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Every Word Out of the Mouth of a Jew
Posted by: Real J.W. ()
Date: May 25, 2023 11:52PM

is nothing more than what they want you to think.

There is no such concept as "truth" or "lie" or "fact" or "fiction" or "true" or "false" in the primitive tribal mind of the Jew.

There is only what they, the Jew, wants you to think.

Think about that ........


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Re: Every Word Out of the Mouth of a Jew
Posted by: Whats The Matter Klansman ()
Date: May 26, 2023 01:31AM

Scared of me The REAL JEW here . Using J W as your sock . Im the one who is defending all of your rights in our US constitution ! Because Im the one standing up against what Democrats call hate speech for votes , Because its ugly and disgusting , but I see it still as free speech and always has been , don't forget that. So lay off the JEW hate will you. JEWS have helped to make your life better in so many ways , one big area is in medicine and medical research that can save your life and very well may have at some point in your life .

Kind as I the REAL JEW here am to you , and you want to have a pizza party inviting me the REAL JEW , then putting me into the oven at the end of the party . That is the feeling I get from you . Ive heard all the ugly jokes toward JEWS for years and your ugly comments and laugh at them . Im not a weak person is why . Are you weak and easy fooled by JEW haters ?

Stop that JEW hate foolishness will you and vote for your rights to all be upheld

If you can indeed legally vote

Look at all JEWS have gave to all and thank GOD for the blessing they are here on earth with all of GODS children of all religions colors and genders

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