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Welcome to Fairfax Underground, a project site designed to improve communication among residents of Fairfax County, VA. Feel free to post anything Northern Virginia residents would find interesting.
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Man, possibly in a wig, wanted for robbery, assault at Potomac Mills 492  The Neighborhood Watch!  07/18/2013 08:49AM 
Last Post by Obama's Son
Metro derailed by culture of complacence, incompetence, lack of diversity - ‘Inept get promoted, … capable get buried’ 2,019  61  Metro Critic  07/18/2013 08:26AM 
Last Post by Metro Sucks
Va. man charged with texting while driving after officer struck 543  The Neighborhood Watch!  07/18/2013 07:31AM 
Last Post by bill plante
Is it Time for a Change? 323  Business Guru - Talmar Anderson  07/18/2013 07:16AM 
Last Post by WingNut
Former Falls Church Teacher Investigated Following Molestation Accusation 670  The Neighborhood Watch!  07/18/2013 07:08AM 
Last Post by WingNut
Obesity rates in Fairfax County increased 664  11  Greg Hambrick (Editor),  07/18/2013 06:50AM 
Last Post by Kilton
Virginia Adopts: Fairfax Regional Kick-Off July 30 422  Adopt a kid  07/18/2013 06:44AM 
Last Post by Adopt a kid
Carjacking in Alexandria (7/16) 637  17  The Neighborhood Watch!  07/18/2013 06:40AM 
Last Post by Obama Mama
Express Lanes: Trips and Tolls Both Increasing 847  17  Sprawl and Crawl  07/18/2013 06:38AM 
Last Post by Md Sucks
FFXU, a site for gay porn. 418  FFGU  07/18/2013 06:37AM 
Last Post by Tip Oneil
Richmond Highway History 731  Jeff Davis  07/18/2013 06:36AM 
Last Post by Bill.N.
"Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" in need of pianists 801  11  Michael King  07/18/2013 06:33AM 
Last Post by Meade Skelton's Place
Midgitville in Fairfax County?? 901  10  i got a question  07/18/2013 01:56AM 
Last Post by Shorty TooTall
Do you NEED to have a work permit at the age of 14? 3,418  23  GoodNews  07/17/2013 10:36PM 
Last Post by Hoosier Daddy
REWARD for lost Nintendo 3DS at CVS at Pickwick 888  14  Millie  07/17/2013 10:20PM 
Last Post by Millie
The Fucking Assholes Getting Into the Fountain at the WWII Memorial 1,357  20  P-38 Lightning Pilot  07/17/2013 10:11PM 
Last Post by Prisoner Zero
Given $85,000 Check - tax issues? 1,525  30  Mark Q.  07/17/2013 08:38PM 
Last Post by barry in 16
Has anyone worked as a Lawn Care Technician at Scotts? 533  Bobby Hill  07/17/2013 06:39PM 
Last Post by Lawn Care
Last Post by Hugh Jasshole
Two Injured in "Taco Truck" Fire in Fairfax County 1,403  16  Senor Neighborhood Watch!  07/17/2013 06:25PM 
Last Post by Man of Action
OB/GYN Recomendations Please 1,565  22  Question  07/17/2013 06:22PM 
Last Post by asdfadsfasdff
Immigration reform 603  17  Lupe  07/17/2013 05:44PM 
Last Post by SSD Queen
What Happens in Vegas Doesn't Stay in Vegas 589  Tray von Martin  07/17/2013 05:27PM 
Last Post by Tray von Martin
speed camera ticket DC 6,875  26  Speedy G  07/17/2013 05:16PM 
Last Post by Somali Mann
Rachel Jeantel Will Be Famous 1,743  25  Photo Scout  07/17/2013 02:59PM 
Last Post by Off to College?
Northern Va. residents brace for furloughs 1,488  30  Furloughs  07/17/2013 11:24AM 
Last Post by Boohoohoo
Have you been pulled over on the Parkway? 715  Dice Rolled  07/17/2013 10:52AM 
Last Post by fool
12 year old being charged with a crime for making a mistake 1,301  20  fxmum  07/17/2013 06:49AM 
Last Post by If it were my kid...
Join Crime Solvers in the Run to Fight Crime 313  FFX County Crime Solvers 5K run  07/17/2013 06:44AM 
Last Post by FFX County Crime Solvers 5K run
Virginia students put Cuccinelli, McAuliffe to the test 347  Northern VA Politics  07/17/2013 06:42AM 
Last Post by 7HL7E
Crime Report: Man, 18, Charged with Impersonating an Officer 1,169  18  The Neighborhood Watch!  07/17/2013 06:40AM 
Last Post by WHAT???????
