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Forget Biden and Federal Authority’s, Bowels!
Posted by: Hambeast Onion ()
Date: June 15, 2022 07:09PM

I’m tired of this forum having multiple threads of nonsense.

Bowels should be pinned to the top. This is by far the most pressing issue here. We all have bowels. President Biden does, the idiot Donald Trump does, but let’s not forget bowels are bipartisan.

What are we going to do to change our bowels?

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Re: Forget Biden and Federal Authority’s, Bowels!
Posted by: Ailurophile ()
Date: June 15, 2022 07:47PM

Hello, hello.

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Re: Forget Biden and Federal Authority’s, Bowels!
Posted by: I'm All In For Bowels! ()
Date: June 15, 2022 08:36PM

Hambeast Onion Wrote:
> I’m tired of this forum having multiple threads
> of nonsense.
> Bowels should be pinned to the top. This is by far
> the most pressing issue here. We all have bowels.
> President Biden does, the idiot Donald Trump does,
> but let’s not forget bowels are bipartisan.
> What are we going to do to change our bowels?

Pin it brother.

These contrail picaninnies are SO unable to discern shit from shinola that they must believe their bowels to be producing gold!

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Re: Forget Biden and Federal Authority’s, Bowels!
Date: June 15, 2022 09:38PM

you cool Hambeast....eye got no problem with you yuh big coprophiliac

"these contrail picaninnies are SO unable to discern shit from shinola that they must believe their bowels to be producing gold!"

hey faggot.....whut does this H7787 bill say....read it....


