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Welcome to Fairfax Underground, a project site designed to improve communication between residents of Fairfax County, VA. Feel free to post anything Northern Virginia residents would find interesting.

This free tool searches the last several years of tickets and arrests by the Fairfax County Police Department. This is merely a record that an arrest has occured and does not imply that the subject was convicted. Omit any apostrophes in last names. Results are limited to 500 lines. This new interface is in the testing phase. Please report any bugs or suggestions here. You can click here to go back to the old interface.


Searched for: Address: 6817 Street: perry penny City: annandale
11 matches found, up to first 500 displayed

"CASTILLO MARQUEZ  ","MARIA       ","O","029","  6817","PERRY PENNY         ","DR","ANNANDALE   ","VA","01/12/2005","40-44MPH/25MPH ZONE                "
"GUARDADE MENJIVAR ","WILIAN      ","A","020","  6817","PERRY PENNY         ","DR","ANNANDALE   ","VA","04/14/2006","NO/EXPR/IMPR CO TAG                "
"GUARDADO          ","BUENA       ","V","034","  6817","PERRY PENNY         ","DR","ANNANDALE   ","VA","03/08/2005","FAIL PAY FULL TIME & ATTENTION     "
"GUARDADO          ","MERJIVAR    ","W","021","  6817","PERRY PENNY         ","LA","ANNANDALE   ","VA","10/12/2007","TINTED WINDOWS                     "
"GUARDADO MENJIVAR ","JORGE       ","A","023","  6817","PERRY PENNY         ","DR","ANNANDALE   ","VA","01/24/2002","PT LARC-OTHER                      "
"GUARDADO MENJIVAR ","JORGE       ","A","025","  6817","PERRY PENNY         ","DR","ANNANDALE   ","VA","09/19/2004","RECKLESS DRIVING GENERAL           "
"GUARDADO MENJIVAR ","JORGE       ","A","030","  6817","PERRY PENNY         ","DR","ANNANDALE   ","VA","05/26/2009","DISPLAY OF LIC PLATES              "
"GUARDADO MENJIVAR ","WILIAN      ","A","021","  6817","PERRY PENNY         ","DR","ANNANDALE   ","VA","01/19/2007","EXPIRED STATE REGISTRATION         "
"GUARDADO MENJIVAR ","WILIAN      ","A","021","  6817","PERRY PENNY         ","DR","ANNANDALE   ","VA","01/19/2007","TINTED WINDOWS                     "
"GUARDO MENJIVAR   ","WILLIAN     ","A","018","  6817","PERRY PENNY         ","DR","ANNANDALE   ","VA","12/18/2004","EQUIPMENT  EXHAUST SYS             "
"MENJIVAR GUARDADO ","JORGE       ","A","030","  6817","PERRY PENNY         ","DR","ANNANDALE   ","VA","08/28/2009","POSS OPEN ALCH CONT                "