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Welcome to Fairfax Underground, a project site designed to improve communication among residents of Fairfax County, VA. Feel free to post anything Northern Virginia residents would find interesting.
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List of the 10 richest Americans and not 1 single person in the top 10 lives inside Fairfax County. 957  11  REALITY  02/29/2012 12:13PM 
Last Post by eesh
Man chargged with defecating inside Manassas 7-11 1,101  15  Charmin  02/29/2012 12:12PM 
Last Post by BEH
carigslist 974  12  PottyMouth  02/29/2012 11:53AM 
Last Post by Pottymouth
FREe ihop day 919  10  usernmae44  02/29/2012 11:42AM 
Last Post by lizzie
THC or Thursday Hedonistic Crew, New Community Motorcyclist Enthusiasts Group 799  Blustery Butt  02/29/2012 10:19AM 
Last Post by Blustery Butt
is there anyone really real out there? 896  Rod Koozmin  02/29/2012 09:50AM 
Last Post by real real real
if lizzie were a name brand 892  12  doesnt matter  02/29/2012 09:39AM 
Last Post by ha.
lizzie is the nicest person here 872  so peaceful  02/29/2012 09:04AM 
Last Post by lizzie
Meade a.... 878  Is  02/29/2012 08:57AM 
Last Post by BEH
Meade - I've been saving myself for you 992  Suzanna  02/29/2012 08:45AM 
Last Post by BEH
Cary's a piece of shit 1,106  German  02/29/2012 06:11AM 
Last Post by itchy
When Illegals Invade 1,205  20  Tin Whiskers  02/29/2012 05:02AM 
Last Post by juan lake
Least funny person on FFXU? 942  26  truther  02/29/2012 01:40AM 
Last Post by cosby show
Fairfax Underground After Dark 859  magnus kessel  02/29/2012 01:39AM 
Last Post by magnus kessel
Budget analyst/financial analyst job????? 1,174  12  SlinginPoop  02/29/2012 12:44AM 
Last Post by SlinginPoop
Post your pic and scare them libs away 1,584  Republican and Proud!  02/29/2012 12:08AM 
Last Post by seriously, anyone
look what this guy did 938  11  unreal  02/28/2012 10:16PM 
Last Post by trogdor!
Obamas are out of Touch with Regular American    Pages: 1 2 All 2,632  143  Hay Zeus  02/28/2012 09:54PM 
Last Post by Right On!
Hellena Smith is dead YAY!!!!! 1,401  21  YAYSOHAPPY  02/28/2012 09:50PM 
Last Post by slowbus
American Schools Finally #1 733  WashingTone-Locian  02/28/2012 09:39PM 
Last Post by eesh
"After-Birth Abortions"....and idea who's time has come 1,095  25  Obama 2012  02/28/2012 09:31PM 
Last Post by MrMephisto
Who's Christopher Anon? 1,012  12  Wuh?  02/28/2012 09:10PM 
Last Post by sherlock
What I find to be the most amazing is... 880  16  She DeviI  02/28/2012 09:04PM 
Last Post by slowbus
Nice try on banning my IP/Domain and no Conie I am NOT Eli 2,186  64  She DeviI  02/28/2012 09:03PM 
Last Post by slowbus
What Liberals Hate... 1,080  15  RepublicanThinker1  02/28/2012 09:02PM 
Last Post by kimjongdill
Fed up with the Obama's 907  so sick of it  02/28/2012 07:53PM 
Last Post by google santorum
VA PETA Killed 2050 Animals in 2011 872  SaveAnimals  02/28/2012 07:39PM 
Last Post by hoocoodanode
Ron Paul is in Springfield 711  independent  02/28/2012 06:08PM 
Last Post by independent
Fairfaxunderground ! 920  bTynp  02/28/2012 05:34PM 
Last Post by tea leaves
