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Why is no one talking about the indoctrination of our students??
Posted by: hinoig ()
Date: April 21, 2018 09:05AM

The curriculum for social studies has vastly changed for social studies and I'm surprised that no one is talking about it. It's equivalent to brainwashing.

In HS they spent 3 days on Islam, kids were told it's a religion of peace, that historically they were helpful and considerate of other cultures, it just went on and on how they have never done anything wrong in history. They had one day learning about Christianity, they were mostly told Christians were violent and caused a lot of issues. There was no information given about Jews, why am I not surprised....

Why would four days in class even be wasted on this garbage? Religion has no place in schools and in true history ALL religions have been violent. These teachings had an agenda to alter future thought patterns. Seriously, parents need to start questioning their kids what they are learning in schools.

Then another social studies teacher told his class that the All men are created equal was just they way that white men like to lie and it had no meaning. This dumb MF didn't tell that the real meaning is that the US will never honor The Crown or Royalty. Meaning your birth didn't automatically give you a spot in government. More lies and agenda. These teachers are truly deviant. They probably pass out cookies and kool aid and clap when they hear more cops are shot.

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