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Anal Herpes Presentation and Symptoms
Posted by: rectum2 ()
Date: January 24, 2023 03:42PM

I´m making this post to educate and inform about anal herpes symptoms and clinical presentation (My case), since I had a horrible first outbreak the 2nd of january and was misdiagnosed by several doctors after numerous times going to the ER. Some doctors even mistakenly diagnosed me with an anal abscess and a fistula, and almost sent me to the OR to have the abscess drained and the fistula treated (which wasn't necessary).

This is my timeline so far:

* December 31st- unprotected anal intercourse.

* Day 1 - everything normal I did not go to the bathroom

* Day 2 - just a little itchy from going to the bathroom when wiping myself with tissue.

* Day 3 - intense pain when going to the bathroom with a feeling of having something internally inflamed. At night I start to have chills, vertigo when walking and fever of 39.4 (I thought it would be the flu and that the below would be a simple internal fissure)

* Day 4 - ibuprofen, I went to the bathroom a couple of times the pain only got worse and I start to have pain around my anus, plus some small bumps that are very sensitive to the touch with no apparent pus. Don't take my temperature. I felt better from malaise and fever. Lots of blood on the paper when cleaning.

* Day 5- pain much worse than before and much more sensitivity around the anus, fever of 39. Pus excreted around the anus. A friend prescribes me something and I take antibiotics (cefoxime) and rectogesic ointment (nitroglycerin) at night for the fissure. And I take ibuprofen at 10 PM (my fever goes down, but I wake up at dawn) 4:00 AM with 38.7 with a lot of pain and cramps. I go to the bathroom, the pain has increased and it is so excruciating that I thought I was going to pass out from the pain. Pus on the outside of the anus / also the next day when waking up.

* Day 6 I woke up with a temperature of 38.4 at 10:00 AM, continuing with pain in the anorectal area and adjacent surroundings, I took a hot shower and went to the emergency room. Crotch pain when pressing. (inguinal nodes start to swell).
* Day 7 - 38.3 temperature, bloody pus outside the anus. 38.2 temp at night. I take enantium 37.8 temperature.

* Day 8 - I went to the bathroom at 2:00 AM I thought I was going to die, immense pain, screaming, I started to shake, I thought I was going to faint from the pain and I started feeling cold and very intense chills. At 3AM I take my temperature 39 fever. I take metamizole (a lot of pain). 3:30AM 39.4 degrees. Ibuprofen 4:30. 5:20 AM I take a shower to bring down the fever. 37.7. I feel inflamed balls in the groin that are painful to the touch. (swollen inguinal nodes).

* Day 9 - All day with a temperature of 38 and night too. Pain getting worse I notice at night what appear to be pus-filled sores around my anus.

* Day 10- 37.2 temperature. Excessively intense pain.

* From day 12- difficulty urinating, especially to start the stream (This started with a tingling sensation when urinating until it got to this point). I go for the 4th time to the ER. External ulcers are healing and there is almost no more pus coming out from the anus.

* Day 13th - herpes diagnosis, I start valaciclovir treatment for 10 days (2 pills a day). Difficulty urinating gets worse, but it starts to improve the next days, never needed a catheter.

*Day 14th/16th - The pain when going to the bathroom decreases to the point where I can have bowel movements without using topical anaesthesia (I used EMLA cream for the past days if I had to go to the toilet).

* Day 24th- Valaciclovir treatment finished. I still feel itchy around the anus, buttocks and adjacent areas. When having bowel movements it still doesn't feel right, i don´t have pain, but I have a very displeasing feeling when going to the toilet (especially if there are bigger chunks). I still bleed from time to time when going to the toilet (blood on the paper). I have a weird sensation in my sphincter (inner), as if it is not working properly, or a feeling of mild anaesthesia altogether (when I have to go to the bathroom I don´t really feel like there is something that wants to come out)

I´m still waiting for the hospital to call me and give me an appointment with the proctologist, but I´m just hoping that the rest of the symptoms I still have will fade away on their own.

Please share your experiences with anal herpes so other people can find information about it, since there is so little published online.

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Re: Anal Herpes Presentation and Symptoms
Posted by: Big Lou ()
Date: January 24, 2023 05:23PM

Just rub some alcohol on it.

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Re: Anal Herpes Presentation and Symptoms
Posted by: Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up! ()
Date: January 24, 2023 05:35PM

I told you it wasn't my nigger bull that infected you. You need to stop posting this shit. All the freebies you got from me and now this.

Ungrateful fucking fag.

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