23-23.8-1. Short title.5
This chapter shall be known and may be cited as "The Clean Atmosphere Act".6
23-23.8-2. Legislative intent.7
(a) It is the legislative intent to preserve the safe, peaceful use of Rhode Island's atmosphere8
for people, the environment, and agriculture, and to expand upon climate efforts, by regulating9
weather modification and other large-scale, atmospheric activities and prohibiting those which are10
(b) The general assembly finds that many atmospheric activities harm human health and12
safety, the environment, agriculture, aviation, security, and the economy of the State of Rhode13
Island. It is, therefore, the intention of this legislature to regulate hazardous atmospheric activities14
as further set forth by the terms and provisions of this chapter.15
23-23.8-3. Findings of fact.16
(a) Background: earthly life, or "bios", is a system that can be impaired and broken by17
perturbations such as human activities that are xenobiotic, i.e., foreign to life. The extant damage18
from pollutants and other harmful human activities is incalculable, and the state of earth's biotic19
LC004842 - Page 2 of 24
system is widely reported as catastrophic and in urgent need of protective action.1
(b) Scope: Inclusive of solar radiation management (SRM), carbon dioxide removal2
(CDR), and other techniques, hazardous emissions activities are diverse, varying greatly in their3
characteristics and consequences. Included herein are anthropogenic atmospheric activities, and4
may involve ground-based, underwater, and atmosphere-based activities, including, without5
limitation, aerosol injection, cloud-seeding and other deployments by facilities such as aircraft,6
rockets, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and drones of all sizes down to large pico balloons,7
wireless infrastructures, ships and submarines.8
(c) Scope of regulatory authority: All atmospheric activities require state licensing.9
(d) SRM activities include, without limitation, aerosol injection such as:10
(1) Solar shields or atmospheric sunscreens where reflective materials are injected into the11
stratosphere with the intention of increasing albedo. These include, without limitation, sulfur12
dioxide (SO2), sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and aluminum oxide (Al2O3);13
(i) SO2 and H2SO4: Sulphate releases produce toxic sulfate clouds. According to the14
journal Geophysical Research Letters, SO2 injected into the atmosphere slowly converts to H2SO415
to produce the adverse effects of ozone layer reduction and radiative forcing or heating of the lower16
stratosphere through reflection and absorption of terrestrial heat. The U.S. Clean Air Act (4217
U.S.C. § 7401 et seq. (1970)) is focused on reducing SO2 and H2SO4, the primary components of18
acid rain. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), SO2 penetrates deeply19
into sensitive parts of the lungs, causing susceptibility to pathogens, and harms the environment.20
(ii) Al2O3: According to the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), Al2O3 causes21
respiratory tract, eye, and skin irritation as well as organ damage and bone abnormalities,22
particularly with repeated or prolonged exposure; and it may be neurotoxic if absorbed into the23
brain. The U.S. Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) § 313 requires24
anyone manufacturing, processing, or using Al2O3 to report this activity to EPA. Any aircraft25
containing a hazardous substance is considered by the U.S. Comprehensive Environmental26
Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) § 103, and by EPCRA § 304, a "facility"27
required to report any release into the environment. Whether users deploying substances into the28
atmosphere do presently comply is unlikely. Typically, stratospheric releases of sulfuric and29
aluminum oxide particulates fall into the troposphere, blocking sunlight from reaching earth's30
surface, after which they rain down as acidic pollution, harming terrestrial and aquatic life. Acidic31
precipitation further mobilizes aluminum from both natural sources and direct, anthropogenic32
atmospheric releases and industrial processes. Acidification mobilizes aluminum from land into33
aquatic environments and into human and animal brain tissues. Acid rain dissolves and washes34
LC004842 - Page 3 of 24
away the soil's nutrients and minerals, which help plants grow. It reduces photosynthesis by1
removing the waxy cover on leaves and ultimately kills the aquatic life upon which human life2
(2) Carbon black or black carbon releases: Deliberate, atmospheric releases of soot are used4
to produce artificial weather events, increasing albedo and reflecting sunlight; in particular,5
aerosolized coal combustion fly ash liberates dispersed aluminum, which, when absorbed into6
human and other bodies, is a primary factor in the pronounced increase in neurological diseases7
and the widespread debilitation of earth's biota;8
(3) Rocket emissions: Entirely unregulated, these include, without limitation, black carbon9
soot and alumina particles in addition to carbon monoxide (CO), chlorine, sulfuric compounds,10
methane, and water vapor, a "greenhouse gas" blocking sunlight and reflecting terrestrial heat;11
(4) Cloud brightening: Sodium chloride (NaCl) or sea salt, seawater, nitric acid (HNO3),12
and other materials injected into clouds make the clouds more reflective, after which the salt and13
other materials rain out over land areas and freshwater supplies – reinforcing the need for the 202114
expansion of states' rights under the U.S. Clean Water Act.15
(5) Salt flare rockets: Fired into clouds, salt flare rockets trigger rain downpours containing16
salt, that contaminates freshwater supplies, desiccates surfaces, and makes the atmosphere and17
exposed biota, including humans, more conductive;18
(6) Cloud-seeding releases of Silver Iodide (AgI) and/or solid dry ice, which is carbon19
dioxide (CO2), the latter increasing carbon levels that state policies rather intend to decrease;20
(7) Cloud-cover production: Aerial releases of water vapor, a "greenhouse gas", result in21
manmade cloud cover, trapping terrestrial heat;22
(8) Reflective space mesh mirrors: Wire-mesh mirrors deployed in space reduce the23
amount of direct sunlight reaching earth's surface over small or large areas, depending on their size;24
(9) Space sunshades or sunshields: Huge, parasol-like devices reduce the amount of direct25
sunlight reaching earth's surface;26
(10) Planetary sunshades: These largest of SRM operations use particulates to cover, over27
time, the whole earth, substantially stripping the ozone layer and reducing the amount of direct28
sunlight reaching earth's surface;29
(11) Artificial ionosphere: A sustained, high-density plasma cloud produced in earth's30
upper atmosphere;31
(12) Large helium balloons releasing atmospheric contaminants such as SO2; and32
(13) Lithium releases.33
(e) CDR, involving the sequestration, capture, and removal of carbon dioxide (CO2);34
LC004842 - Page 4 of 24
(1) Land-based and ocean-based carbon sequestration, also called CO2 geo-sequestration;1
(2) Carbon capture or removal, involving the capture of what is considered "waste" CO22
and its deposit at storage sites, in order to allow the oil industry to continue burning fossil fuels;3
(3) Biochar, requiring burning huge amounts of biomass such as trees, crops, and solid4
(4) Ocean fertilization (OF) by dumping iron filings, lime, and urea so as to sequester CO2,6
producing detrimental artificial algae blooms and reducing oxygen and needed nutrients; and7
(5) Genetically modified CO2-eating, plastic trees;8
(f) Additional atmospheric activities requiring state licensing include, without limitation:9
(1) Ocean-cooling pipes, which would rather exacerbate oceanic warming;10
