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Police pull over cars moving for ambulance on old bridge
Posted by: Angrydriver ()
Date: June 01, 2012 02:58PM

Yesterday, 5-30-12, just before the gov center on Old Bridge(tech it's the PWPkwy there) coming from Hoadly towards Occoquan.....

3 lanes of traffic stopped for a school bus in the right lane_\-ambulance comes up, motorcycle cop is just ahead of me.

All drivers did everything they could to accomdate all traffic rules! They HAD to move for the ambulance!!! The school bus was in the far right lane, no children are going to cross!! There is a median, the bus would have to go to the other side-I'd say 4/5 people had to pass the bus to let the ambulance pass.

About a minute after the ambulance passed, they sat IN FRONT of the bus, one even looked back, decided to go, the child was off the bus. The motorcylce cop did nothing, nor would I, they HAD to move for the ambulance.

Then some unmarked cop car threw on his light and cut between cars-while the bus stop sign was still out-as soon as he did, motorcyclecop did the same, weaving thru traffic past the bus!

To the two people they pulled over, I will come back you up in court if you got a ticket for being between a rock and a hard place and deciding a ambulance law was above a bus law. None of you were anywhere near that bus and if my loved one were that hurt, I pray to God others would make way as well! The child on the bus was NEVER in danger, I was at the back of it all. I regret not stopping and chewing out those cops!

Yes, I have 3 kids who rides a bus-I'm still behind him. The unmarked cop wasn't even in uniform-he was a large african-american in sweatclothes!!!! And the motorcycle cop just jumped on board when the other cop car did....that's not right!

PWPolice need to take more care in their officer selection! I had to call and complain when one hauled up past me and cut me off on Smoketown! Why do they have lights if they won't use them!

Either way, like I said, if you were one of those people pulled over, or know one, and they were ticketed, I will gladly come testify on your behalf-I saw it all!!!!

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Re: Police pull over cars moving for ambulance on old bridge
Posted by: Ambulance Driver ()
Date: June 04, 2012 04:28PM

Actually the "Bus Law" is above the "Ambulance Law". Some of the only things ambulance drivers have to give right of way to is red lights and school buses with the stop sign out. If the Bus had retracted the stop sign, they'd be ok, otherwise those drivers should have waited for the school bus to retract it's sign. Ambulances are simply requesting the right of way, they aren't given it automatically.

An Ambulance Driver

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Re: Police pull over cars moving for ambulance on old bridge
Posted by: hey ()
Date: June 16, 2012 08:28AM

uh huh

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