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Welcome to Fairfax Underground, a project site designed to improve communication among residents of Fairfax County, VA. Feel free to post anything Northern Virginia residents would find interesting.
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Dog Trespass Form -- Criminal AND Civil Penalties 137  Dog Trespass  11/26/2017 01:06PM 
Last Post by Dog Trespass
Urgent Volunteer Need 1,604  birendrakunwar  06/13/2017 03:30AM 
Last Post by xo
Awesome Things for the Kitchen 1,941  Kerry  06/13/2017 03:05AM 
Last Post by xo
Former Burke Kmart 974  Ghanboy  06/13/2017 03:04AM 
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TrumP: Scammander in Chief 480  Corleone  06/13/2017 02:54AM 
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Cupid's Undie Run Fundraiser with Zakke @ Clare and Don's Beach Shack 1,092  robert  01/28/2016 09:35PM 
Last Post by robert
FCPS going to rip apart Gender 1,520  PhoenixMatthias  10/26/2015 01:26PM 
Last Post by Crafton
half naked cheerleaders at South County High 8,831  12  Mr.Perkins  10/16/2015 05:47PM 
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EZ-RIDER Slugging App Now Free to Download on the App Store 923  threeheadsstudios  05/28/2015 03:01AM 
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EZ-RIDER - A New Slugging App for iPhone - Available at the App Store 831  threeheadsstudios  04/29/2015 07:45PM 
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ILLEGAL SIGNS 1,072  Bobkc  01/21/2015 07:46PM 
Last Post by Bobkc
Air presence over Clifton/Centreville 1,101  handywidow  11/03/2014 08:23AM 
Last Post by No Clue
Sea Turtle Conservation Boosters with Coastal Virginia Community Twining Demo 934  cafetwinv  10/06/2014 11:22AM 
Last Post by cafetwinv
QLG Virtual Team USDA NIFA SBIR Update & CB Coastal Forward Thinking 755  cafetwinv  09/22/2014 11:09AM 
Last Post by cafetwinv
Urban Farm & Community Garden (UFCG FX) Proposal For Fairfax Hub Zone Community 903  cafetwinv  09/11/2014 01:15PM 
Last Post by waldenthreenet
Hey Fairfax Fish Fry Lovers_Chesapeake Bay Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (SAV) 28% Goal to 101% Next 5 Years ? 1,067  waldenthreenet  07/27/2014 05:45PM 
Last Post by cafetwinv
Books for America’s Barnes and Noble Book Fair! 945  booksforamerica  05/08/2014 09:53AM 
Last Post by booksforamerica
KUNDALINI YOGA TEACHER TRAINING 2,313  Laine Douglas  03/14/2014 05:45PM 
Last Post by johno
Creating a More Older Adult-Friendly Community: A Call to Action! 2,760  birendrakunwar  03/14/2014 05:31PM 
Last Post by tacob
Birthdays , Events and Fundraisers 1,589  GameTruckParty  02/09/2014 12:42AM 
Last Post by Alpha Male
governors race/McAuliffe outspending Cucinelli 25:1 1,443  sukiung  11/01/2013 08:05PM 
Last Post by sukiung
No Credit Check Apartments 1,731  RKS  10/27/2013 01:57PM 
Last Post by RKS
:( 4,305  wshs!  09/17/2013 08:43PM 
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Medicare Open Season 1,321  birendrakunwar  09/13/2013 04:09PM 
Last Post by birendrakunwar
Medicare Open Season 1,319  birendrakunwar  09/13/2013 04:09PM 
Last Post by birendrakunwar
Fairfax County's Independent Living Project 1,363  birendrakunwar  07/02/2013 02:48PM 
Last Post by birendrakunwar
Volunteers Needed 1,431  birendrakunwar  06/27/2013 01:00PM 
Last Post by birendrakunwar
FFXU Prediction 1,234  marked words  06/21/2013 12:29PM 
Last Post by BEH
How's your cell phone signal? 1,592  Blazinator  06/14/2013 12:04AM 
Last Post by The Real Long Timer
Independent Living Project 1,815  birendrakunwar  06/12/2013 03:20PM 
Last Post by birendrakunwar
Medicare 101 1,148  birendrakunwar  06/12/2013 02:54PM 
Last Post by birendrakunwar
Prince William Remodeling- FREE ESTIMATE! 1,759  RML  04/14/2013 04:58PM 
Last Post by HUUUURRR
Arts & Culture Social Group 1,511  sg  04/02/2013 09:34AM 
Last Post by sg
anything i left out? 3,795  Cary  03/08/2013 03:17PM 
Last Post by FFX Stn
moved to a new location 1,506  EmmaDancer  11/23/2012 01:21PM 
Last Post by EmmaDancer
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ARE YOU READY FOR THE HOT SUMMER AHEAD? 1,727  KG  03/27/2012 05:03AM 
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Chick-Fil-A at Fair Oaks Mall - Family Night Tonight starting at 5pm (3/21) 1,697  Chick-Fil-A  03/21/2012 04:42PM 
Last Post by Chick-Fil-A
Beware!! Fairfax Station Post Office Thief 1,648  frankangel81  12/18/2011 07:30AM 
Last Post by airmail
University Mall 10/29/11 2,123  JMan  10/29/2011 07:28PM 
Last Post by JMan
GMU: cheating is tradition 1,906  Anne  03/21/2011 08:14PM 
Last Post by Gordon Blvd
Looking for a Used Furniture/Clothing Dropoff 1,160  bmkay  10/13/2010 09:44PM 
Last Post by snowdenscold
Great sports bar deal! 1,574  sportsbarlover  07/26/2010 11:25AM 
Last Post by sportsbarlover
$25 for $55 2,085  specialicious  07/23/2010 12:31PM 
Last Post by specialicious
Little tip from me to you. 2,483  Bella  07/22/2010 03:04PM 
Last Post by Bella
Tutoring service 2,323  S Heng  10/24/2008 05:01PM 
Last Post by S Heng
Low Prices on Automotive Repair Services 2,488  Nissan Technician  07/17/2008 10:09PM 
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KICKIN IT IN SOUTHCENTRAL 3,653  rstidman  09/23/2006 10:46AM 
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massage/spa 3,151  november.melody  08/05/2005 11:33PM 
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