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Posted by: GORGASM LYRICS ()
Date: April 20, 2018 03:23AM

2. Disembodied

I stare at their dead faces
Behind a bloody rotten human mask
Like Lambs to the slaughter
I lured them to their doom
Deceived by my intentions
To fuck them like no other has before
Handcuffed to the bedposts
Then gagged and vivisected
Breasts loped off to admire
Mastectomies done with a wire
Emasculated victims
Sodomized with their own cocks
Disembodied genitalia
Trophies of my sick deeds
Carving off the flaps of skin
Which appeal most to me
Stapling their flesh to mine
Assuming their identity
Knocked unconcious to molest
I undress them of their flesh
Razor blades excoriate
Bleeding as I masturbate
Encase myself within their skin
Feminine or masculine
My only need is to consume them
I'm a demon dressed as human
Kicking and screaming
Begging and pleading
Their pitiful cries I despise
Destined to be a part of me
Until their fleshrots from mine
Now that I have them they cannot fathom
The cruel ways in which they will die
Slashed and molested
Raped and dissected
Genital organs enshrined
Victims lobotomized
I've skinned and sodomized
Cadavers swarm with flies
Horrifying demise

3. Stabwound Intercourse

Bloodlust drives my schizoid mind
Sex and murder are entwined
I love to watch the veins
Pulsing in their necks
As I slash their throats
My dick becomes erect
Stabbed in the chest
Dead flesh is best
I will spill my seed
As I watch it bleed
Bloody holes I love to fuck
And my ten inch knife you'll suck
When I shove it through
The back of your head
Rip the clothes off the corpse
Lying dead on the floor
Brutally fucked in every hole
Use the carcass as my whore
Split their skin open wide
And hang them on a hook above
Lacerate to lubricate
Gush forth the crimson I love
In the sickest ways I defile
This bloody butchered human pile
The stench of gore is so sweet
Lying bleeding at my feet
Driven by my twisted urge
My flatulence will be your dirge
On your stiff I drop a stool
And make new fuck holes with my tool
Stabbed repeatedly with no remorse
I indulge in stabwound intercourse
Necrophilia is my morbid fun
Reaching climax
Baptized with my cum

4. Coprophiliac

Rage overwhelms me
Perverted heinous sights to show
Covered in excrement
From my head to the floor
Experience death your pain now ends
Even though you are dead
Pouring shit into your head
Half torn rectum starts my drool
Bloody shit starts to fall
Gagging on my stool and balls
Probing through the puckered anus
I will stick my finger in
Smearing shit across my grin
Bathing in your excrement
On my body it will splatter
Chewing on your fecal matter
Rip your ass wide
Extract it out
The smell of hot shit
Lubricates my mouth
Even though you are dead
Pouring shit into your head
Half torn rectum starts my drool
Bloody shit starts to fall
Gagging on my stool and balls
Probing through the puckered anus
I will stick my finger in
Smearing shit across my grin
Bathing in your excrement
On my body it will splatter
Chewing on your fecal matter
Coprophilism driving me until I'm through
Writhing in feces now I masturbate your stool
Rectal samples dug out wide
Innards brought forth outside
Keeping me satisfied
Pummeled form now denied
Addicted to logs of feces
And the stench of your dead asshole
Lubricated with diarrhea
Ravenous fecal freak

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Posted by: FOOD 4 WORMS ()
Date: April 20, 2018 03:24AM

5. Horrendous Rebirth

As we stew in our own cess
The unborn grow malignant
In the womb
A blasphemy to human form
As flesh contorts normality
Is doomed
Hideous monstrosities
The circle of life
Has been forever cursed
To suffer for eternity
We're all condemned to horrendous rebirth
Born deformed with abnormal features
Damned forever as a sickening creature
Living mangled human meat
Moaning twitching drooling freak
Suicidal mongoloids
Oblivious to what death is
Gnawing at their restraints
To masticate their twisted hides
A mother in labor legs spread wide
Conceiving an abomination to behold
Expires in agonizing pain
Stillborn blockage rotting deep inside
Embodiments of suffering
Repulsed by their sickening reflections
Gouge the eyeballs from their heads
Seeking the end of their misery
Born deformed with abnormal features
Damned forever as a sickening creature
Twisted headless ingrown twin
Internal organs outside the skin
Multiplying deformations
And severe retardation
Smashing their heads into the wall
To ease their tortured minds
[solo : Tangalos]
Trapped in the cycle of reincarnation
Eternal hell in genetic damnation
The circle of life forever cursed
You are condemned to horrendous rebirth

6. Clitoral Circumcision

Promiscuous cunting one
I will murder your desire for all time
You will be my fuckhole bitch
And you'll suffer in each painful thrust
Stripped to naked flesh
Your legs are spread
Meat flaps hangs repulsively gristle twat
I forbid you pleasure whore
And condemn your cunt to pain
Feel the cold blade touch your flesh
Teeth and anus tightly clenched
Drenched in fecund perspiration
I can smell your cunt
Scar and scrape your labia
With masochistic bliss
I remove your clitoris
With a razor's kiss
Loss of erotic sensations
Through cruel and sadistic castration
You now exist
To satisfy my carnal lusts
Submissive slave
Just a hole to be fucked

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Date: April 20, 2018 03:25AM

1. Bleeding Profusely

Gasp in horror, as I make you bleed profusely
Deep red lines carved, painful trenches in the flesh
I smell terror dripping from your every pore
Penetrated countless times
each stab deeper than the last
Spewing while you collapse
Blade thrusted into the gut
and ripped across from side to side
Organs spill as skin divides!

Stuffing in your intestines, falling from the laceration
Deeply punctured through the throat, jugular ejaculating

Balls chopped off, shoved in your mouth
Asshole stabbed, life comes pouring out

Horror seething, gored and bleeding, Shredded flesh overflowing, razor
cleaving, existence fleeting, Pool of crimson overflowing, Facial features
stained with pain, Violently I make you drain

2. Morbid Overgrowth

Naked bedridden bloated gluttonous pig
Stagnant and swelling festering sack of pus
Engulfed in mounds of fetid flabby mass
Stinking behemoth, gross abdominous

Massive tits sagging growing out your back
Folds of skin hanging rolls of dimpled cheese
Each crevice reeks like crack of dirty ass
Starving as you gorge yourself with tons of food
Oblivious it's actually swallowing-YOU!

Prey on others sympathy to bring you food to stuff your face 'til you're
Like some fucking fleshy fat balloon
Your body expanding day by day
Lying in your piss and shit
Your arms too short to wipe you own soiled ass
Crippled by your appetite
You're at my mercy, you'll soon see I have none

Slashed and spilled from your bladderous husk
Buckets of red cottage cheese for me to force feed you
Every last chunk of your fat, and I'll make certain of that
Quenching you hunger and thirst, stuffed 'til your fucking colon bursts!

3. Stripped To The Bone

Barrels filled with acid
To destroy my human garbage
Rotting in the bathroom
Hacking limbs to pieces
I prepare for their disposal
See them stripped to the bone

Hose thrust deep up the rump
Acid is then pumped
Rectum explodes
As the insides corrode

Burning through the body
Melting internal organs
Caustic solvents saturating
Eating the flesh!!!

