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Press Release: Episcopal Priest Robert H. Malm Lawsuit Heads to Virginia Supreme Court
Posted by: Eric..Bonetti ()
Date: July 06, 2021 11:57AM

A lawsuit against Episcopal priest Robert H. Malm, canonically resident in the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, has gone to the Virginia Supreme Court on interlocutory appeal.

Filed pro se by retired attorney Eric J. Bonetti, the suit alleges that Malm engaged in tortious abuse of process by filing false police reports and a request for a protective order for an improper purpose, which Bonetti alleges was to silence his criticism of Malm's conduct. The suit also alleges the other aspect of abuse of process -- actions improper in the ordinary course of litigation -- including concealing evidence adverse to Malm; committing perjury during discovery; attempting to depose Bonetti's late mother, then terminally ill and unable to comply without prior leave of court, as required by relevant state law; repeated witness tampering; engaging in dilatory and oppressive discovery; making knowingly false statements of law and fact to the court; using inflammatory and unprofessional language in legal pleadings, and more.

The interlocutory appeal was filed after Alexandria Circuit Judge James C. Clark refused to grant an order to compel discovery, despite allegedly myriad evasive responses by Malm to interrogatories. These include Malm's alleged refusal to provide specifics to support his claim, made in writing, under oath, while advised by church legal counsel Jeffery Chiow, that Bonetti's late mother or someone purporting to be her contacted Malm repeatedly. Similarly, in another interrogatory, Malm purportedly claims he can't answer questions about a document adverse to him, concealed during discovery, in which he claims that the plaintiff embezzled from a previous employer, on the basis that only his attorney has a copy.

Moreover, Judge Clark refused to enjoin Malm from allegedly tampering with witnesses, even after one emailed the court asking that Malm be stopped from contacting her. Similarly, he refused to enjoin Malm from contacting or threatening the plaintiff, who alleges that, on one occasion, Malm drove up to him in a blue Ford Explorer, carefully sized up the situation, emerged from the vehicle, and began screaming and threatening the plaintiff, frightening nearby onlookers and sending them running for safety.

In his pleadings before the Virginia Supreme Court, Bonetti asserts that he has repeatedly asked Malm's current attorney, Wayne Cyron, to correct Malm's allegedly perjurious testimony pursuant to disciplinary rule 3.3 (Candor to the Tribunal), but has been ignored.

"Both the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia and the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts have said in writing that they will not address Malm's perjury," says Bonetti. "As a result, my only option is litigation. Unfortunately, Judge Clark's conduct from the bench appears to be arbitrary and capricious, and biased in favor of the defendant. I have therefore asked for a new judge.

"I am also profoundly troubled by Mr. Cyron's continued efforts to proffer facially perjurious testimony, and to defend it in court. As an officer of the court, and consistent with his obligations of candor to the tribunal, truthfulness in communication, and fairness to the opposing party, Mr. Cyron cannot knowingly offer this testimony. Yet Mr Cyron not only defends this conduct, he even lied to the court, claiming that I have blogged under the name of various siblings in conjunction with this case. That's profoundly offensive, as I have none, and my only brother died 27 years ago almost to the day of Mr. Cyron's fabrication. I have asked Mr. Cyron in writing for a retraction, but none has been forthcoming."

Bonetti is part of the first same-sex couple married at Grace Church and regularly protests outside church services.

No date has been set for the Virginia Supreme Court to hear the case.
Robert H. Malm Perjury_compressed (1) (1).pdf

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Re: Press Release: Episcopal Priest Robert H. Malm Lawsuit Heads to Virginia Supreme Court
Posted by: Lg ()
Date: July 06, 2021 01:25PM

First of all Bonetti was not married at Grace Church. It was a blessing of a civil ceremony. Had Bob Malm known at a the time how disturbed he was it never would have happened. These lies are nothing but threats. There are no court dates, he’s just desperate for attention. What court in there right mind is going to let this whack a mole sue a judge. He has made up fictional characters that where going to leave money to the Church and got caught doing it. His mother was not on her death bed when this all took place. The lawyer even said she was capable to go to court. They offered to do a statement from her home and Eric flew off the handle and wouldn’t permit it. This is the women that didn’t even mention him in her obituary. All the rest is BS snd lies. There is no pedophile at Grace Church. This man is very disturbed. He even drove all the way to MA to stalk Bob Malm at his new Church. That’s 18 hrs round trip! Does this sound like someone who’s stable?

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Re: Press Release: Episcopal Priest Robert H. Malm Lawsuit Heads to Virginia Supreme Court
Posted by: Bonetti Brother ()
Date: July 06, 2021 02:40PM

I was aware that there was a Brian Bonetti who died back in '93 because he was prominently mentioned in Sigred Yahner's obituary as being her son. What I can't really be sure of is whether or not there is an Eric Bonetti. At least I can't tell by the obituary anyway. There's absolutely NO mention of him. It even lists her 4 step-children from another marriage, but no mention of any Eric Bonetti. It's almost as if she's............. embarrassed to be his mother?

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