(2) Re-icing and/or cooling the Arctic and other areas through artificial means;11
(3) Ground-based cloud-nucleating generators;12
(4) Weather modification involving the release of sea salt, silver iodide, barium, and other13
substances to enhance precipitation (rain or snow) in one area while reducing precipitation14
(5) Flame-throwing fire drones purposed to cause terrestrial fires, and certain other16
controlled-burn methods;17
(6) Glacier-reflecting blanket deployment, with vast polar areas to be covered with soot;18
(7) Nitrogen removal and sequestration;19
(8) Evaporation alteration, by spreading various kinds of film upon large bodies of water;20
(9) Water vapor generation using nuclear fission or fusion, contaminating water sources;21
(10) Chaff releases, which involve the dispersal of bundles of millions of aluminum-coated22
glass fibers, often in lengths 1.5 centimeters (cm), 2.5cm, and 5cm, or nano-chaff that spread over23
hundreds of miles, remain in the air for up to a day, or for years, and then fall and break apart; while24
purposed to confuse foreign radars and satellite vision, chaff can causes power outages and interfere25
with air-traffic control, weather forecasting and climate research;26
(11) Deployment of radiofrequency/microwave (RF/MW) radiation, and low-frequency27
electric or magnetic fields, other than those needed for safety and aviation communication by28
infrastructures, individual and high-densification antennas at terrestrial surface and at higher29
altitudes from satellites, and by other means or at other altitudes; and30
(12) Intense mechanical vibration or noise other than from a facility's propulsion; and other31
physical agents, such as intentional changes to ambient temperature or barometric pressure, or32
excessive light at night, for any purpose, or inadvertently from other activities.33
(g) Aircraft atmospheric activities include those carried out from or by any type of manned34
LC004842 - Page 5 of 24
or unmanned aerial vehicle (the latter "UAV"), rocket, drone, balloon, or other facility, which1
involve the release or deployment of any nuclear radiation; any biologic or trans-biologic agent;2
any chemical substance or mixture including any chemical substance added to the aircraft's fuel3
emissions; cloud seeding; any electromagnetic radiation deployment other than radar or radio4
communications necessary for the aircraft's safety; or any other harmful physical agent, shall be5
subject to regulation including the licensing process, pursuant to this chapter.6
(h) Consequences: Documented problems arising from hazardous atmospheric activities7
(1) Contamination of air, water, and soil, as particulates fall to earth's surface; and other9
contaminants, including liquids, vapors and physical agents, impact the surface at or below ground10
or sea level;11
(2) Degradation of human, animal, insect, and plant health and productivity, with early12
death, when people and other living organisms are exposed to released particulates, vapors and13
other types of contaminants, often in violation of the U.S. National Environmental Policy Act of14
1970 (NEPA);15
(3) The acceleration of biodiversity and species losses, especially the loss of endangered16
and threatened species as identified under the U.S. Endangered Species Act of 1973 (ESA), each17
of which species has intrinsic as well as human-resource and resiliency value, and each of which18
cannot bear, per ESA, further habitat modification or degradation;19
(4) Extreme weather, with unprecedented temperatures, fires, floods, wind speeds,20
electrical storms, hurricanes and tornados, resulting in large-scale loss of life, damaged structures21
and infrastructures; and severe reduction in state, regional, and global food production; with a22
potential to breach state and national security;23
(5) Changes in micro-climates, local weather, and large-scale climate areas within shorter24
time periods, with increased and cascading climate effects and political ramifications;25
(6) Global dimming, which decreases vitamin D (calciferol) in humans and animals,26
causing malabsorption of calcium, magnesium and phosphate, with the increase of infections and27
other diseases; and in plants, photosynthesis reduction, with losses in agricultural productivity;28
(7) Less direct sunlight reaching earth's surface, with fewer winter freezes and higher29
humidity, resulting in increased molds, mildews, fungi, and other pathogens and pests that develop30
from such conditions – with human, animal and plant diseases resulting therefrom;31
(8) Increases in acid rain loads from the airborne injection or releases of sulfur and32
aluminum oxides, with human, animal, pollinating insect, plant, and water-resource degradation;33
(9) Changes in distribution patterns and chemical contents of rainfall, resulting in floods,34
LC004842 - Page 6 of 24
droughts, and the potential for international political conflicts;1
(10) Algal blooms, with impacts upon human health, aquatic systems, and economies;2
(11) The near-impossibility of restoring devalued natural resources, with the undermining3
and waste of state-funded conservation programs;4
(12) The potential, through radiative forcing, to reflect too much heat back to earth, or to5
produce excessive cold by reflecting too much cosmic energy away from earth, and to bring about6
feedback loops by one or the other;7
(13) Increased ultraviolet (UV) radiation (including UVA, UVB, and UVC) at earth's8
surface: UV is strongly absorbed by organic materials such as living tissues, with UVC's high9
energy and small wavelength particularly capable of destroying DNA and reproduction;10
(14) Increased combustibility of earth's terrestrial surfaces, by means of fallen particulates,11
some pyrophoric and/or desiccating, with increased fire incidence;12
(15) Significant increases in ambient mechanical vibration and noise pollution, leading to,13
without limitation, increased incidence of nervous system and cardiac irregularities;14
(16) Increased metals content in surface-dwelling and aquatic organisms, producing15
heightened bodily electrical conductivity and radiation absorption, with more susceptibilities and16
damages; particularly where atmospheric electrical charges are naturally or otherwise intensified;17
(17) Extreme harm to vulnerable human subpopulations and the more vulnerable species;18
(18) Significant changes to earth's atmosphere's electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic19
properties through the induction of high-intensity, decimeter, centimeter, and millimeter wave20
microwave radiation from increasingly densified wireless facilities, terrestrial and atmospheric,21
resulting in extreme and less predictable weather, the desiccation of humans, animals, insects and22
plants; blood-cell clumping (Rouleaux formation), blood-clotting increase, and blood-oxygen23
deprivation in humans and animals; diabetes and asthma increase in humans and animals; and the24
reduction and ultimate eradication of animal and insect populations, particularly pollinators25
dependent for navigation upon geomagnetism;26
(19) Visibility impairment and clutter, reducing aviation safety and accelerating collision27
rates with satellites, balloons and nearly one million "space-junk" or "space-debris" particles;28
(20) RF/MW interference from the exponentially increasing number of microwave-29
irradiating satellites with altimeters, global positioning system (GPS) and other international30
position systems' signals, relied upon by the aviation industry in traffic separation, aircraft31
navigation and instrument approaches for landing aircraft; and relied upon by militaries for national32
security; with the need for more frequent replacement of equipment, potentially costing the public33
billions of dollars;34