I get high on the stench of burning flesh
As they dissolve
disintegrating and deforming
Skeletal husk remaining
Finished with their disposal
Grinding the bones into dust

4. Fucking The Viscera

Useless fuck toy to enjoy, lifeless skinless slab of meat
Vile sadist, core it's anus, around my finger sweet to eat
Stick my dick in, feel the wrath, eviscerated form of love Splintered bones
pierce my balls feeling pain from the scars
Unsuspecting doom erecting, slice it's chest open wide, a meal revealing,
sick appealing
Now I piss down deep inside!
Becoming one with my victims
Now my secrets stored unseen
Excrement and genitals lying in the sink
Stick my dick in, feel the wrath, eviscerated form of love Splintered bones
pierce my balls feeling pain from the scars Engorge the lungs with my shaft,
Stab a hole through it's back
Fucking the viscera!
Drill a hole through it's head, and fuck it 'til it's dead!
Frozen cold in agony chopped into tiny pieces
Genitals cut off and burned melted in the acid
I won't stop until I am caught
For-seeing what I have done,
chopped off heads and rectum ends now become my fun!!!
Cut off from life, severed and sliced, pull back the head and shit inside
Keeping them forever, soon will be my pleasure
On and on with the killing, feeding off the torture
Torturing unwilling, on and on with killing
Soon will be my pleasure-keeping them forever!

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Posted by: 804-795-1850 ()
Date: April 20, 2018 03:25AM

5. Voracious

Starved into insanity
crushed beneath their mangled corpses
Trapped and bleeding as I languish
Ravenous and filled with anguish
In this rotting heap-savage appetites around
As their blood pours in my mouth, In a frenzy I devour
Body surging with new power
With each shred I chew!

I shall emerge from this
rotten mound Of putrid bodies,
feeling a hunger extreme!
Digesting the remains,
stomach filled with rancid meat
Insatiable I crave
for the taste of living flesh...living flesh

with the strength of ten
Crippling my helpless prey, making sure they survive
Masticating chunks of flesh savoring their succulence
Delighted by the tortured screams
Voracious cont tasting better while alive

Bled and butchered just like cattle
As I feast the more I crave
Satisfied for only seconds,
When I shit out their remains

6. The Essence Of Putrescence

Here she lies dead, yet crawling with life
Rotting entombed, and deformed by decay
Taking her from death putrid grasp
Now her remains return home with me

I reconstruct her corpse to fuck

Wax replacing skin that's rotted
Fasten bones with screws and wire
Vaginal tube inserted
I'm consumed with sick...

Breathing in her rancid scent
Intoxicated as I mount her
Cunt and ass joined from the thrusting
Her remains crushed while I'm fucking

Embalmed with cum I spew my climax deep inside her
Festering lust turning to nymphomania

7. Post Coital Truncation

Your demise I fantasize, Every time we finish fucking
Nauseated by your presence turn my lusting to disgusting
Reaching beneath the bed, naked helpless flesh inviting
Tightly grasping my machete, Killing you I find exciting!

Awaken to nightmare, in time to witness your fucking death

Buried halfway through the neck,
embedding deep within the spine, Body wracked with violent spasms
Twitching as I finish hacking,
shreds from which your head is hanging
Splattering your blood across the floor

Watching your headless body molested before you

8. Severed Ecstasy

Delving into my perversion, a fetish for phlebotomy
Bind the flesh to block the flow, Constricted vessels swell within
Blades caress brings arousal, Pleasure me with pain severe
Scowling as I carve a smile ear to fucking ear!!!

Ruptured and spewing my way to euphoria
Between the layers of sickening nausea
Ensanguine with razors my lustful dissection
Experience new pleasures though unobtained

Bleed life from me
death infesting

Ripping lengthwise down my arms, Death comes soon
gushing torrents I escape my flesh tomb

Lacerate wounded mortally
Hemorrhaging erupting to submerge me,
Drowning in this crimson paradise

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Date: April 20, 2018 03:26AM

9. Lesbian Stool Orgy

Dripping with defecation
Panties soaking with desire
Excreta gazed on fingertips
Feces shared upon each others lips
Spread apart with lustful ardor
Enticing scent rises sweet and repugnant
Hungry holes ache for sick fulfillment
Shit-hole winks with putrid feculence
Grinding labia locked together
Nipples roused to swell and harden
Pubes gnashed in wild abandon
Crotches raw from pussy friction
Captured in the throes of pleasure
Gashes gushing rank secretions
Bodily functions brought to failure
Anus wrought incontinent
Soft serve snakes emerge
Fecal phallus sucked like cocks
Bathed in blasts of searing ass piss
Cunts impaled on shit

Tits fucked with giant logs of shit
Smeared upon their swollen clits
Burning as they're drenched in anal climax
Gas sucked directly from the ass
Spread apart as chunks are passed in large segments
From a tortured anus
Savored on their tongue
Flavor of their dung
Stinking rectal birth
Cuckolds filled with girth
Whores finger-fuck their dirty cores
Bulging with hemorrhoidal sores
Cracked and broken seeping blood and feces
Tits fucking with giant logs of shit
Smeared upon their gapping slits
Penetrated with a massive stink log

Defecate to please
Snorting rectal breeze
Fecal fetish feast
Fucked with pure disease

10. Fisticunt

Ejaculating cum-drenched fist
To punch her in the face
My next victim to engorge them
With my lusting ways

Grab this bitch by it's wrist
Ripping her asshole wide
Drill out the hole with malicious intent
Whole forearm swallowed
Feeling the sphincter contract with dismay

Spitting in the open crater
Fingers forced in the knuckles
Plunging deeper as I'm raping
Leave the pussy ripped and gaping
Boring and coring her snatch is engorging
Filled with my fist as I punch her hole

Spread! Your ! Cunt!


11. Disembodied

I stare at their dead faces
Behind a bloody rotten human mask
Like Lambs to the slaughter
I lured them to their doom
Deceived by my intentions
To fuck them like no other has before
Handcuffed to the bedposts
Then gagged and vivisected

Breasts loped off to admire
Mastectomies done with a wire
Emasculated victims
Sodomized with their own cocks
Disembodied genitalia
Trophies of my sick deeds

Carving off the flaps of skin
Which appeal most to me
Stapling their flesh to mine
Assuming their identity

Knocked unconscious to molest
I undress them of their flesh
Razor blades excoriate
Bleeding as I masturbate
Encase myself within their skin
Feminine or masculine
My only need is to consume them
I'm a demon dressed as human

Kicking and screaming
Begging and pleading
Their pitiful cries I despise
Destined to be a part of me
Until their flesh rots from mine
Now that I have them they cannot fathom
The cruel ways in which they will die
Slashed and molested
Raped and dissected
Genital organs enshrined

Victims lobotomized
I've skinned and sodomized
Cadavers swarm with flies
Horrifying demise

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Posted by: ,,,, ()
Date: April 20, 2018 03:28AM

1. Anal Skewer

Fetish for horror, brought them to me.
Frenzied and impaled,
All the blood is sickening.
Hands soaked with vomit. Torture is my need.
Punctured and murdered.
From their screams upon I feed.
Enraptured, by my capture.
Purged and probed, one last fuck.

Anal skewer, frozen in your misery.
I procure, killing is my tendency.
Lie and wait-for what I'm going to do to you.
Wretched in pain for all the deeds I'll put you through.
Blood will spill-taking life so easily.
Make you still-dying death so violently.
Sodomy-engorging assholes with my shaft.
Impatiently-I'll await your final breath.

Strapped the bodies gored besides me.
Twitching, pulsate, writhing, fighting,
Violating, penetrating!
Bludgeoned disfigured holes remaining.

Fetish for horror, brought them to me.
Frenzied and impaled
All the blood is sickening.
Hands soaked with vomit.
Torture is my need.
Punctured and murdered.
From their screams upon I feed.

2. Stitched Oral Asphyxia

Murder my patience falls.
Your corpse is my dead conscience.
Tolerance for screams and bullshit now extinct.
She begins to frenzy.

