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Proud Boys Wife Testifies in Sedition Trial, "Drank Heavily and Watched FOX News"
Posted by: Lock Him Up! Lock Swamp Up! ()
Date: April 06, 2023 09:53AM

Another attempt by defense lawyers to say "He accidentally broke a window" isn't working. It's not like a kids baseball hit a window, it was a window broke out with a stole police officers shield who was assaulted. The guy broke through police lines and bashed out the window so the mob could break into the Capitol to attack congress.

Before joining the Proud Boys in late 2020, Dominic Pezzola had become increasingly isolated and “consumed” by right-wing politics during COVID-19 lockdowns, his common law wife testified Wednesday at his ongoing seditious conspiracy trial.

“He started drinking very heavily and inundated himself with Fox News day and night,” Lisa Magee said.

Magee was called to the stand by Pezzola’s attorney Steve Metcalf as a key character witness in the case. Pezzola, who used a police riot shield to bash in a window and create the first breach of the U.S. Capitol Building on Jan. 6, began trial in January alongside four leaders of the Proud Boys, including former chairman Enrique Tarrio.

For weeks, jurors had seen images of Pezzola hyped up as a “War Boy” in a social media post by Tarrio and smoking a celebratory cigar following the breach of the Capitol. On Wednesday, Metcalf called Magee to offer a different image of the Proud Boy.

“We received a phone call to leave work early,” Magee said. “That there were protests going on, turning violent. Police cars were burned. Personal vehicles set on fire.”

Pezzola, she said, began drinking heavily and became consumed with politics. That’s when Magee told him to “find some friends.”

“Is that why we’re here today?” Metcalf asked.

Although Magee offered almost no testimony on the stand Wednesday about Pezzola’s role in the Capitol riot, she spoke at length with WUSA9 during an interview in June 2021.

“It was a broken window,” Magee said about the now infamous video of Pezzola. “Everywhere in the United States of America, breaking a window is a criminal mischief charge. Anybody anywhere that broke a window wouldn’t even likely be arrested. They would be given an appearance ticket.”

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Re: Proud Boys Wife Testifies in Sedition Trial, "Drank Heavily and Watched FOX News"
Posted by: Needs Friends ()
Date: April 06, 2023 09:57AM

That’s when Magee told him to “find some friends.”

About the story of MAGA. MAGA is a bunch of nutcases who don't have any real friends so they figure if they say "Trump" somebody might be their friend.

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