Has anybody broken out of the Fairfax Jail? 1,485  Jailer Bob  07/17/2013 06:25AM 
Last Post by may 2010
has anyone heard of Stella from the PaperMoon dying? 7,051  85  verysad  07/17/2013 05:42AM 
Last Post by happy customer
Cuccinelli - Virginia's Biggest Loser Ever 607  WingNaught  07/17/2013 05:13AM 
Last Post by Amused
New Parking Lot - Fair City Mall & Tank Farm 506  Ughh  07/17/2013 01:58AM 
Last Post by -Mantua-
Fairfax abortion clinic shuts its doors 710  14  NOVA Women’s Healthcare Eaton  07/17/2013 12:06AM 
Last Post by MwmCc
Survival or fighting skills 740  19  General Z  07/16/2013 11:44PM 
Last Post by Compensation Package
Lake Barcroft question 1,538  15  No Traspasar  07/16/2013 11:42PM 
Last Post by public beach
Heat Wave This Week 943  18  Bob Ryan  07/16/2013 11:33PM 
Last Post by no really it's hot
Pandering to voters (an Opinion) 429  Rex A. Hoover  07/16/2013 10:53PM 
Last Post by barry 16
Bryce Harper's Hair Dew at the Home Run Derby 1,092  12  the sports guys  07/16/2013 09:07PM 
Last Post by the sports guys
Need new tires 1,419  28  opa  07/16/2013 08:52PM 
Last Post by Drug berth bug
To Hunter McCleary: Bicycles Must Share the Road Too 470  Just Another Two Wheeler  07/16/2013 07:56PM 
Last Post by thanks Hunter
Fox-penning shouldn’t be tolerated in Virginia 938  18  Carol Hall  07/16/2013 07:01PM 
Last Post by Cat Owner
I wear toms to riot, its sustainable 625  riot  07/16/2013 06:10PM 
Last Post by Hoosier Daddy
Spanish Rally at centreville to support for Jorge Zimmerman ? 803  Anhellika  07/16/2013 05:33PM 
Last Post by BarryO
Butt Dialling - Big Issue for 911 Operators in FFX 697  10  The Neighborhood Watch!  07/16/2013 05:07PM 
Last Post by haiku hottie
How to deal with race is America 420  StunnedInUSA  07/16/2013 04:13PM 
Last Post by Fantasy world
real life dolls, but not real 585  dollybarton  07/16/2013 03:46PM 
Last Post by dollybarton
Question for Verizon FIOS Users 1,128  17  Bandwidth Seeker  07/16/2013 03:38PM 
Last Post by Hank Moody
Vienna woman fights for prisoner rights 969  20  CURE of VA  07/16/2013 01:51PM 
Last Post by Lib Philosophy
Why Did My Cell Phone Ring Overnight? New Fairfax County system used for wireless emergency alerts. 613  Wireless Emergency alerts  07/16/2013 11:51AM 
Last Post by Zak
Red Hot & Blue Robbed in Alexandria (7/13) 608  The Neighborhood Watch!  07/16/2013 11:34AM 
Last Post by Smokey Bone
Jim Moran thinks African Americans need to know their place 810  18  he's racist  07/16/2013 10:21AM 
Last Post by he's not hiding
See What Transportation Projects Are Proposed for 2014 937  11  Sprawl and Crawl  07/16/2013 08:49AM 
Last Post by Details needed on transportation
Toll lane proposal demands thorough analysis 359  Paula Gori, Oakton  07/16/2013 08:46AM 
Last Post by Paula Gori, Oakton
Undercover Stings Under Fire: Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control to Review Officer Policies 784  The Neighborhood Watch!  07/16/2013 08:36AM 
Last Post by Tickle
Bull Loose at Union Mill & Braddock 2,306  37  radio  07/16/2013 07:49AM 
Last Post by Moooore Info
Ken Cuccinelli owns $10,000 of Star Scientific Stock, Failed to Properly Disclose 648  Uh Oh  07/16/2013 06:02AM 
Last Post by New York Times runs story now
Obama-That boy could be my son. 1,244  22  Obama is an ASS  07/16/2013 04:03AM 
Last Post by Hoosier Daddy
What the hell happened? Did the sales tax go up? 1,174  14  Empty Pockets!  07/16/2013 04:00AM 
Last Post by OBAMA'S FAULT
Black guy wants Zimmerman dead 1,038  18  The Hood and Obama  07/16/2013 02:35AM 
Last Post by dangerous
Fire @ fairfax Credit Union Yesterday 1,480  17  Point Five  07/16/2013 12:46AM 
Last Post by ctFGk
How strict is Fairfax about Radar Detectors? 1,461  25  R4z3r  07/16/2013 12:17AM 
Last Post by Mikeymike
Check out my awesome music. 424  emo goth not quite  07/15/2013 11:11PM 
Last Post by bd0ntcare
Virginia K12 online school 413  Tax Payer  07/15/2013 10:42PM 
Last Post by fds
Gay in fairfax 531  I am the only gay in the village  07/15/2013 09:08PM 
Last Post by Young Curmudgeon
Chipotle Restaurant To Open in Downtown McLean where Mae's Dress Boutique used to be 680  Chipotle Restaurant  07/15/2013 08:35PM 
