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Welcome to Fairfax Underground, a project site designed to improve communication among residents of Fairfax County, VA. Feel free to post anything Northern Virginia residents would find interesting.
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Lizards! 462  here lizard lizard  08/26/2012 05:23PM 
Last Post by Cliftonite
Police Penis in the ass 820  McGruff - The Crime Dog!  08/26/2012 04:39PM 
Last Post by your moms calling u for dinner
Deer eating your plants? Bow hunters can help 394  Hoyt  08/26/2012 04:04PM 
Last Post by Ted Nugent
Donato's Pizza Opening soon 1,367  32  Don't Know  08/26/2012 03:33PM 
Last Post by TheMeeper
UFO TV: Ancient Aliens - The Cygnus Mystery 912  UFO's over FFX  08/26/2012 02:42PM 
Last Post by MUFON
Pakistan Independence Celebration Coming to Bull Run 1,012  24  Ya'll Gonna Be There?  08/26/2012 12:51PM 
Last Post by g.g allin
Cool unknown places? 802  doesntmatterok  08/26/2012 11:55AM 
Last Post by gunnar deed
Gunshots in west springfield 1,092  16  08/26/2012 11:49AM 
Last Post by Tough One
Will Neil Armstrong get a State Funeral 836  RIP ARMSTRONG  08/26/2012 11:13AM 
Last Post by Yea buddy
GOD"S WRATH ON THE GOP CONVENTION 428  Biohazard  08/26/2012 11:04AM 
Last Post by Gonads & Strife
Just saw an obese chick cyclist wearing spandex hogging the right side of the road 1,319  12  Why bother  08/26/2012 10:40AM 
Last Post by 0tter
Moving out of Fairfax 1,280  18  Steven lee  08/26/2012 10:38AM 
Last Post by Rt. 1
FHS Grad going to JAIL 1,332  news men  08/26/2012 10:10AM 
Last Post by drug joke
Where To Get A Haircut In Burke From An American 2,238  41  Unreals  08/26/2012 09:59AM 
Last Post by Who dat
UVa to Obama: Fuck You! 726  Wahoo!  08/26/2012 08:21AM 
Last Post by Perhaps if this was in Central Virginia forum, but noooooo
Immortal Technique show in Fairfax tonight? 749  Underground Hip Hop  08/26/2012 12:42AM 
Last Post by eminem
Neighbor is a hoarder 2,860  29  Eneim5199  08/25/2012 11:55PM 
Last Post by damn someone pulled this thing out of a year old pile
South Lakes HS Thank You to Fairfax Underground 576  I graduraded  08/25/2012 11:42PM 
Last Post by south lakes MS13 High School
Epic Film Collection of FFX in the 70's 1,119  21  70's forever  08/25/2012 11:33PM 
Last Post by Good Stuff
Another FCPS Scandal - Must Repay $1 Million Grant 2,070  26  When Will It Stop?  08/25/2012 10:55PM 
Last Post by Wrong Again
Beat Konductaz Producer Showcase FREE in Fairfax 8/24/12 745  16  Beat Konductaz  08/25/2012 09:51PM 
Last Post by chappelle
McLean Teens Assaulted 742  McGruff - The Crime Dog!  08/25/2012 08:55PM 
Last Post by justsayin
UVa to Obama: Fuck You! 696  Wahoo!  08/25/2012 06:31PM 
Last Post by Al Sharptongue
HS Games week of Aug 27 510  HS Football Fan  08/25/2012 04:21PM 
Last Post by GLAD
Best Peking duck restaurant? 1,401  13  UIEEEEE  08/25/2012 03:53PM 
Last Post by youcrazy
Rusty Hall Moved To A New Home Within Fairfax VA 3,091  24  Hearing Things  08/25/2012 12:53PM 
Last Post by well said
Fairfax to FCC: Verizon Didn't Give Prompt Notice of 911 Failures 802  In the News...  08/25/2012 11:16AM 
Last Post by In the News...
Black Flash Mobs in Northern Virginia!!! 1,352  18  *Warning!!!!*  08/25/2012 09:58AM 
Last Post by Pants on fire!
