby!" 2,235  11  eesh  06/16/2012 07:09PM 
Last Post by ThePackLeader
Creating Dexter Morgan in 1973 from child abuse 285  dextermorgan  06/16/2012 06:40PM 
Last Post by dextermorgan
US to stop deporting young illegal immigrants 777  21  Lester  06/16/2012 06:05PM 
Last Post by pandering barry
wow cousin marrying cousin to avoid being black 708  raheem935  06/16/2012 05:38PM 
Last Post by BEH.
Do midgets have nipples? 4,541  19  Concerned for Nips  06/16/2012 04:18PM 
Last Post by vanness high
What happened to jolly fat people 539  jerry j  06/16/2012 03:44PM 
Last Post by MrMephisto
Greatest Commercials! Post yours 351  greatads  06/16/2012 12:36PM 
Last Post by Cindy
Stuff that is played out 1,200  37  Bobby Collingsworth  06/16/2012 08:47AM 
Last Post by WashingTone-Locian
How much do you drink? 883  36  Boozehound  06/16/2012 08:05AM 
Last Post by beerdrinker
Virginia is For PERVERTS! 795  18  Protectourchildren2  06/16/2012 02:02AM 
Last Post by Ice cream socialist
Harry Piss-Dick Tuttle 361  Ice cream socialist  06/16/2012 01:58AM 
Last Post by Ice cream socialist
What was your favorite cafeteria food in High School? 1,452  52  CYCLE POP  06/15/2012 09:23PM 
Last Post by nutritious food from our government
Occupy DC GONE from McPherson 771  17  WingNut  06/15/2012 07:48PM 
Last Post by Hay Zeus
This well known Van Damm .gif 1,907  Captain Awesome  06/15/2012 05:44PM 
Last Post by Ralph Pootawn
ThePackleader Appreciation Thread 545  12  Pack-Man  06/15/2012 05:43PM 
Last Post by Repeat offender
COPS -Drug Dealers in Fairfax County (B-L-A-C-K)....Marijuana Lovers! 2,924  16  unicorn lover  06/15/2012 05:42PM 
Last Post by Ralph Pootawn
Have you ever had a dream? 327  dmlkjr  06/15/2012 04:41PM 
Last Post by dmlkjr
"Mike's Party" -- My Claymation Short Film 334  21  Captain Kangaroo  06/15/2012 04:08PM 
Last Post by Captain Kangaroo
We Paid for Obama's Last Celebrity Fundraising Event 348  conVince  06/15/2012 04:00PM 
Last Post by food stamper esq
Foreclosures RISE 9% 430  WingNut  06/15/2012 03:48PM 
Last Post by Barry O
Why cant these annoying FCPS whipper snappers just graduate high school in their school's football field like everyone else did back in the day? 541  20  Pussification  06/15/2012 03:15PM 
Last Post by I agree
Bonnie Raitt at Wolf Trap 477  freebo  06/15/2012 02:29PM 
Last Post by freebo
Hot or Not some of the Southeatern University singers 672  Lou DeWitt  06/15/2012 01:42PM 
Last Post by Lou DeWitt
Was DMX drunk or high hmmm 598  raheem935  06/15/2012 12:22PM 
Last Post by Ralph Pootawn
Chuck Norris crosses the line 580  avoiding conflict  06/15/2012 10:56AM 
Last Post by Bill ruger
Out of Touch Obama thinks Private Sector "doing fine" 901  18  Preezy  06/15/2012 10:54AM 
Last Post by former fed
Megan Good talks about her wedding dress 1,020  raheem935  06/15/2012 10:09AM 
Last Post by Ralph Pootawn
Casual Encounters legit? 3,270  28  Sean Oneil  06/15/2012 09:32AM 
Last Post by regfbn
The most dangerous cities in America, 2012 518  hmmm let me think about this  06/15/2012 07:29AM 
Last Post by Vexxxed
Another man of God proves his worth 1,046  24  Rev Gimme Money  06/15/2012 06:17AM 
Last Post by XTC211
Why Smart People Are Stupid 1,150  13  Observant  06/15/2012 02:31AM 
Last Post by Observant
Lethargic Apathetic Complacent responses only??!? 358  reallynowguys  06/14/2012 10:59PM 
Last Post by Busy With Life
i think it's gonna be a long long time 415  vulcan taint push  06/14/2012 10:21PM 
Last Post by vulcan taint push
Who has your back 345  mm hum  06/14/2012 09:37PM 
Last Post by mm hum
Need help becoming a vampire. 874  20  Dan Allen  06/14/2012 09:20PM 
Last Post by Dan allen.
