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Massive Farm Bill Overhaul Clears Senate
Posted by: LaborParty ()
Date: April 27, 2012 01:54PM


The Senate Agriculture Committee gave the thumbs up to the massive five-year, $500 billion Farm Bill that would eliminate direct payments to farmers, slash subsidies, bolster crop insurance, and consolidate conservation programs.

Lawmakers voted 16-5 to send the behemoth legislation to the Senate floor, brushing aside oppostion from Southern colleagues who claim the bill hurts their region and benefits the Midwest.

"By eliminating duplication, and streamlining and consolidating programs, we were able to continue investing in initiatives that help farmers and small businesses create jobs," said committee chairwoman Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., in a statement following the vote. "This bill proves that by working across party lines, we can save taxpayer money and create smart, cost-effective policies that lay the foundation for a stronger, more prosperous economy."

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Re: Massive Farm Bill Overhaul Clears Senate
Posted by: Gov Cuts Coming to You. ()
Date: April 27, 2012 01:57PM

Farmers are not going to be very happy from now on.

Oh well, a lot people are going to be pissed about government cuts but they have to happen. Agriculture is a dead industry in the US and it should just fade away.

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Re: Massive Farm Bill Overhaul Clears Senate
Posted by: Huh??? ()
Date: April 27, 2012 02:16PM

So we're spending half a trillion dollars to cut farm subsidies? That doesn't make any sense. And I'll believe it when I see it.

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Re: Massive Farm Bill Overhaul Clears Senate
Date: April 27, 2012 02:25PM

Clearing a committee isn't "clearing the Senate." The OP is a dumbshit for not posting the whole headline.


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Re: Massive Farm Bill Overhaul Clears Senate
Posted by: Lester ()
Date: April 27, 2012 03:19PM

Nelson and Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, touted the inclusion of a proposal to limit overall farm payments under a new commodity program to $50,000, or $100,000 for a married couple.

Grassley also was able to include his proposal to tighten requirements that payment recipients be “actively engaged” in farming operations.

There have been reports over the years of farm payments going to professional athletes, actors and other owners with no role running the farm.


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Re: Massive Farm Bill Overhaul Clears Senate
Posted by: farm income up ()
Date: April 27, 2012 04:30PM

farm income is higher than it's ever been due to all time high prices, the ag industry doesn't need corporate welfare

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