Savagely beaten
Anyone dares to confront me.
I'll enjoy
Making her face into craters.

Seething all I detest.
Genitals embedded with flesh.

Nose smashed flat into the face.
Mouth stitched shut.
Cries for help spat through busted lips.
Dying each breath choking on broken teeth.
Forced down to her knees.

Driving spikes through the wrists.
Pale white eyes sunken deep.
Sternum is dripping pus.
Lips sewn shut to it's cock.
Choking whore on her knees.
Stitched oral asphyxia.

Bleeding almost lifeless.
Pain excruciating.
Fading into darkness.
Bloodied pummeled:GORE!

Murdered my victims falls.
To arouse my lust for torture.
Searching for more blood to feed my appetite. Everyone fuels my raging

3. Corpsefiend

Midnight looms, my eyes open The graveyard calls to me.
An abscessed Eden of putrid bodies.
Masturbating: as they rot with the creatures below.
I intend to victimize the entombed.
I won't stop 'till each body's been exhumed.
Searching for newly dead to excavate.
I'll display her rotting corpse in erotic state.

Open the coffin, VOMIT!
Spewing with excitement!
I undress the bodies. Erotica unearthed.

Morning dawns, relatives come to visit the deceased.
Traumatized, their loved ones posed on their graves with their genitalia

Memory of death instead of life forever remains.

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Posted by: DR RAPINGTON ()
Date: April 20, 2018 03:28AM

4. Lacerated Masturbation

Sickness breeds infatuation, violent thoughts perpetuating. Ghastly screams
of tortured victims, certain death anticipate.

Recreating massive wounds to penetrate.
Constant maiming,
Only pain and suffering will stimulate.

Slicing, stabbing, choking, gutting, engorging slabs left over rotted.
Your sensuous gaze I will contort.

Stench of rotten bodies
Lacerated masturbation.
Bleeding, Cumming,
Engraved through self torture.

Fiend for gore I hunger more.
Razor's slice my cock's enticed.

I feed from the pain, deep within my punctured cock.
Veins exposed, spewing everywhere.
Cut up the flesh, baptized by my putrid actions.
Throbbing display dripping down my fist.

Mutilating, recreate,
Stimulate, penetrate,
Sinking deeper, twisted impulse, cutting fast to blow my load

Lubricating, crimson draining, masturbate my cock explodes
Slicing, stabbing, choking, gutting, engorging slabs left over rotted.
Your sensuous gaze I will contort.

Stench of rotten bodies

5. Masticate To Dominate

Twisting the knife-embedded in flesh.
Scarring daggers into the eyes.
turned into rage, released as hate.
Slowly I cut straight to the bone.
Features contort distending in pain.
Scream if you like I find it exciting.
I will enjoy making you suffer again and again
Until your face goes blank!

Crushing appendages.
Torment excruciating.

Slumping in a heap,
lying there unconscious in a short lived purgatory.
Bleeding broken
Fastened tightly to the table. Voltage ripping through the body to revive
with agony.
Brought back to hell!


Watching the knife gush from the flesh.
Staring into your dying eyes.
Lust !!!!
Turned into rage, released as hate.
Slashing the knife across your throat
drowning in blood gasping for air
seeing you die I find exciting.
I have enjoyed making you suffer until the end:

The end of your fucking life!

6. Charred Vaginal Effluence

Cleansed by fire.
Cunt spread wide.
Burnt to repent.

Open holes are draining, festering decay.
Dark psychotic hunger, manifesting hate.
Deepened gash displaying from lust enraged.
Vaginal intrusion melts the skin away.
Spreading legs, pleading screams.
Sizzled twat, next to bleed.
Transformating living flesh,
I will keep you like the rest
Burnt and searing, victimized,
dripping serous down her thighs.

Embrace my deviate behavior.
Wires hold the labia.
Oozing mass of discontent.
Terror in her screams.
Torrid blast of searing flames.
Sickened uteral dismay.
Caving anal cavity.
Black smoke fills the air!

Cleansed by fire.
Cunt spread wide.

Playing with the folds of skin.
Puss and feces permeate.
Finger fucking holes for fun.
Clitoral euphoric state.

Pussy's burning, yearning stirring inside.
Fluids dripping, spitting, spewing outside.
Fecal matter, splattered, gashed and battered.
Seeking, lusting for pink meat to butcher

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Posted by: KILL HUMANITY ()
Date: April 20, 2018 03:29AM

7. Repulsive Contortion

Carnal quest now begins.
hacking slashing through the bone.
Feel my wrath there's no remorse.
Decrepit decadent consumption
Leaving skin and flesh exposed.
Undying sentry need to kill.
Watching bodies decompose.
Pleasure reached by malformation.

Forcing bondage body shivers.
Vicious kicking to the skull.
I possess all power now.
Bitter panic fills your senses.
Actions tempered crazed confusion.
Begging pleading, it's too late.
I will give you cause to weep.
You will be my deformation.

Tortured mangled body shadowing disgust.
Splendor through defilement vanquished half alive. Defamate open wounds.
Dislocating breaking bones.
Pitifully displayed caged up and contorted.
Brutally confined hideous creation.

Crushing sound of rasping bone.
Grinding entrails pulling tight.
Face distorted losing form.
Torment fuels my fascination!

Forcing bondage body shivers.
Vicious kicking to the skull.
I possess all power now.
Bitter panic fills your senses.
Actions tempered crazed confusion.
Begging pleading, it's too late.
I will give you cause to weep.
You are now my deformation.
Servant for display morbid decoration.
Body half disfigured feeding my obsession.

Locked up in a cage of steel.
Your pain becomes unreal.
In this world I dominate tortured intense.
Broken bones are forced through the skin
fester from within.
Crush your body head to toe horrid suspense.

8. Concubine Of Despise

Chloroform works good, much better than I expected.
Lie there nice and still while I prepare you for my need.
Unconsciously you choke, cock plunged deep inside throat.
Teeth are extracted. I get harder when you bleed. Hands gripped to the
chair. Smell of fear is in the air.
Fingernails embedded, raked from the last before you.
Dehumanized and beaten. Cunt-lips half devoured, eaten.
Vile seductions reign. Propped up slumped in blood.

Writhe in my descent, feel every bone crack inside of your body.
I won't feel content until I see what's inside
your pain I intend. Feel my insertion.
Captive torment. I won't extend any emotion.
Sired repulsion. Concubine of Despise.

Peel your cunt lips open, blood and cum drip down your thighs.
Depending on my mood I won't make you suffer long. Try to fight to free your
Soon you'll be embalmed.
I can't let you die just yet.
You are my amusement.
My sadistic rapture, violently entrapped, I am faithful to each scream.
Inseminated cur just another breeder.
Bleed to live, live to bleed.

Cock in hand ideas begin to fornicate.
A grimacing stare frowning down I masturbate.
Acting on my impulse, gouging out your eye.
A stiff cock hard and ready. Shoved in nice and tightly, squirming,
fighting, twitching, masticate.
Grimly deformed.
Sink my shaft in.
deeper I dig my tool. Pupils start to dialate. Mouth a gasp for air.
Another hole to violate, and fill.
Deep within her full of dung.
Emptying out my sack.
Covering her with rotted cum.
Gargle up my stew.
Savor down each loving chunk.
Shifting in your mouth.
Wire your jaw nicely shut.

9. Seminal Embalment

Violent discharge consumed!!!!!

