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Welcome to Fairfax Underground, a project site designed to improve communication among residents of Fairfax County, VA. Feel free to post anything Northern Virginia residents would find interesting.
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Posted by: Cary ()
Date: March 04, 2005 01:08AM

This section is for articles written on things pertaining to Fairfax County. For example, I have an english paper that I wrote on how to survive the court system without a lawyer that I will be putting up shortly.

Only registered users can post new articles in this section. Anyone can respond.

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Re: Looking for specific & other adult male sexual abuse victims
Date: July 03, 2012 03:56PM

Hello to the people of Fairfax County and, in fact, surrounding areas. After many years and tries progress is being made with a most important quest. It's only been in the last six months that this effort began to move along. I'm looking for men who were molested in Fairfax County (and/or close in Prince William) by specific (or other predators). You would be, perhaps, 35 or older. You may have confided in someone else, but this particular project is with respect to specific male beings and places. Please, finish reading. Now, to more specific information you would be aware of in this effort. I was molested as a kid on the x-ray table by the technician at the old location of Alexandria Hospital. I had my appendix out the next day. As a kid of 12-13 I was molested at Fairview School, Fairfax Station by a man who was my teacher and also the principal. As well, there was a bad sexual incident in Manassas by a man who was a business associate of my father. That man was the top executive of a lumber company on the main street entering Manassas from Centreville. (I have MORE specific descriptions, but, will be generic as of this writing.) You might ask "Why the hell did you allow this to happen?" I was the last of six and alone and shy. I had no bond with my own father and predators can sense vulnerability. As well, I was raised to not talk back or otherwise upset my elders especially those who are considered authority figures or have titles. I have studied Male Sexual Abuse and there is a list of "tools" predators can possess that give them advantage. At Fairview School the teacher/principal managed to create "opportunities" and situations that made him feel bold and secure in his advances. He taught at Fairfax Elementary, Fairview Elementary and Wakefield Forest. While at Wakefield he was suspected and was told he would have to go. He resigned, moved his family (Yes, he was married and with children of his own.) to Morgan County, WV and taught there. As well, he continued his relationship at a place called Monte Vita Boys Camp. This was outside of Berkeley Springs and up on the hill close to Berkeley Castle. He had been involved with the camp for some time already, teaching and running the camp. His "career" I now know through my experience in outreach included more than me. I suspect that these dual careers and length of tenure allowed him access and opportunities to abuse many more. Some I have heard of but I KNOW there are more. Please, help me find them. My very strong feeling is this: God bless those, who are younger men, can now in these times finally come out and address these issues and get the abusers where they need to be. Why and how can we not try to create opportunities for those who have suffered longer to speak out, even without revealing their idenity, and share their pain? Is not one man's pain just as valid as another? And, the ones who have lived with it longer have hurt more in many cases. The "by-products" can be addictions, abuse of others, self-harm in overeating and a host of various other repercussions. Please contact me at CampMontevita@gmail.com. It can be for more information, questions related to this appeal or not. But, we need to address this NOT ignor or otherwise cover it up or do nothing. It took me over two decades to get this far. Before no one would help at all. Now, it's our chance. Thank you! Sean Chandler West

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tar falling from the sky
Posted by: Ed ()
Date: September 02, 2013 02:08PM

My house and cars have black tar spots on them. does anyone know what caused this?

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Re: Buy Morphine Online
Posted by: Devil's Reject ()
Date: September 22, 2020 12:21AM


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