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Lockdown Home gym
Posted by: Xianders ()
Date: January 29, 2021 08:21AM

Hi, Dont think many of you will be interested but Oh How Original did ask! haha!

My main hobby is the gym. Im no where near as serious as a I was in my 20s, but I still enjoy lifting weights, The only difference is now, IF I want a beer and a kebab, I will have one.

Obviously, Lockdown Hit. I had a single garage, I had a punch bag and some basic weights and I built a bench out of my work tool boxes etc.


I got the above and sone resistance bands. I was surprised how much I enjoyed training alone in a single garage. I was surprised with what I could do with the above. I honestly enjoyed working out here more than the gym, and I dread to think how they're going to be when they re open next week with the social distancing......

Obviously, prices sky rocketed for gym stuff. Local gyms were selling off their old stuff for monumental mark ups and you know what, it completed ruined my faith in gyms. I then decided that I was going to commit to building a better home gym, and training at home and saving on membership and travel. My goal was to do this within a year, as Lockdown prices and stock levels went stupid. However, things escalated.

I read up on stuff, and worked out what I actually needed to completely train at home. Im not the worlds strongest man, but I needed Olympic sized stuff and around 200kg in weights . This would have to wait, as normal prices are circa £2 a kg for weights, however I saw uptown £10 a kg in lockdown. I decided Id need a power rack, bench and maybe a cable stack. I wrote down what I used in a normal gym, eradicated the machines and come up with what I needed and decided it was within budget and space restrictions.

I found he products I needed. They were out of stock, and I Was on Universal Credit due to been self employed., but not self employed long enough for any grant....... Dont believe all the hype about us being self employed being tax dodgers on easy street! I signed up for email alerts for when stock came back, and excepted to start buying stuff in September at the earliest.

However, I managed to find a weight bench and some weights in stock at Argos. I Went and picked these up and this is where everything changed for me


I did buy it, but when queuing for it, I got talking to a Security Guard who was a friend of a friend. I mentioned what I was buying and he said 'ha, don't waste your money, Ive just rebuilt my gym, you can buy my old stuff'. I laughed, thought nothing of it but took his number.

Bare in mind, Olympic level stuff was going for £300 for a bar alone, stands and a bench around £500. This during lock down. Prices went crazy.

WE spoke for a week or so, and eventually he offered me this:


Semi Commercial Grade Bench

Semi Commercial Grade Barbell Stands

7ft Olympic Bar

I had no money so I gingerly asked how much. £40 he said. FORTY POUND. I asked him why so cheap. His reply was very poignant for someone Ive only known a few days at this point as a friend of a friend. 'You need them, I dont. I dont need money, you dont have money'. Fair enough. I tried to give him £100 but we settled on £60. I asked why so cheap again, he proceeded to take me through into his garden. He had a 24x24 ft purpose built Dogo for his MMA. Amongst all the punchbags etcIt also had brand New Full cage, 500kg of Olympic Weights, Cables, the lot. I've since got quite close with this guy, we've trained a few times and been to a few garden parties. Strange how life works.

I however, had no Olympic weights. I worked put what I needed and found a Steel shop on Instagram who were using the lack of weights available to their advantage and had started making their own weights. They were basic, but were accurate and IMO a very good price. I organised to drive upto Liverpool to pick them up and leant some money off my Dad to pay cash! They worked out at less than £2 a kg, and I bought around 150kg's worth at the time. I'm about to order more when money improves.

So now I had this


Another good thing was, this was now around June, and Id done the odd job, I had a little bit of money. I decided to spruce it up and make it more homely.

I painted the walls (£50)

I got proper flooring (£80)

I rewired and changed to an LED Light (£60)

Strip out


Looking nicer


I could honestly do everything I needed here. IT just took a lot of adjustment for the squat stands for various height, but I enjoyed this set up. However, towards the end of last week. I started to get some in stock notifications..... I did something potentially silly. I ordered the lot on my credit card.... However.... Its here now! I also made a fair bit back selling my older stuff (with permission from the guy who sold it me so cheap )

I went with a Gym Master Lat Pulldown Machine, with an additional twin rope and V Bar attachment. This was around £210 all in. Its great for my Garage as its short. Im only 5ft 8, but I think anyone 6ft+ would struggle with this. Its perfect for me and I can load it up with either 1" or 2" Plates. Looks and feels a lot more gym grade than it actually seems.



I added some more weights, this time I got them delivered to save driving to Liverpool


My Favourite exercise is T Bar Row, so made sense to pick up a Landmine. This is bolted through the floor using M10x120mm Rawl Bolts. I inserted the Olympic Bar and use the V Bar as the handle and row away


I had a hard time deciding this next part. I didn't have enough room for a Full Cage, but I honestly didn't need one. I wanted to have different heights pre set for the barbell for Squat, Incline Bench, Flat Bench and Seated Military press. This seemed the best bet. Its a Mirafit M2 Semi Competition Walk in rack. Its very secure and strong. I train alone, and the barbell stands needed weighting down to stop them tipping over when I got above 100kg, which isn't ideal. I also bought the matching bench. I didnt need this but it was in stock, and matches plus Ive sold the white one already.




I also added a 20" fan, and mirrors which cost me a lot more than I thought because gains! Also curtained off the garage part of the garage.

The majority of my training is down within the rack now, with the barbell, and then can do a fair amount on the cable stack, which goes above 100kg. I have 5 levels of resistance bands which Ive been tying to the cage/punchbag which have really changed how Ive been training. Very impressed with them.

I also have a pair upto 40kg dumbbells and maybe 80kg in barbells, but they're the spin lock style so need building up.

So what's next? Well, Ive s point more time working on the gym, than in the gym so I need to use it!!!

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 01/29/2021 08:22AM by Xianders.

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Re: Lockdown Home gym
Posted by: Ernesto ()
Date: January 29, 2021 10:15AM

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Re: Lockdown Home gym
Posted by: DIE SPAMMER!!!!! ()
Date: October 19, 2022 09:13AM

Ernesto Wrote:
> I dont like home gym. I prefer going out to gym
> because I can find there some hot chicks to hang
> out with. But now its closed so I have to use this
> dating app https://www.Iwantdating.com to chat
> with girls and inveite them to my house.

Eat shit and die spammer


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