Last Post by mclean sucks
Cop could not be more reckless 761  failure to listen  07/15/2013 06:46PM 
Last Post by Attorney General Erix
Police: Man Arrested After Traveling to Tysons to Have Sex With Minor 907  14  The Neighborhood Watch!  07/15/2013 05:32PM 
Last Post by Chris Hansen
Falls Church Crime: Vandalism with Dog Poop 576  The Neighborhood Watch!  07/15/2013 05:24PM 
Last Post by Ofc. Friendly
Cuccinelli: Fairfax should pay for all TJ renovations; Attorney General’s opinion could signal end of Loudoun partnership at Fairfax-based magnet school 823  Northern VA Politics  07/15/2013 04:57PM 
Last Post by Ken Cucchinelli
Did anyone check out the World War II exhibits over at Sully Plantation this last weekend? 479  Sgt. Rock  07/15/2013 03:03PM 
Last Post by Sgt Fury
Uk number plates on mini coopers 594  13  Eurodaggot  07/15/2013 01:45PM 
Last Post by Don4545
"Good" used car lots 959  20  Car Buyer  07/15/2013 01:45PM 
Last Post by Fairfax Boy
Homeless Youth in Fairfax County? 682  Down on Yer Luck  07/15/2013 12:31PM 
Last Post by UFUFH
Where is there a good shop in FFX to get my car worked on? 688  Hollywood  07/15/2013 10:47AM 
Last Post by NotBurkeCentreAutomotive
TWINKIE HUNT 744  Uncle Samuel  07/15/2013 10:43AM 
Last Post by Twinkie the Kid
11 people rescued from vehicles during flooding Thursday night and Friday 1,051  Safety First  07/15/2013 10:00AM 
Last Post by Wasted Effort
FFX County Video: Universal Design - Accessible Housing for Everyone 347  Universal Design  07/15/2013 09:25AM 
Last Post by Universal Design
$88,615: What a Four-Person Family Needs to 'Get By' in NoVa, Study Says 665  Cost of Living in Northern VA  07/15/2013 09:23AM 
Last Post by Happy Unhappy Panda
"Doggie Blood Drive" at Old Dominion Animal Health Center 363  Life Saver!  07/15/2013 09:23AM 
Last Post by Life Saver!
Ken Cuccinelli Discusses Plan for Veterans in Northern VA Visit 318  Northern VA Politics  07/15/2013 09:14AM 
Last Post by Northern VA Politics
Begin A Job Search Campaign (Jobs in FFX County) 352  Neighbors helping Neighbors  07/15/2013 09:10AM 
Last Post by Neighbors helping Neighbors
Wounded Alexandria police officer Laboy suing Alexandria Yellow Cab Inc. 1,328  29  Elliott Ness  07/15/2013 08:50AM 
Last Post by Elliott Ness
Six Taken to Hospital After Van Accident on Coppermine; Van overturned after collision with car. 417  Car Wreck  07/15/2013 08:28AM 
Last Post by lolwtf
A Turtle Toddle 411  Turtleman  07/15/2013 08:08AM 
Last Post by Turtleman
Teen Stabbed in Herndon Area (7/10) 1,033  The Neighborhood Watch!  07/15/2013 06:48AM 
Last Post by The Neighborhood Watch!
Anybody else been on a jury in a murder trial? 511  BOB123  07/15/2013 05:55AM 
Last Post by Hey OP
$500 Dinner - Friends screwed by MP (Market Prices) 1,769  35  Uncommon Sense  07/15/2013 04:49AM 
Last Post by Broken Logic
Anyone have a good appliance repairman recommendation? 617  12  Joes  07/15/2013 04:14AM 
Last Post by Bates
swag needs work 493  original gucci mane  07/15/2013 03:00AM 
Last Post by Shite Hole
Ticket for Temporary Inspection Sticker 3,303  25  FireStrings85  07/15/2013 02:18AM 
Last Post by Mr GFR
Black smash and grab robbers making major money off rich white Fairfax County 1,066  19  Witchita  07/15/2013 02:03AM 
Last Post by sounds like
Food Stamps in NOVA    Pages: 1 2 All 3,177  144  TAX PAYER  07/14/2013 11:41PM 
Last Post by Bill.N.
20-Year-Old High School Student Faces Child Porn Charges 1,814  14  MoreInfo  07/14/2013 09:41PM 
Last Post by steve k2
Need Someone to cut my Grass - Fairfax/Clifton area 690  AMIGOZ  07/14/2013 09:26PM 
Last Post by Homeowner 2
Any websites that have suggestions for kids? 344  Never_Know_What_To_Do  07/14/2013 08:27PM 
Last Post by KidFriendlyDC
UFO Chased By Military Jets - Seen By Multiple People In Fairfax County - 2nd Large Sighting 2,800  42  John Locke  07/14/2013 06:26PM 
Last Post by Guy Fawks
Best locations for late outdoor sex with girlfriend 1,194  Rodney  07/14/2013 01:20PM 
Last Post by Ralph Pootawn
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