This will be the best that you give, and your last.
Do as I say on your knees, and you might live.
Here put these cuffs on your wrists lock them tight. Bite on my shaft and
I'll pull your teeth out of your fucking skull.
Suck down my seed nice, and hot-every drop.
Mine for the take, helpless bitch craving cock
Feed from my balls slut pig,
split wide taste me,
your jaw cracked in half.
Beat down dumb bitch,
Lifeless, useless, cunting whore!!!

Coated with my cum.
spraying out your mouth.

fueling the crave to slit fuck your throat.
Deep wounds are made,
watching you choke.

Drain the fluids from within.
Keep the bodies nice and warm.
Half alive but still not dead.
Ripped and torn this bloated form.
Drowned by cock embalmed with cum.
Slap my meat between her eyes.
Life escapes as jizz invades.
Perverse sex through your demise.

Feel my cum seeping from out your mouth. Constricting and fighting face
turning blue.
Gagging from cramming my meat down her throat. Mouthing my shaft as your
life fades.

Feed from my balls slut pig,
split wide taste me,
your jaw cracked in half.
Beat down dumb bitch,
Lifeless, useless, cunting whore.

You're my next to kill

Spraying out your mouth

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Posted by: FUCK THE WORLD ()
Date: April 20, 2018 03:30AM

Can't contain it any longer.
Fuck her lifeless pale cold body.
Dead eyes pleading me to stop.

Hanging corpse, shackled whore.
Scraping ripping organs dripping.
Intestines draped ejaculated.

Dead fuck, dead fuck, dead fuck,
dead fuck. Dead fuck, dead fuck!

Decrepitated pendulum rotting meat hangs above.
Hands sawed off at the wrists, impending gore sadistic bliss.

She looked better from my ceiling.
Nice and butchered quite appealing.
Guts reveal my dead fucked whore.
Rotten corpse that I adore.

Writhing as I finger fuck your open wounds. Invigorated lacerated
cunnilingus spread your gash. Ejaculated carving features no compassion,
brutalizing. Decimating chunks of flesh. Carcass fully decomposed, freshly
slaughtered undulating.
Eviscerated succubus, macerate. One with death I bite the heart. A sadists
tale never ending. Should have listened from the start. Masticated

Mashing chunks of rancid spew.
Dead flesh splatters on my face.
Seeping temptress now exhumed.
Filthy bitch left in disgrace.

Coagulated sea of red.
Freshly heap my new found joy.
Cadaver swarming infestation, putrefy.
Scent assaulting from a distance.
Your virgin ass I can't resist it.

Stomping with sadistic rapture.
Caving bones to compound fracture.
Now I crush your deformed head.
Mangled body left for dead.

Dead fuck! Dead fuck! Dead fuck!

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Posted by: MIZ IS GHOST ()
Date: April 20, 2018 03:30AM

1. Bloodlust

Stench of reeking snatch brought
me to my knees. Draw back full
force fist to pummel rancid cunt
Sunk in to the elbow twisting
tearing in her stink-hole Filled
with rage I lust to see her Bleed
Blood belching stretched
and torn snatch from
violent fisting Lust for blood
through sexual torture Punch her
in the twat suffocating on my sack
Flattened facial features gurgle
bloody snot with every gasp Knuckle
kiss extracts her teeth bloodied
pie-hole gumming cock Dangling
nerve endings hang from sockets
tickling my jock Pussy ripped and
loose oozing foul odored rancid juice
Stinking whore subject for my abuse
Begging for your life your cries are
all in vain Split from asshole to your
tits my place to cum Milk my shaft
with your vile womb I just removed
Cum coated glazed donut dead
slut fuck whore Bitch.

2. Dirty Cunt Beatdown

Masturbate over the crippled body on
display before me. Mangled beyond
recognition filthy fucking
cunt. Her head now dangles from
her broke and severed neck Eyeball
swings from its socket soon I'll
fill with my cock Limbs are
torn and mutilated pussy splayed
and gaping open Blood spurts out
her ruptured asshole laughing as she
starts to twitch Should have seen
her face when I began to fucking
Crush her body Smash her face in
Rape and strangle Pulverize Grab
the ball-peen Break every bone Left
entangled Brutalized Stomping
on her face Splitting it in two
Mutilation Maze Horrifying view
Beat the cunt deserved to die Broken
in half a lifeless pile of flesh Cured
her disease of being a filthy whore
Never to be seen or heard from again

3. Axe To Mouth

Straight blast cum on broken teeth
Spewing chunks of torn flesh Open
face for my display With my cock
inside her ass Axe to mouth
Cock covered in shit Face split in
disgust This bitch I use to bury the
ax Tight grip smash her face in half
Carve a smile from ear to ear Force-
fed blade of shiny steel Permanent
smile for me to see. Face laid open next
to me. Steaming slop of facial meat.
Shove my cock through broken teeth.

4. Infection Induced Erection

Raping countless bitches, brutalize infected whores
Beating them into mush, Spreading STD's, my gift for the community
Hookers, I spread their filth, syphilis, gonorrhea, aids
Chlamydia, and genital warts....I spread the disease!

Forcing in my puss-filled cock, Rock hard with abscess, Infection Induced Erection

Years spent Harvesting Diseases, Leaving Cunts Behind Infected

5. Decapitation Sodomy

Bodies of my victims scattered on the
basement floor. Desires unfulfilled I
lust for more. Stimulation rising as I
separate the head. As blood begins to
spurt I'm drenched in red. Open the
esophagus and slide my cock inside.
Soon to fill your stomach full of my...
seed. Forcing... out your insides.
Squirting... all down my thighs. After
the deed of debauchery's done I begin
excavation. Hacking and tearing out
one by one I consume your organs.
Saving your intestines to bound my
next victim. Over and over. Obsession
drives me to perversion. The end
will always be the same. Fucking
your headless trunk.

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Posted by: CUM CARCASS ()
Date: April 20, 2018 03:32AM

6. Exhibit of Repugnance

When they finally find what's left of your butchered remains,a fear consumes the minds of those who witness my brutality. Defiled and stripped of flesh, discarded piece of trash. Your body evidence of unimaginable suffering. Obscene, deformed, decayed, flies swarm. Your screams were captivating, as I torture for my own sadistic carnal pleasure, perverse fascination. She lies face down, hands are bound, shackled to the floor. Gore, into her rectum, thrusting veiner blows, cum into her bowels. Sickened by her stench, reeks of blood and shit. Repulsive disfigurement, detach the skin from your face. Leaving you anonymous, catastrophe masterpiece. Puncture vaginal lips, sinking in the hooks tensioning the spread. Gaping wide open I rub my bloody shit glazed cock on your face, lubricating my phallus with your tears. I cannot begin to describe my anticipation of beating the fuck out of your worthless stank-ass hole! Rip out the hooks when I cum. Once I've had enough of toying with your mangled body, and all signs of life have dissipated from your eyes, I collect what I've been lusting after, and strip you of your skin.

7. Cum Inside The Carcass

Dragging... you by the hair. Kicking
and screaming down the stairs. Into
the darkness. I can hardly wait until
I violate your carcass. Begging for
mercy only Intensifies my hunger.
Welcome to my den of torture. It
reeks... of the dead. Now bound upon
my altar... struggling to breathe.
Gagged with the genitalia from the
last slab of meat. Violently cutting the
flesh from your body I penetrate and
then... I kill and cum again. Hacking
and peeling and fucking and feasting
I penetrate and then... I kill and cum
again. Dump the remains in a rotting
heap. I'll shit what's left of you later.

