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Kentucky Derby
Posted by: Screw BLM ()
Date: September 05, 2020 06:15PM

So niggers are planning to protest the Kentucky Derby to shift attention from the derby to Breonna Taylor. Are they that really that fucking stupid?!? The derby is a big money race for rich white folks and Churchill Downs is not the place for protesters to spout they’re BLM and wo is me Bullshit! Do they still not get the fact WHITEY DOESN’T FUCKING CARE??? It’s not our fight or grievance because when WE get pulled over by the cops we don’t try to fight them.

And other than Breonna Taylor everyone of the niggers shot by police recently were committing a crime and then attempting to fight the police when they went to arrest them. And everyone of them has a criminal record.

And if you check you’ll see there were many more white people shot by police than blacks so far this year. But you don’t see that on the news nor do you hear of looting and rioting when whitey gets shot.

They bitch more of them are shot or killed by police from a percentage based on the fact they’re only 13% of the population. And that’s because although they’re only 13% of the population that 13% of niggers commit a higher percentage of crimes than whitey by a long shot.

Proof? Look at the news and see how many blacks are killed by other blacks in predominantly black areas in Atalanta, Chicago, Baltimore, etc. Every weekend including young children! But funny how they don’t protest that.

Fuck their protests and fuck black lives matter. Thank god I don’t live in a shithole area and have to put up with their bullshit.

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