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2024 Calling It Now
Date: November 18, 2022 04:46PM

Trump will win nomination due to followers.
Many will be enraged over prosecutions ramping up now and will overwhelm the sensible portion of the party that knows he cannot win. Republican voter turnout will be low, again.

Biden will win nomination because the economy will be somewhat turned around 2 years from now.

Republican House will do nothing useful for two years.
Mainly, they will pursue Hunter Biden, perhaps even
impeach Biden (who will not be convicted in the Senate).

Most Republicans are pro-CHOICE, which is one reason they
LOST the mid-terms and there was no RED WAVE.
Also, they propose nothing positive for the economy.
All they will continue to do is rant about the
(boring,been fucked too long and no chance bi-partisan
reform) Border, taking away Medicare and Medicaid from
people, making all the young graduates repay their loans
another reason they lost: trying to run on principle
rather than demographics). and other random shit that
most people don't care / gave up / disagree with.

They will be 100% ineffective and doing
anything positive. Leadership has already announced this
on FOX News, to incredulous reporters. This session of
Congress will be about revenge for the Trump harassment.

That's not going to energize Republicans.
It will not swing any voters.
It will bring out the Democrats in droves.

Trump will play Victim, corrupt FBI.
Party will try to run on Crime (didn't work in 2023),
Abortion (90% voters are pro-CHOICE),
Economy (will blip up in 2023, no plan),
Border (that "wall" shit again, we all gave up).

Trump will demagogue again and nobody will buy it.
Sick of Trump but manipulated into making him the candidate.

DOJ will be Lock Him Up Lock Him Up.

Total Loss!

So I will easily call it today:

Biden will get a second term.
Both the House and Senate will be Democratic again.

Yes, Democrats will again overlook his senility.
Consider that they elected a vegetable to the Senate.
All that matters is Party.
And TDS.

So the country will stay in the shitter for the foreseeable future. You think the economy is bad now, wait 4 years.

TDS on both sides.
A lost generation in the USA.

Oh also: Biden will die in office, and Kamala will
rule for a while.

I have computed all of this using a APL program
on an IBM-5100 computer that I salvaged from 1974.
Matrices don't lie.

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Re: 2024 Calling It Now
Posted by: That’s a lot ()
Date: November 18, 2022 04:54PM

I’m not going to read

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Re: 2024 Calling It Now
Posted by: Ur a genuine! ()
Date: November 18, 2022 04:56PM

Liberal privilege is all I need to assume trump same outcome

No computer software technology needed

Liberals just cry their way through life till they get wait they want

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