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Posted by: Dont hate me because im beautifu ()
Date: February 25, 2017 06:17PM

Wiley Henkel Jr of Thompson Rd Fairfax Va
A 57 year old thief/crack addict who steals college from college students
Has been placed on the watch list
If you see his dark blue mazda 6 touring and him, description
5'9 , fat , balding gray , literally looks like a short homer simpson, ,,
Beware ,,he has run numerous people ofc the road. Brags how he fools fairfax county cops,
Files false reports to his job to save face and if he wasnt JUST A JANITOR ,,the vounty would have fired him long ago
But someone needs to clean the shit out of a toilet.
Henkel posts fake hes being stalked posts here, because lets face it , he was DUMPED FOR BEING A CRACK DEALER and vindictivr writes lies about an ex
If you see the bisexual diaper depends wearing 57 yr old crack mule
Call the police

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Posted by: Drugs Are Bad ()
Date: June 01, 2017 07:24PM

There are plenty of NA and AA meetings in the area. You can also check into any hospital for detox.

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