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Iran economy reportedly in recession
Posted by: breitbart ()
Date: January 11, 2019 10:56AM


iran signed exclusive contracts to sell oil to china only, UN protetsed with blockades

(it means you can't buy iran oil with US dollars - you could only buy it from china. a smack in the face considering iran's tens of nuclear plants have allot of UN technology - not chinese technology - in them)

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Re: Iran economy reportedly in recession
Posted by: 6jme6 ()
Date: January 11, 2019 10:57AM

but is breitbart and CNN right on the $$$$?

is iran in a recession or is it a hot investment / expanding area they'd rather not other investors look into ?

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Re: Iran economy reportedly in recession
Posted by: Omhe ()
Date: January 11, 2019 11:07AM

Obama needs to send them a plane load of money

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Re: Iran economy reportedly in recession
Posted by: mptw9 ()
Date: January 11, 2019 11:31AM

fake news jews in ny and hollywood reported china and south america were 3rd world countries for decades - even in the 90's, often depicting them as penniless.

(in the 80's china was 2 story buildings in biggest city, by 2000 china had a city 10x the size of NYC, so in 90's china certainly was NOT a 3rd world country. why? to keep dumb people from investing or knowing "what is going on" with democrats and money)

today, fake news is still newsing India as penniless and helpless: truth? they are in USA congress funnelling money out with Hillary's help - and they are newsing their tech sector is stronger than USA's and can produce better products than usa's tech sector ... hardly penniless !!!!

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