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ANALYSIS-How Mueller's hunt for a Russia-Trump conspiracy came up short
Posted by: lhwcj ()
Date: April 14, 2019 06:11PM


This Reuters story is a prime example of fake news and the relentless inability to see and think clearly about the Trump Russia Hoax.

To be sure, the investigation documented numerous contacts between Trump campaign figures and Russia, a willingness on the part of the campaign to accept help from Moscow, and no indication that the campaign told the Kremlin to keep out of an American presidential race.

Opening propaganda. Numerous contacts between Trump campaign "figures" and "Russia." Actually no. Or almost none. If you throw out contacts initiated by the Deep State/DNC operatives like Halper/Mifsud et at. there were almost no contacts at all. And I might add, "contacts" with "Russia" is not only NOT illegal. What was the nature of the contacts and what was the outcome?

A "willingness to accept help from Moscow." Nope. Not established at all. A handful of selective and out of context comments. A political operative makes snarky remarks about how negative info is amusing. Hardly the stuff of an illegal conspiracy. More like common political talk which occurs in the privacy of ALL POLITICAL CAMPAIGNS.

Wow. The Trump campaign was "colluding" with Russia because they didn't "tell" Russia to keep out of the presidential race. Does anyone realize how pathetic an argument this is. Evidence of active conspiracy and collusion with Russia because they didn't tell Russia to keep out. This is ridiculous.

A key event in the question of conspiracy was a June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower in New York in which Manafort, Kushner and Trump Jr. met with Kremlin-connected lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, who had offered damaging information about Clinton. After being promised "dirt" on Clinton, Trump Jr. wrote in an email, "I love it."

Unbelievable that supposedly serious media are still portraying the Trump Tower meeting as a Russian contact. Veselnitskaya has been proven to have been working in cahoots with Fusion GPS and the Obama State Department. The meeting was a sting operation. Stunning that Reuters does not know this.

Lots of words in this article but the main takeaway is that Reuters is unable to explain how it is that no one has been charged with conspiring or colluding with Russia.

Helpful hint for all conspiracy theorists:

CONTACT does not equal CONSPIRACY.



You need to actually have demonstrable FACTS that provide clear evidence in order to be taken seriously. Just because a Russian business mogul flew a private flight into a North Carolina airport on the same day that Trump held a rally in North Carolina does not mean the two events are connected.


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