D'Amont Walker you will be missed. God Bless. 1993-2012 1,142  24  Daniel "Dango"  08/25/2012 09:42AM 
Last Post by Charles Darwin
FCPS teachers' union 1,526  18  Shadowboss  08/24/2012 11:13PM 
Last Post by Union Dues
Gigantic BOOM in Centreville? 1,211  13  JustCurious  08/24/2012 10:27PM 
Last Post by omg_tacos
Nats need Strasburg 268  Hope & Change (emphasis on Change)  08/24/2012 09:09PM 
Last Post by dumb
Party Rentals 644  Alejandra  08/24/2012 09:07PM 
Last Post by location?
Obama has millions of phony Facebook followers 659  10  Hype n Blame  08/24/2012 08:15PM 
Last Post by Return of the Boo Boo
What's the protocol for paying on first day in this area? 886  20  Just curious LL  08/24/2012 07:53PM 
Last Post by gear jammer
Route 7100 is now Route 286 379  Leave it alone  08/24/2012 06:51PM 
Last Post by justsayin
Etiquette tip: don't ask others their GS level 2,662  56  Southern gentleman  08/24/2012 05:39PM 
Last Post by Good God
GMU Students FREE Tonight @ The Old Firestation#3 451  FREE Hip Hop  08/24/2012 04:54PM 
Last Post by More Complete
495 767  24  Shiezzen  08/24/2012 04:51PM 
Last Post by judge smails....
Legitimate Rape Kit 689  12  Biohazard  08/24/2012 02:41PM 
Last Post by bill from the ark
Kittens need loving homes! 402  Kinickie  08/24/2012 01:52PM 
Last Post by cops and donuts
Private caller 804  Harassed  08/24/2012 12:50PM 
Last Post by The Crying Truth
Surf Paddle For Humanity on the Potomac Tomorrow 378  Paddle Me!  08/24/2012 12:24PM 
Last Post by Paddle Me!
Incident on Frontier Dr 810  WTFFFFF  08/24/2012 08:53AM 
Last Post by Taylor
FFX PD ROX 560  THANKFULL  08/24/2012 08:44AM 
Last Post by Conway Eastwood
undocumented tattoos 637  Ryder  08/24/2012 06:42AM 
Last Post by justsayin
Woods near Popeshead Road? 648  heytherepeople  08/24/2012 01:34AM 
Last Post by Hay Zeus
Democratic Senator jokes about raping Lesley Stahl 1,589  26  Pat  08/23/2012 11:30PM 
Last Post by Is rape a joke?
Frankie Bryant 429  court date  08/23/2012 11:23PM 
Last Post by guy
Can you be pulled over by Animal Control for speeding? 2,528  27  Concrete Iceman  08/23/2012 11:03PM 
Last Post by Logan Barnes
Hadeed Carpet or Stanley Steamer 823  14  Slim  08/23/2012 11:00PM 
Last Post by Francisco
Obama might Visit Mount Vernon High School 652  11  Not yet official  08/23/2012 06:47PM 
Last Post by cannibis
Mason Low Graduation rates 508  I hate Mason  08/23/2012 06:14PM 
Last Post by i hate mason
All These Multiple You Tube posts 410  Dang!  08/23/2012 05:19PM 
Last Post by Dang!
Genuine Rape Kit 666  Bio-Hazzard  08/23/2012 04:53PM 
Last Post by Chef
Attempted Abduction in Herndon 790  McGruff - The Crime Dog!  08/23/2012 03:54PM 
Last Post by CSA
Anyone ever eat here? 464  CSA  08/23/2012 03:49PM 
Last Post by CSA
bully bashing 583  11  wittman  08/23/2012 03:03PM 
Last Post by Dirty McPhee
A Tale of Two States: Virginia vs. Maryland 526  Virginian  08/23/2012 01:12PM 
Last Post by Virginian
kelly green 514  xxlrt_  08/23/2012 12:23PM 
Last Post by xxlrt_
I hate CAPITAL ONE 1,339  LoINO  08/23/2012 11:41AM 
Last Post by Banker11
Red pavement on 66 2,068  16  66 Commuter  08/23/2012 11:20AM 
Last Post by Shadow
VOTER IQ LAW IN FAIRFAX 840  33  Vote Suppresor  08/23/2012 10:47AM 
Last Post by there vs their
Fairfax County - Out of Control! 3,665  43  Chip  08/23/2012 10:25AM 
Last Post by stephen
Reston is #7 - woohoo! 563  wnrsm  08/23/2012 10:24AM 
Last Post by Ahmayzin