8. Third Degree Taste

Searching for my next scalded piece
of meat. In the parking lots I wait.
Lurking in the dark, erect from
excitement. Grab this bitch around
her throat. Toss her in the van she
screams in terror. Tape her fucking
mouth shut. My next victim she
will get a taste. Boiling hot water
for this bitch. She will get a third
degree taste. Burn you bitch.
Third degree burns Rise from your
face as I fuck you in your scalded
mouth. Shooting my load on boiled
lips. The climax is the best for me
With her flesh still bubbling. Bitch
you got my third degree taste.

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Posted by: COPYPASTA GORE ()
Date: April 20, 2018 03:33AM

9. Erotic Dislimbing

I despise everything about you
arrogant Condescending. Fucking
whore now we're face to face I will
not be Persuaded only motivated to
dislimb. My cock swells at Thoughts
of impending amputation. There will
be no Compromising only suffering.
Tightening the tourniquet you
Bleed... Raise the knife...
Carving delight. Sawing
through bone and cartilage. one by
one fingers hit the floor. Fixation to
dismember. Spattered chunks strewn
about the room. Dismantling your
body. All hope has dissipated. Now...
As the blood... runs out...
your mouth... Butchering
all I see severing extremities.
Quadruple amputee empty shell
to sink my MEAT... Suffering pleas
finding me Unresponsive as you're
forced to endure sodomy With
your own limbs to complete My
mutilation carnival of ecstasy.
Methodically rub my cock with
amputated limbs evokes ejaculation.

10. Scourge Of The Christians

Chain and secure the chapel doors.
Axe in hand I stand Before the
congregation. Figure of Iniquity
Scourge of the Christians I impose
my will. Orgy of murder I'm driven
to kill. Hacking my way through the
herd. The meek inherit my wrath.
Headless bodies convulsing. Limbs
decorate the pews. Twitching victims.
Covered in entrails. Raping survivors.
Drunk on the blood of Christ.

11. Silence Follows Dismemberment

Bodies rotting. Decomposing
flesh falling From bone. Suffering
alone sickened by the sight Of
vile perversions. Waiting for what
lies in store. Losing your mind as I
step inside. Before you realize I've
already begun the process. Your
limbs quickly reduced to stumps.
Evacuation of your bowels provokes
demented laughter. Your shit
floats in a pool of blood. Heed the
hatchet splits the bone. Torture for
amusement. Sick absurdity. Silence
follows dismembering. Excitement
subsides Until the next offering.

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Date: April 20, 2018 03:34AM

1. Starved For Perversion

Violently awakened by, the stench of rotting amputation
A festered stump of spoiled flesh
Starving and emaciated, barely kept from your extinction
A banquet of yourself awaits
Forcing down jagged chunks, severed from your bloody stub
Eventually you'll eat yourself deceased
With every swallow, another cut of meat
I marinate it with my seed
Chopped off, your tits, seared and, served with...
Your clit. Glazed with anal seepage
Hacking away, another slab, you slowly dissipate
Tenderize the meat, still on the bone
Unmercifully, I bring the hammer down
Carving out your asshole, this will be your last repast
Self consumed your torso's bloated, my cock drips with sweet arousal
Plunging deep within your ruptured anus, lubricated with your stink
Climax reached a gross eruption, splattered cum joins with your feces
Drenching me in your digested self.
Nothing left for you to eat, I fuck you til you cease to be

2. Kuntkiller

Cannot stop this urge that grows inside of me
Cock is hardened by her scent, torturing is ecstasy
Spread your legs as you're begging for your life
Tightened grip around her neck, pulsing veins invite my knife
Strip her naked with my teeth
She kicks and screams in disbelief
Rape her mouth repeatedly
Gurgling pathetic pleas, butchery is your destiny
Plunging head first into cunt dripping cum
Blood and mucus splattered face, tongue-tickled perineum
Kegel muscles grip my wrist with every gasp
Finger-fuck her uterus, causing vaginal prolapse
Knuckle deep I pierce the hymen
Taint destroyed by violent fisting
One huge gaping hole for lusting
Reaming unforgiving, elbow deep in shit
Raped and ravished rectum, impaled on my fist
Cram in my member to masturbate inside her
Forced asphyxiation, fill her mouth with shit
Vomiting profusely, reel from the stench
Strangle the whore until she no longer exists
Fucking this cunt, until I'm numb,
Or she turns cold, then I am done!

3. Destined To Violate

Wounded headless bleeding, my next victim
Another whore to cut down with my fucking knife
Twisting innards decayed, flesh is rotting
Crushing human form, deteriorating, massive bloodflow
Bone shards penetrating through the skin
Lost and bleeding, pleading for her life
Pain leads to unconscious state of dying
Defecating. Bowels seeping rectal fluid
Taking pleasure in my acts of torture
Repulsive slayings. Inserting needles through the wounds
I relish the taste of annihilated flesh
Tongue inside your leaky crack
Breath caught in her throat, on my sack she will choke
Crushing skulls caving in, bleeding from the eyes
Eviscerate with no remorse, re-infectious maimed
Forlorn, forsaken, I don't care
Derisive torture consuming the blinded subject
Set forth to wander in my delightful torment
Lust for vengeance taking hold, no reprieve of violence now
Disgraced foul rejection fuels my violent contempt
Racing thoughts turn to madness, swallowing your teeth and cum
Muscle tissue torn away, butchering your horny flesh

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Posted by: I RAPE CORPSES ()
Date: April 20, 2018 03:35AM

4. Funeral Gangbang

Locking up the doors, shades drawn tight
Dimming the lights, patrons line up inside
Soon to reveal, this night's feature fuck
Lying in wait, open the casket lid
Let it begin, sick festivity
Nine swinging cocks, seeking their nourishment
Dragging out the prize, from her pine box
Tearing off her dress, one by one, she'll be done
Fill each hole, stuffed til full, funeral fuck fest begins
Cold and tight, I slip inside, lubed just right
Leaks formaldehyde, pussy almost feels alive, never felt this satisfied
Jerk and squirt, down her throat, dismal gaze
Dead eyes stalking me, awkwardly as climax is reached
Swarming like vultures the sickness is spreading
Bring out another to gorge our hunger for the dead
Eating her cold dead cunt my cock's stiff as the dead
Tasting her rot, gang rape the corpse, dead and defiled we leave our victims slight

5. Carnivwhore

On my face this bitch now sits, barb wire bound, she jerks and twists
Penetrate her pussy with my tongue invading taste her lips
Salivate, gnashing teeth, cuntless, her destiny
Overwhelming urge to watch her bleed
Gnawing on her mangled cunt, her toothless gums my dick now hunts
Gasp and gagging while it grows, I plop my balls across her nose
Rip and tear, at her clit, nostrils flare, sniffing shit
Fuck this cunt until she's motionless
Unresponsive, limp and lifeless
Gut this whore and shove in my fist
When alive I could not have her
Now she's mine... forever
Fucking the deceased, I'm unrelenting
Lust for the release, only the dead brings
Carcass collector, pussy molester
I am a monster, vaginal predator
Ravage the body extracting the viscera
Splattered repugnance covers the floor
Stripping the flesh from her butchered remains
Feeding the crave, I am the carnivwhore
Slicing dicing, ripping tearing
Juices dripping, helpless staring
Gashed and gushing, rotting reeking
Decomposing, flesh is freezing
Torture killing, woman hater
Butchered pussy, mutilator