Obama Picking Up Women Voters and Economy Improving 970  4 More years!  02/28/2012 04:35PM 
Last Post by Goodbye Poor People
Another day, another $100 921  lizzie  02/28/2012 04:06PM 
Last Post by lizzie
We have an owl in the back yard...... 1,051  Lloydster  02/28/2012 03:58PM 
Last Post by harye
Tuesdays are great days for a 6-pack! 827  11  JBass  02/28/2012 03:41PM 
Last Post by JBass
Romeny and Santorum Un-electable? 730  Creppes  02/28/2012 02:17PM 
Last Post by FUNdamental
Last Post by MrMephisto
Epic Rant 778  Numbers  02/28/2012 12:54PM 
Last Post by epic reytard
Real niggaz do some real shit. 1,788  28  Aint no fakes here  02/28/2012 12:09PM 
Last Post by Rick Santorum
Forget Danica Patrick, Juan Pablo Montoya wrecked the jet-dry truck! 1,227  17  What a maroon  02/28/2012 11:30AM 
Last Post by NASCAR historian
New Van Halen Album Drops 2/7/2012 1,778  53  King Lerxst  02/28/2012 10:01AM 
Last Post by Cripple Mr Wa
The German! Cary! [edited by Cary] 1,219  ujhdn  02/28/2012 08:35AM 
Last Post by Burke Curve
(Gory) Who can Name this Horror Film? 1,613  33  eesh  02/28/2012 07:02AM 
Last Post by van helsig
Fez Whatley came out of the closet on Friday 1,494  14  Maxwell Murder  02/28/2012 06:58AM 
Last Post by wtf?
ding an sich is lizzie    Pages: 1 2 All 1,919  155  niggering nigger  02/28/2012 04:00AM 
Last Post by lizzie
Fairfax Underground After Dark    Pages: 1 2 All 2,050  193  Maxwell Murder  02/28/2012 03:38AM 
Last Post by slowbus.
Liz tells one truth 905  17  banthiscunt  02/28/2012 02:53AM 
Last Post by lizzie
chinese food buffets 945  12  VASinger  02/28/2012 01:39AM 
Last Post by @hoodbridge
ENOUGH BULLSHIT... 881  tiredofdramz  02/28/2012 12:42AM 
Last Post by phil
lizzie is mean 827  whatthehell  02/28/2012 12:14AM 
Last Post by slowbus.
There's this cute boy in gym class... 1,371  41  the grammar police  02/27/2012 11:57PM 
Last Post by Ding an sich
Wanna comment? Join Facebook! 907  18  Olde Farte  02/27/2012 11:56PM 
Last Post by curious
DAVE ALBO' not having sex 726  usernmae44  02/27/2012 09:40PM 
Last Post by t1
I love you phillip morris 1,084  craven moorehead  02/27/2012 08:31PM 
Last Post by smoker
What Should I Do? 1,308  23  dika-dika  02/27/2012 07:52PM 
Last Post by dika-dika
Santorum Declares His Religion Only Religion for US 957  LordKing  02/27/2012 07:43PM 
Last Post by typical ignorant conservative
Hate crime! 1,003  16  hoocoodanode  02/27/2012 07:13PM 
Last Post by Maxwell Murder
Looking for a new job? Full Scope Clearance positions 1,017  17  Deanna  02/27/2012 07:01PM 
Last Post by hoocoodanode
The German! 884  mtmMv  02/27/2012 06:13PM 
Last Post by mtmMv
Can this get me out of child support? 1,071  20  tiredofpaying  02/27/2012 06:07PM 
Last Post by Maxwell Murder
how should i live how should i die 838  Meade Skelton  02/27/2012 05:49PM 
Last Post by Maxwell Murder
Smelly Poop? 912  Why?  02/27/2012 05:09PM 
Last Post by FusilliJerry
butthole hurts 707  lizzies fiance  02/27/2012 05:04PM 
Last Post by lizzies fiance
Guy's ass somehow catches fire 769  Tokyo  02/27/2012 04:24PM 
Last Post by More Complete
Whatever happened to H_I_D? 697  Borat  02/27/2012 03:19PM 
Last Post by eesh
