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Warning/ lawn scammer
Posted by: nextdoor reposter ()
Date: May 14, 2022 03:22PM

Warning/ lawn scammer

I’m not normally one to post on these things but after he tried to take advantage of our elderly neighbor I felt compelled

Do not hire this team! He is scamming people. Not doing the agreed job.

We hired them to weed our front and side yard, mulch & remove a front tree/bush. Upon appraisal he told me it’d take a team of three two days to do the job. And we agreed to $800.

On the day of the job he didn’t show up until after 11 (when I left the house). When I got home at 2 he was leaving…came back to get paid. Giving him benefit of the doubt he was here three hours max.

I walked around the mulched area with him and all he did was cover up the weeds with mulch. Every section we walked by and I removed the mulch there were weeds underneath. Some (see pics) the weeds still coming through. The bush he simply cut at the base. Didn’t remove.

This was not the agreed terms. I ended up paying him half to cover the cost of the mulch and for them to just leave. I was disappointed bc I had hoped to hire them to do additional work and recommend to friends. I can’t in good conscience do that. I was just going to let it be. But then today he was at our elderly neighbor trying to get $1000 to remove trees.


(540) 407-0132

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Re: Warning/ lawn scammer
Posted by: ry5j7jkk75 ()
Date: May 15, 2022 01:26PM


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Re: Warning/ lawn scammer
Posted by: 34GH34 ()
Date: May 15, 2022 01:28PM

Fairfax is full of scammers. People give them money before they do the job don't even wait until after it's complete. They don't research and find out what the job is before asking the job be done and pricing. Absolutely Crazy Bat Shit.

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Re: Warning/ lawn scammer
Posted by: 343h54 ()
Date: May 15, 2022 01:33PM

* you should destroy all bushes and till the toil down to, say, 1' and use weed spray on the soil also

* you should install a permanent weed barrier 1' tall into it so weeds can't get under it on all borders

* put it all back, perfectly level and in a line

* you should install anti-weed plastic under the mulch - which will kill all the worms (many things won't grow right with the worms all dead, however)


you'd have been better off, for the money, sticking with smaller easy to care for ornaments in the lawn without pro service and installing a sidewalk/walkway , then a garden which will be a continual headache and cost, which would keeps bugs away from your home

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