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Re: Forget Biden and Federal Authority’s, Bowels!
Date: June 15, 2022 09:40PM

funny how you flaming faggots call it contrails when its documented.....

but you the same flaming faggots who admit to committing federal crimes on a message board....

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Re: Forget Biden and Federal Authority’s, Bowels!
Posted by: Someone is def triggered ()
Date: June 15, 2022 10:08PM

Tsk tsk

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Re: Forget Biden and Federal Authority’s, Bowels!
Posted by: chcw3 ()
Date: June 15, 2022 10:37PM

He’s a frugivore and is nutritionally deficient.

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Re: Forget Biden and Federal Authority’s, Bowels!
Posted by: Fucking Birdbrain twit ()
Date: June 15, 2022 10:49PM

I bet he's a tweaker too

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Re: Forget Biden and Federal Authority’s, Bowels!
Date: June 15, 2022 11:21PM

am eye triggered or is it just you have no rebuttle?

all humans are frugavores by nature...but personally...om not a frugavore...om only a frugavore when om cleansing and that never lasts more than a month and even with that, owl stlll consume vegetables, herbs and seamoss

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Re: Forget Biden and Federal Authority’s, Bowels!
Date: June 15, 2022 11:25PM

"I bet he's a tweaker too"

no, you keep on forgetting...eye didn't vote for biden and kamala emhoff....eye don't do drugs

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Re: Forget Biden and Federal Authority’s, Bowels!
Posted by: WHY CARY WHY ()
Date: June 16, 2022 12:32AM

who doubts mahdi is a method man until the tweekers need a crys hit they gonna say no no no I don't pipe up no more so you no he's a iceboi

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Re: Forget Biden and Federal Authority’s, Bowels!
Date: June 16, 2022 12:45AM

eye think you gettting me confused with your auntie

eye mostly smoke weed and take mushrooms on occasion...thats it

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Re: Forget Biden and Federal Authority’s, Bowels!
Posted by: boiled. onion ()
Date: June 19, 2022 03:07PM

I want a sonic foot-long chili cheese onion dog or two with two large fries two onion rings and a shake. My bowels can handle it!

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