6. Preserved For Pleasure

Slut bitch, ready to fuck!
While she looks at me, gazing in my eyes
All that's on my mind is plunging pussy meat
Knock the bitch out cold with one fucking swing
Dragged down the stairs, head bouncing off of
Every fucking step down to the basement
Face to the cold concrete
Break the jaw so it hangs open, always ready
For my shaft to be shoved down her filthy hatch
Cutting tearing, all while you are still alive
Beating stabbing, eyes roll back as you die
Fucking the eye sockets, leave them as empty pockets
Beating the face inside out, cum in the disfigured mouth
Filled full of lube so she can fuck for weeks
Cold, wet dead pussy feels so good around my cock
Swollen little bitch, I took her life so she would be my fuck toy
Always ready for a load
Filled the bitch with lube, always ready for my tube
For weeks she will be used, a disposal for my spooge
I took her life, now I leave behind
A dirty swollen cunt with my cum inside
Sick and grisly scene, display of my lust
Full of my semen, and lube ready to bust

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Posted by: EESH WON DIE MIZ ()
Date: April 20, 2018 03:36AM

7. Visceral Discharge

Deep within a ruptured vessel, putridity has come to life
Growing in a stagnant stench, visceral discharge is corroding
Pushing forward through the skin, blood and fluids running down
Former bone now becoming, liquid rancid fecal stench
Nerve endings explode in pain, life expectancy falls away
Realize you're close to death, collapsed lungs cannot draw your breath
I'm a sexual deviant, I 69 the dead
I caress her rotted corpse, as I fuck her lifeless head
Cock is covered dripping bile, draining fluid into jars
Tendons snap as limbs are broken, your screams of pain are slowly dying
Redefining living being, ravaged by this disease
Puncture wounds never becoming scar tissue as I
Revive the corpse for fucking, decomposed to my liking.
Drained of all your blood for my sanguine lust
Slave to my cruel religion
Slipping away, fetish for pain
Probing the rot, lusting your cunt
Sexual bloodlust feasting on my thoughts
Gangrenous formations from arterial recession
Skin becoming obsolete, vocal cords cut, you try to scream
Almost can't hold back the vomit clenching my teeth
Stench of rancid cunt that I must eat
Clitoris, gnawed and slowly torn

8. Lubricated In Vomit

Plodding deep into you with
Unrelenting fascination
Excavate through dung soaked ulcerated boils
My cock poised for...Insertion
Wedged between enormous ass cheeks
Flabby gob spills engulfing me
Rising stench of fermentation
Bone dry anus a course penetration
Scathing my shaft
Her crusty hole, desperate, in need of lubrication
Massive fleshy husk gyrating
Dislodging my satiating spew
Splattered back, puke descending
Trickles into cavern of stink
Lubrication welcomes me
Cumming as I gut this pig

9. Infected With Lunacy

Murderous brutal rampage
Crippled and crushed, bones protrude in jagged arrangements
Swarming with flies, blood and shit splattered canvas
Flesh sagging sack, face is non-existent
Bury my face into your bloody stool
Munching on chunks as I contemplate loss of lucidity
Jamming my cock into the nest
Of maggots spewing from the abscess
Ballsack repeatedly
Slapping her sloppy hole increasing
Cunt detriment
As I impale her with my fist
Caked in atrophy
Flavor filled pustules now begin to seep
Tear through her flesh, covered in red I now put her to rest
Feeling inside, twisting and tearing the organs she hides
Rip off her flesh, fucking her skinless body is the best
Grind up the rest, I will devour until nothing's left

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Date: April 20, 2018 03:36AM

10. Sadistic Bliss

Hopeless you're struggling, there's no escaping this sadistic
ritual. You'll endure, bound and stretched stripped naked before me
Hacking as I incise, carving into your corpulence
Clawing, fingers pulverized
Face obliterated blood spurts from her eyes
Torture, stimulates desire
She reeks of death!
Slowly I work my knife, until I'm satisfied
Digging through cavities, her stench overwhelming me
Sever the head, I sometimes leave dangling
Grinning through chunks of her flesh
Anticipating my next victim, fuming with hostility
Strike her down with vicious rancor
Force them all to watch in horror, as I finish off the last
Frenzied screams ignite my bliss
Mauling, filthy, whores.
Bludgeoning, lacerate, sodomize, suffocate
Fuck her with whatever objects I can find
No slit goes unpunished shove my cock... Inside
Exit the wound, tearing the flesh, barely alive, screaming for death
Force in my cock, deep in her throat, ending her life as I'm blowing my...load!

11. Corpsified

Forcibly sodomized, kept alive to have as my own
Necrosexual disfunctioning drone
Fucking their souls into the unknown
Peel the maggots from my skin, cum in the form of larvae
Fuck-fucking you from within
Rip-ripping you til you die
Twisting off dismembering genitals, put them now where skin used to be
I get aroused to see the blood, cum on you lastly as you bleed
Bones you've lost, stick them up, fuck yourself till you bleed
Out your ass, it shall pass, blood smeared shit and my seed
Peel the maggots from my skin, cum in the form of larvae
Fucking you from within, ripping you til you die
Indulge in the pleasure of seeing you die
Forging your carcass from the last bit of life
Come to me and eat my flesh, bring me life and I'll bring you death
Unconsciousness moves made by hate, erotic insertion severe life by the blade
Suffering knowing your life won't last
Struggling for it to pass away, corpsified
She'll be suffering the rest of her life
I'll be there while you're struggling to die
Keep her alive, forever young, to be killed, raped, and left to rot.

12. Depraved Depredation

There she lay, anesthetized before me
Trusted, for my gynecology, but little does she know
What her body will endure while strapped to my chair
Until she wakes, battered sloppy dripping aftermath
Disoriented swollen beaten from a sleep attack, I'll take with me to the grave
What I could not control while your perfect little body was
Lifeless, subject for my
Malpractice, undressing the body, salivating insatiable
Craving, smelling the cunt that I hunt
Sliding the jeans off, watching her breaths, increasing in frequency as I begin to
Violate your orifices now that you're my
Limp and lifeless plaything, for me to thrust in rage
Crushing your pelvis with the force of my
Cock lusting for vengeance as I plunge your shithole
Shit and blood now glistens from your gaping folds
Catching what you're dripping, that resembles chili
With a bed pan stir it with my throbbing shaft
Shit blood stew cock in the mouth
Climb atop the chair, violent face thrusting, fist to the face, cock in the throat
Violating every fuck hole on your body
As you sleep you're being ravaged by a trusted pussy predator
Cock slapped repeatedly, nipples bleeding from my twisting
Dick never harder, can't hold it any longer
Vomiting then nutting in your mouth now filled with cum blood and shit
All re-dressed and cleaned, I awake her from her slumber
As if nothing happened while asleep
They will always be my favorite fuck toys
Put to sleep for my depraved depredation

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Posted by: Mr,. Misery SUCKS DOG DICK ()
Date: April 20, 2018 03:37AM

13. Mouthful Of Menstruation

Strapping her down, spreading her legs, tear off her clothes
Frantically searching for means of escape
Presenting my knife, brings a look of dismay, tasting her flesh
Bury my face in her warm dripping cunt!
Fondling her lips, tickling her clitoris
Plunge deep in her open gash
Feel it start to drip, juice begins to seep
Just one lick the taste seems so familiar to me
Damp and dark, the moisture spreads
Down her thighs, now dripping red
Wipe my chin with certainty
Hands confirming my suspicion
Pull the string out with my teeth
Smile smeared with her menstruation
Ravage her cavity
Obsession consumes me
A taste like no other, I must have another
Sickness is my disease.