Non white women aging badly thread..... 386  Gunrunner  08/23/2012 10:15AM 
Last Post by Conway Eastwood
MC Thinkbox rapes again! 312  Real Musicians Don't Suck  08/23/2012 10:10AM 
Last Post by Tor-E
Country bar? 1,884  Leigh  08/23/2012 09:51AM 
Last Post by Shadow
city of fairfax mayoral race 1,945  27  whoknows  08/23/2012 09:27AM 
Last Post by Way to pay attention
Dr. Jamie Park DDS 1,941  18  curiousperson  08/23/2012 09:06AM 
Last Post by Just Asking
Whites fleeing to Mexico 1,316  reverse  08/23/2012 07:19AM 
Last Post by BEH
Non-White Woman Aging Badly 882  Fairfax Women  08/23/2012 06:31AM 
Last Post by MicKJagger
Bounty Hunters, could it happen here? 987  13  Am I paranoid?  08/23/2012 01:18AM 
Last Post by Ogien
FCPD fatal wreck - Franconia Rd - NATIONAL NEWS!    Pages: 1 2 All 6,756  140  Gordon Blvd  08/23/2012 12:42AM 
Last Post by Wondering About Weight
Immigration/Deportation Attorneys in Fairfax 551  15  CorbinDallas  08/22/2012 10:48PM 
Last Post by CorbinDallas
Overturned car in fairfax circle 969  14  EnoughofTHIS  08/22/2012 10:27PM 
Last Post by Cool
Chick Fil A Fairfax...? 826  12  Que?  08/22/2012 10:10PM 
Last Post by Jason
Drivers on Popes Head Road 1,527  18  Resident  08/22/2012 09:07PM 
Last Post by Kilton
Cash Boner Bar @ Romney/Ryan Convention 359  Herb Tarlek  08/22/2012 08:04PM 
Last Post by Arthur Carlson
Fairfax County Emergency Information Survey 402  SurveyMonkey  08/22/2012 06:34PM 
Last Post by Cary A. Grant
Taking Strasburg out before the Playoffs 397  World Series  08/22/2012 05:31PM 
Last Post by F.U. Paging System
Grover Norquist Wants To Cut the Pentagon's Budget -- And He's Right! 320  Mervyn  08/22/2012 05:25PM 
Last Post by Mervyn
Rusty's New Event 1,411  77  BringYourWallet  08/22/2012 04:15PM 
Last Post by Bumper.
Remembering: Timmy Hall 1,754  49  A YEAR LATER GONE  08/22/2012 04:14PM 
Last Post by Thumper
Texting While Driving is Dangerous City of Fairfax Police to Enforce Applicable Laws 985  27  Fairfax Police  08/22/2012 02:32PM 
Last Post by snakeinthegrass
Cup Cake Stores 497  Cake Batter  08/22/2012 12:34PM 
Last Post by Hay Zeus
Less charitable donations in FFX City 298  foxcroft  08/22/2012 11:55AM 
Last Post by foxcroft
rumpole of the baily 317  Hilda  08/22/2012 11:39AM 
Last Post by Hilda
Robinson HS 884  cantthinkofagoodusername  08/22/2012 10:29AM 
Last Post by he he love it
Creepy Punk Rock Guy in Centreville 714  Noj  08/22/2012 10:14AM 
Last Post by Punk Sighting
Epic License Plates in VA 1,451  12  tjstudent  08/22/2012 10:00AM 
Last Post by F.U. Paging System
Almost Killed in Head On 908  18  Still Shaking  08/22/2012 09:53AM 
Last Post by Z3R0
Murder on 95 near Lorton 811  Death 4 death  08/22/2012 07:36AM 
Last Post by F.U. Paging System (Repeater Edition)
Wisdom of Republicans 524  25  Situation Room  08/22/2012 04:30AM 
Last Post by 4 more years truther
Hoes 4 Comfort 528  Hoes 4 Comfort  08/22/2012 01:35AM 
Last Post by Save It
Apply to work at Sacc 1,076  College Student  08/21/2012 11:55PM 
Last Post by wnrsm
Amber Alert 428  Hispanic/latino Male  08/21/2012 11:38PM 
Last Post by cesar's photo
Saw married neighbor's ad looking for gay sex on craigslist 2,400  18  Joey  08/21/2012 11:20PM 
Last Post by Mikeymike
Demm 350  14  Wisdom of Democrats  08/21/2012 11:15PM 
Last Post by holyshart
Alexandria Walmart Incident 891  Roy  08/21/2012 11:09PM 
Last Post by Mikeymike
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