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Here’s the GOP Senators Who Caved to the Democrats, Increasing Our Debt Limit
Posted by: 9ndxv ()
Date: October 09, 2021 01:11AM

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Re: Here’s the GOP Senators Who Caved to the Democrats, Increasing Our Debt Limit
Posted by: 6e4hk ()
Date: October 09, 2021 12:15PM

Schumer walks up to McConnell with a brief case containing $10,000,000.

Schumer: McConnell your are not capable of leading this senate. Your balls have grown square.

McConnell: What?!?! No. I assure you they are not square.

Schumer: Liar! I'll bet you this $10,000,000 that your balls are square!

McConnell: I'll take your money faster than I took China's!

McConnell reaches for his zipper.

Schumer: Wait! I need to get a witness to make sure there is no funny business.

Schumer walks over to Manchin engages in a short a lively conversation and then returns to McConnell with Manchin.

Schumer: As Manchin is my witness, 10million says you have square balls.

McConnell: Check them yourself. And give me my 10 million.

Schumer grabs them and then hands McConnell 10 million. At which point Manchin burries his face in his hands and begins weeping uncontrollably.

McConnell: What's his problem?

Schumer: I just bet him 100 million I'd have you by the balls by the end of the day.

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