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Date: April 20, 2018 03:39AM

2. It's Not Rape If She Cums

Oh how you disgust me
Your voice trembles the thought of my intentions
You vile cunt
Put your face against the floor
And await the wretched
You are the stage in which I act out this putrid task
Your tainted innards wrap around my shaft
I will fill your wound
You used to spread your legs for any that desired to taste your filth
You were a hole to fill
This is the last time
There was a time you used to give it all away
And when i'm through with you, you'll have nothing left to give
I'll take it all away
You've lost your will to fight
Concede yourself to me

3. Too Sick To Suck It

While I have you confined
strapped to my bed
Can you look at this for me?
does it look infected?
my member has seen better days
discolored throbbing mass covered in sores
scabs and puss lining the shaft
What's that there? That doesn't look normal
Your body begins to tremble as you become
disoriented by what you have seen.
The stench of misery and suffering engulfs you
forcing out your vomit and spilling bile.
The convulsions begin when I your wounds.
Forcing you to see what I have created,
I open your eyes.
This has been festering for an eternity.
Why do you give that look? So concerned.
You should be. I prepared a flesh feast.
You grow pale, I grow aroused
I thrust my cock into her mouth
Fucking suck it, you cunt, fucking suck it
vomit spews from her mouth but I don't mind.
an unconventional lube.
Go ahead and bite, I've lost all feeling
last bitch made sure of that…
If you despised that, you cannot fathom, how I'll taint your crotch

4. Fingering The Meat Grinder

Spewing entrails (opened torso lacerated).
Eyes still open, (fully conscious autopsy).
Grinding fingers, (to remove the evidence.)
Pulling your teeth, (who you were will die with me).

Your feet are severed and ground down into stumps draining human fluid.
To preserve your useless existence your stumps are placed in salt.
The terror that shrieks from you is haunting.
Skin is then removed from your already abused genitals,
slowly your screams turn to silence.
You want it to end but we have just begun.
There are far worse things than death.
You will experience them all, for I am the Devil.
There is work to be done, whether you stay with me or not,
you are just a carcass I will redesign

5. Sister Fister

Masking himself in a sane human organism
Bringing torment in solitude
The quiet frees his mind
While the true mind's eye draws its desires
In human remains
To defile the innocent brings one of the flesh masochistic pleasure
Satisfying urges unsought by the regulated populace
Bearing judgement down upon those who fulfill their cravings in the most horrid of ways
Calling down from a higher plane of existence
Using those who wear the mark of blood to release their own inner creature of the dark
A grim attempt at setting an equilibrium while only setting the path in the same as the fallen
Humanity fleshes out its demons
Resembling its own kind
We are all bound with internal suffering
Yet some protect it towards a darker art
Circling the depraved with vicious intent we judge

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Posted by: GUTFUCKED ()
Date: April 20, 2018 03:40AM

6. Starved, Carved And Torn Apart

There is no worse feeling than being dragged through the woods
Hands bound behind your back with no chance of escape
Completely naked leaving a trail of blood and the stench of sweat
Your vision removed with a screwdriver
Your tongue removed with a bandsaw
Most of the teeth are broken from grinding together in agonizing pain
Pulled face down to prevent you from drowning in the blood filling your mouth
Leaving human debris caught on piles of rock and stumps in the wilderness
Your pussy is wet from the glass that has been inserted and removed
Flies and filth now call your worthless hole home
No fight left for a chance at breath
And no struggle as your muscles are weakened by your loss of blood
To hang your body between the trees is an artful task to fulfill but I must present you
And I leave you to rot in the sun

7. Crushed At The Imperial Hand

Your repugnant efforts are of no worth here. You Jedi are weak and your force is weaker.
Our legacy will live on for years to come through the plague of boundless onslaught,
not even the younglings will find solace nor sanctuary. the infinite power of the empire crushes all.
Your moistened whispers fall only on your fresh dead.
I will force choke the filth that is your Jedi bloodline into the ashes of the rancor pit.
The faith of millions in the darkened vice of the sith.
Know defeat, putrescence and anguish in your ways being eternally stomped from this system by all of the power that is the empire

8. Pick A Hole Or Make One

Decimation of the human design
Reconfiguring the pieces to a putrid piece of art
Appreciated by sadistic minds and adored by its creator
A gift to few that disgusts the faces of many
A use of tools to reattach the limbs to the hollowed torso
The stench of bile and intestinal fluid burns as the scent spreads
Removing the eyes as a delicacy while the work is completed
Blood pouring from the table begins to dry and turn black as rigor mortis sets in
Spare parts kept in formaldahyde to preserve for another work of art
To admire the hours of work he molests your cadaver
Showing his adoration he ejaculates within its empty carcass
This might be his masterpiece
Hidden from the world to rot in his grasp
One's dream is another's nightmare
The urge to create by killing a creation
Misunderstood mind delved in evil
Art is in the eye of the beholder

9. A Night With Uncle Daddy

Fucked against your will
You cry for me to stop
You will know when I am finished
You wretch away from me with a strength found in the last moments of life
But it excites me more
Wanting to taste your skin
I sink my teeth deep into your neck until the thick liquid running through you gushes into my throat
You still taste as sweet as the day you were born
You stay quiet because you know what I can do and in the end you always give in to my selfish desires
Oh how you love me yet despise what I have left inside of you
The stillbirth inside your womb my love for you has created
"You are mine and I will never let you go" are the last words you hear before the lights go dim

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Date: April 20, 2018 03:41AM

1. Razorized Ball Gag

Strap it on tight! Putrid cunt, feel it cut deep, into your cheeks, blood leaks,
down your pretty face, come and fuck me, please don't cry, just place your ass in the air!
So I can pound your waste hole in to oblivion, tearing your inner wall with my dick,
forcing pain through your body, bitch stop crying, I'll gag you with razor wire!
Losing her consciousness due to loss of blood. She is revived by my cock pounding her puckered ass. Still bleeding heavily tears pour from her eyes. Pulling her hair and butt fucking her insides. Fucking her ass until it's the size of my fist. Making sure it will not retract. Bruised and raped she lies in pain. Begging for me to spare her life. Unstrap the bloody gag from her mouth. Attempting to shove it in her busted ass.
Razorized... Ball gag removed from her mouth and placed in her ass. I stick my cock in her bloody mouth. With a ball gag in her ass. She gorges on my prick. Blood mixed with my cum (due to my) Razorized Ball Gag. Cups my balls to drain every ounce of me,
Swallowing my load to satisfy my, Insatiable urge to kill every bitch in sight,
As hard as she sucked it will not stop me!

2. Larva Masturbation

Forensic by trade I clean up the aftermath. Tools in hand searching for the cause of death.
One victim I found was covered in her own shit, With maggots spilling from every orifice.
Aroused by the sight of the white colored parasites, Fixated on the warmth they will bring
to my throbbing cock. Making sure there's no one around to see what I'm gonna do.
Slide my cock into the first hole I come to, The feeling of this penetration. Send me into a
surge of ecstasy. A bitches cunt does not compare, To the truculent grinding of larvae
on me, Fucking me with their teeth, As they feed off my bulging prick. Nibbling penis as
well as excrement. Uncontrollable pumping urging me to cum. Flaccid is my meat pole
from ejaculation. Jarring up the squirming horde. Evidence for my pleasure.
Leaving a few attached to my cock. Body bagging this mound of flesh that I have
Defiled, I am in love with her dead rotten, Gaping holes stuffed with maggots
Off to the morgue goes the love of my life.

