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Little Rocky Run (abbriveated LRR) is a neighborhood located northwest of the town of Clifton. Although it is closer to Centreville than Clifton, its mailing address is Clifton, with zip code 20124. It gets its name from the stream which runs north and east of the neighborhood.



LRR has three pools and rec centers for use of members of the home owners' association. All members must pay quarterly dues, which fund the upkeep of the neighborhood as well as pools, etc. Street lights are provided in the portion of LRR that is serviced by Virginia Power. The rest of the neighborhood, serviced by NOVEC, does not have street lights, with the exception of the Deepwood Farm infill development and Springhouse Circle. Union Mill Elementary School is located inside LRR at 13611 Springstone Drive. The HOA publishes a monthly newsletter.

Sections of LRR

There are two sections of LRR, the townhome section and the single family section.

Swim Team

The Stingrays are LRR's swim team. They are currently in Division 1 out of 20 in the NVSL. "Pool 2" in LRR is the largest and where the Stingray's swim. They recently hosted the All-Star Relay Carnival.

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