lizzie has 879 posts for last week 820  FFU STATUS  02/27/2012 03:14PM 
Last Post by Dr.Phil
Taylor 722  11  Not Taylor  02/27/2012 02:34PM 
Last Post by Ralph Pootawn
Rick Santorum, anti-education 1,195  51  lol @ republicans 2012  02/27/2012 02:15PM 
Last Post by RR
theres no way 720  no way  02/27/2012 01:00PM 
Last Post by There Could Be
He's Ba-a-a-a-ck! And anti-Zombie! 687  Olde Farte  02/27/2012 11:46AM 
Last Post by Olde Farte
Well it's midnight 805  lizzie  02/27/2012 11:22AM 
Last Post by lizzie
When I'm constipated.... 727  hypocracy  02/27/2012 11:09AM 
Last Post by BEH
The Geography of Occupying Wall Street (And Everywhere Else) 851  Eyes of the Weasel  02/27/2012 10:42AM 
Last Post by Les
Who are the Slomski Brothers? 996  Garyert  02/27/2012 09:22AM 
Last Post by all schmenges
How old are people posting here? 1,112  21  Robert  02/27/2012 08:56AM 
Last Post by lizzie
Accusations LAB --- Call Out Lounge 1,403  48  postpoppunk  02/27/2012 02:54AM 
Last Post by lizzie
Mice running in the walls! 846  Sleepless  02/27/2012 02:24AM 
Last Post by orkin man
where is kittie? 845  mizzing  02/27/2012 02:15AM 
Last Post by Umm..
It's time 797  lizzie  02/27/2012 01:09AM 
Last Post by Maxwell Murder
Dont ignore me 840  24  lizzie  02/27/2012 12:56AM 
Last Post by Maxwell Murder
Gallup: Obama Approval Down To 43% 913  17  Flinger  02/27/2012 12:56AM 
Last Post by t
A Really Retarded Way of Showing You Love Your Cat 927  19  eesh  02/27/2012 12:33AM 
Last Post by ill
Wearing pajamas to go shopping 1,080  24  fairfax mississippi  02/27/2012 12:25AM 
Last Post by postpoppunk
Ring ring 812  lizzie  02/27/2012 12:23AM 
Last Post by check dis
I wanna burn a Quran. 1,499  56  JBass  02/26/2012 11:40PM 
Last Post by tomahawk
eesh shoots himself 806  brother of eesh  02/26/2012 11:14PM 
Last Post by friskydingo
The Lizzie Channel 1,046  18  lizzie  02/26/2012 11:05PM 
Last Post by lizzie
Gay thoughts 886  lizzie  02/26/2012 10:47PM 
Last Post by lizzie
Titanic 3D 783  Jack  02/26/2012 10:36PM 
Last Post by Ya buddy
Loving someone who doesnt love you 788  13  lizzie  02/26/2012 10:19PM 
Last Post by lizzie
72 Year Old Declared World's Shortest Man 2,992  eesh  02/26/2012 09:58PM 
Last Post by lizzie
Caption This Pic! 794  eesh  02/26/2012 09:39PM 
Last Post by itchy
The woman with 13 personalities 740  lizzie  02/26/2012 09:12PM 
Last Post by lizzie
Marshsall? 817  mind games  02/26/2012 09:01PM 
Last Post by lizzie
The Proper Way To Handle A Koran 1,070  Pancks(1)  02/26/2012 08:57PM 
Last Post by lizzie
private eye/dectective cost?? 809  16  spy time  02/26/2012 08:18PM 
Last Post by friskydingo
LaRon Landry - WTF? 1,299  21  Numbers  02/26/2012 08:09PM 
Last Post by Warhawk
Homeboi goes hard 708  London  02/26/2012 07:43PM 
Last Post by London
Police arrest man under false pretense to incite violence 1,345  tired of it  02/26/2012 07:36PM 
Last Post by you must have been arrested
SUSPECT GANG 941  USG  02/26/2012 07:25PM 
Last Post by Fuk USA
where is jbass? 687  jbasshole  02/26/2012 06:13PM 
Last Post by lizzie
Double Standard 917  Pancks(1)  02/26/2012 06:09PM 
Last Post by friskydingo
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