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What All Kinds Of People Say Only Democrats Do On Facebook
Posted by: Its True Everyone Knows ()
Date: September 22, 2022 09:21PM

They get so pissed off at President Trump over nothing they post to all their friends "If you still think Trump should be president de-friend me right now"

Isn't that nice to treat friends like that as Trump was a great US President who kept both our vital national defense and economy strong ,inflation in check , prices of energy reasonable ,our rights intact and our border secure. In fact during Trumps term colas or cost of living raises for the government workers and those lucky to get them were so low they were usually only .05 to 1.4 percent which was the lowest in decades

How totally un-American and so hateful to ask friends to de-friend them because the mad Democrat supporter just hates President Trump and if you ask them why you get the old "Trump is Hitler" or "Trump is a dictator" and that's all they can tell you but its the Democrats who are trying to take our rights from us with our 1st and of course 2nd amendment rights attacked. Then look at how the Democrat JOE Biden they support has ran this country so far down in only 20 months when a 5 % cola for the government people cant keep up with Joe's inflation which really hurts the poorest and middle class Americans but still there's so many people in the private sector who get nothing which is really making them feel the financial pain inflicted by Joe Biden who millions now think is the worst US president of all time

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Re: What All Kinds Of People Say Only Democrats Do On Facebook
Posted by: i know right ()
Date: September 22, 2022 10:18PM

How libtards spend every night.
trump in the head.jpeg

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