Understanding Harley-Davidson Motorcycles 864  13  Biker Curious  06/14/2012 08:47PM 
Last Post by Biker Curious
Nominate Best GIF ever. Send Em in!    Pages: 1 2 3 4 All 23,551  347  W. Shatner  06/14/2012 08:25PM 
Last Post by Numbers
Getting the Stink Off My Sandals 1,168  13  Pat Chooli  06/14/2012 06:54PM 
Last Post by tomahawk
New at DMV: Veterans ID Card 886  15  eesh  06/14/2012 05:22PM 
Last Post by Jerry..Rubin
hot spots/bars to hit in va beach area? 761  rob  06/14/2012 05:15PM 
Last Post by shore drive
This Dexter Jeff Lindsay thing going on 349  youguysmightberight  06/14/2012 04:17PM 
Last Post by K
Hot or not 'Fat" youtube girl... 1,138  32  ilovebigwomen  06/14/2012 03:03PM 
Last Post by Warhawk
italian con 304  patel  06/14/2012 02:44PM 
Last Post by patel
The Biker Culture 367  Rider  06/14/2012 02:26PM 
Last Post by Marlboro Man
Who wants to ride with me? 382  I Love Bikes  06/14/2012 02:12PM 
Last Post by Robin W.
FFXU meetup to see Magic Mike 616  Magic Mike luvr  06/14/2012 01:42PM 
Last Post by Harry Tuttle
obama BOY, gays hot for Obama No more Obama Girl 416  obama boy gays  06/14/2012 01:36PM 
Last Post by i think is saw a putty cats
Conservatives Not Happy With Romney, But Have to Vote for Him 317  ObamaNation  06/14/2012 01:32PM 
Last Post by A Fool and His Money
Conservative can't spell "conservative." Proved it twice! 436  FUNdamental  06/14/2012 11:29AM 
Last Post by SR Guy
Video of Toddler Thrown from SUV 564  eesh  06/14/2012 09:44AM 
Last Post by WingNut
"Mormania" leads to arrest in Herndon 395  ferfux  06/14/2012 08:58AM 
Last Post by ferfux
Attention Nationals 384  13  Frank Howard  06/14/2012 08:39AM 
Last Post by WashingTone-Locian
making endsmeat 421  Meat Man  06/14/2012 08:29AM 
Last Post by Ralph Pootawn
Deion Sanders new reality tv 389  raheem935  06/14/2012 06:42AM 
Last Post by raheem935
First Timers 847  36  Warhawk  06/14/2012 06:02AM 
Last Post by itchy
Foot Spray 328  total destruction  06/14/2012 05:55AM 
Last Post by total destruction
My Son's Little League Coach 728  13  NOVA Dad  06/14/2012 02:06AM 
Last Post by Bill.N.
Outback Steakhouse (words that you like) 777  12  Magic Mike  06/14/2012 01:21AM 
Last Post by Bullshit.
I am Not a Monster 828  WingNut  06/14/2012 12:35AM 
Last Post by Martin Short
Gmail or Hotmail 889  24  MSN  06/13/2012 08:52PM 
Last Post by hoocoodanode
Lou Reed tribute thread 484  18  iggy  06/13/2012 08:18PM 
Last Post by iggie
Did Creflow Dollar have to choking a b!tch? 695  11  raheem935  06/13/2012 06:49PM 
Last Post by Warhawk
A Dream I Had. 1,307  79  bloody blisters  06/13/2012 06:47PM 
Last Post by Magic Mike
Fuck Google Maps, Google Maps sucks! 1,912  10  Lost  06/13/2012 06:27PM 
Last Post by Baloney-Pants
Keywords and Phrases That Are Monitored by DHS 1,498  34  eesh  06/13/2012 05:22PM 
Last Post by Vexxxed
Michelle Obama... opinions? 969  30  Opinion time  06/13/2012 05:15PM 
Last Post by uppity jig
Giovanni Ribisi 649  10  Bobby Collingsworth  06/13/2012 04:18PM 
Last Post by Ralph Pootawn
Luka Magnotta is a messed up name for a white person. 506  inalltruth  06/13/2012 03:46PM 
Last Post by DarkSided
David Arquette files for divorce from Courteney Cox 4,729  11  ho hum  06/13/2012 03:30PM 
Last Post by hawkeye for poontang
Apparently moms in Vienna need some spanking and anal.... 725  Frylock  06/13/2012 03:18PM 
Last Post by leif studmeister
Border agents know how to have a good time 828  Brown News Today  06/13/2012 03:15PM 
Last Post by Prudes
Eyes Without a Face (Graphic) 644  WashingTone-Locian  06/13/2012 03:00PM 
Last Post by Viscount Monteforte d_Alsace
Blue Man Group Has a Private School 435  WingNut  06/13/2012 02:29PM 
Last Post by eesh
Johnson and Johnson and More Drop Conservative Group - American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). 318  ALEC Group  06/13/2012 02:07PM 
Last Post by Capital Grill
Court Chronicles of a Neocon Bimbo 369  Unbiased Journalist  06/13/2012 01:45PM 
Last Post by Unbiased Journalist
Devils Ride VS Sons of Anarchy? 1,668  22  Devils Ride  06/13/2012 12:59PM 
Last Post by Biker Down
Best place for fisting? 2,306  19  TheFormerlyFisted  06/13/2012 10:55AM 
Last Post by Stinkfist
Words That Are Not Names But Sound Like Spanish Names 387  WingNut  06/13/2012 09:56AM 
Last Post by WashingTone-Locian
Real America 712  21  2012 voter  06/13/2012 09:39AM 
Last Post by HomeBoy
rip 2concerned 504  Anfy  06/13/2012 08:52AM 
Last Post by Puddin Taint
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