3. Coprophilic Asphyxia

Obsessing over piss and shit, Fecal orgy shit stained I sit. Gagging from the stench so vile
Suffocating with a smile, Puking on myself, regurgitating fecal matter. Feels like razor blades
carving up my throat. Self indulgent narcissism, giving myself deep incisions.
Mixing shit with my blood. Blood clots begin to form in my veins from the blockage of brown.
Losing oxygen to my brain as my body shuts itself down. Laid out, my cadaver is lifeless.
Covered in a pool of my own shit. The stench grows, as flies start to swarm, Claiming my body
as the home for their unborn, I bleed, they feed, on me, gorge on my shit, Infesting their kind
into me, planting their seed. Maggots emerge from my corroding corpse
Devouring every last piece of me. My obsession of filth has turned to reality.

4. Gluttonous Portions Of Intestinal Seepage

Scouring the morgue for the grossly obese. Find the chamber where they keep
the frozen meat. Slabs full of numerous bodies to feast upon. I must get them to gorge
on what's inside. Stuffing my face... With their intestines... Filling... my guts... with theirs.
Gluttonizing all their organs, I rape the flesh of the deceased. Fixated with the taste of
this seepage, That leaks from my mouth, Stomach full of human intestines,
I have no room for more, Packing up what's left of the fat fuckers guts,
Filling large containers to add to my stock, Freezers at my home are restocked
every year, With gluttonous portions of intestinal waste.

5. Torturous Impregnation By Fecalized Insemination

Worn, asshole is puckered, worn... easily I slide my cock in Warm... anal walls leaking, shit...
gradually spills from her ass. No vagina for me only rectal decimation of her most
intimate of areas. Her asshole pulsates as I drive my meat stick deeper, tearing her,
Inner walls, ejaculating inside the shit stained cavity. Wretched semen spreads throughout
her intestinal tract, Coating the inside of her completely. My semen have found their mark, penetrating her egg to begin transformation, Rectal vomitous seed, Injected from the rear
it's only the beginning, Of the pain she will endure. From the thing that grows inside
of her that must feed. Umbilical food supply gone. The taste that it craves is its
whore of a mom, Victimized through.... Torturous impregnation by fecalized insemination.
The ravenous grotesque, that feeds from inside, Splatters through her organless stomach
Only to emerge and penetrate its dead mother. With its incestuous member,
relieving her of, Her complaints of agony.

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Posted by: ............. ()
Date: April 20, 2018 03:41AM

6. Fecal Stuffed Fuck Stumps

Take this bitch and sever her limbs. From her tattered body let the blood flow free.
Molesting her bleeding wounds with my fucking tongue, I devirginize her stumps.
Chest cracked open, displaying arteries. Remove them all piece by piece,
relieve myself next to her cadaver. Human taxidermy in its filthiest form,
I stuff her gutted corpse with my feces. Demoralized, filth flowing through
her blood stream, I taste the waste spilling from her veins, Cannibal instincts lead
me to consumption. Of her shit covered insides. Picking through her pieces -
what will I eat? Choose her deadened heart - rotten and vile, Divine in its flavor -
tastes of rot, Penetrate the artery - with my swollen cock. Now the only love cumming
from your heart is my semen. Dripping with desire this is my gift to you.
Sewn together to form a beautiful piece of art. Body parts and feces combined with
strands of her hair. Positioned to pleasure my needs, her cunt staring straight at me,
Feces seeping slowly from her vaginal cavity. Shove my tongue in her cunt, my nose
in her crack, The smell makes my dick grow, Rub it up and down her slit, covering it.
In her ass is where it will go! Shit covered cock reinserted in her ass, hate fucking,
The shit out of her until she falls apart.

7. Reek Of Pubescent Despoilment

The scent of perfume over vaginal rot, Stiffens my cock as I dig her grave
in the desert floor. Such a sweet young thing, she thought she was too gorgeous,
For the world, but who's going to want her now? Only a few more feet until this
cunt is gone forever. Once dug, my hole is filled with precious tender pieces,
Of pubescent innocence, ridding the world of, One less cock tease.

8. Gurgling My Seminal Filth

Forcing this virgin to suck my cock, Ramming it down her fucking throat,
Gags on the impact of my meat, Puke for lubrication until I cum,
Gorging on my bile covered prick. The back of her throat is where it goes.
Here I cum, open wide, Gurgle my filth you fucking whore. Her semen filled mouth
looks so gorgeous to me, Spilling from her precious lips, she spreads cum across her tits.
The expression on her face shows me of her innocence, It makes no difference to me
either way she will die. Take her face, and bash it against my knee.
Skull cracked evenly, I spread it apart, Place my cock between her freshly separated skull.
The warmth of her open face, causes me to ejaculate. Finishing my sexual deed
her corpse lies dead - gathering flies. Succumbing to me, the sweet little cunt died for me.
Wretched have I become, mangling virgins to satisfy my sexual urge.

9. Feminine Skin Suit

Plus size women jolt my perverse need, To relieve the skin from their bodies.
Telling them that they are gorgeous, I take them home, and fuck them until they puke.
After I am done fucking these fat cunts, I'm disgusted at what I have done.
It makes me sick knowing that I just fucked a fat bitch. Take a blade, gut the bitch,
now she's dead and I'm relieved. Now that she is deceased, it makes me erect,
Knowing that she will be part of me. Take a scalpel, shove it up her asshole.
Slice up to her neck, peel her skin away. Hanging the skin, that I have removed,
To dry and shrink down to my size. Cut the pieces in sections from me to sew.
This garment of skin reeks of pain. Place myself in her god given skin,
Now I have become her. This cadaveric disaster is what I foresee.
Rubbing what's left of her cunt all over me, Looking at myself in the mirror,
Who can say I don't have a feminine side! Would you fuck me, I would fuck me?

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Posted by: CFHCHFCHGV ()
Date: April 20, 2018 03:42AM

11. Sculpting Fragments Of Mangled Cunt

Cunt lips are spread, with incisors, scapel to the clits, remove them clean.
Delicately, slowly carve out the twats from between their legs. In quilted form,
vaginas are placed and sewn in intricate patterns, With the variety of twats,
endless designs are achieved. Of feministic beauty. Sewn genitals, sculpting to the walls,
dripping with disease, maggots and flies begin their feast! The house smells ripe
with the stink of menstrual flow. Overlapping for texture forging a beautiful piece of work.
Fragile hands ever so gently reconstruct freshly cut female, Trophies gutted from the most
intimate of areas. Carved to perfection, Discarded remains will not go to waste.
The sickness grandma has is more of an obsession, Seeing every woman
as a whore to be butchered. So trusting are those girls towards an old lady
Helping her with chores and quilt making. Never, expecting - a hammer to the head
Break the skull until their dead. Stripping the clothes from their soft tasty bodies,
Hang upside down to cut, Chest high to their cunts, Burying her face between their legs.
Soaking her tongue with sweet cunt nectar, Laced with male semen from the night before.
Satisfied with the taste of her kill. The process of mutilating begins.
Women strung up around the house, Gutted from the stomach
with their cunts removed. Grandma always did like all my girlfriends.

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Posted by: GG FUCKING ALLIN ()
Date: April 20, 2018 03:47AM

I wanna piss on you, I wanna piss on you
You ain't shit to me, 'cause I'm better than you
I wanna shit on you, and rape your little sister too
I wanna piss on you, my pecker has a yearning to

I wanna piss on you, I wanna piss on you
Shit in your mouth, piss on you
Fill your mouth with super glue

My glands can't hold it in, I've got an Uncle Yen
Wanna pull it out again, and urinate on everyone
I wanna piss on you, my peckers got a yearning to
Gotta pull it out again, and urinate on everyone

I wanna piss on you, fill your mouth with super glue
I'll piss on you and your sister too
I wanna rape that bitch

Piss, piss, piss on everybody, yes
Piss, piss, urinate, piss 'till your face is yellow, yea
Your hair is yellow, it's dripping down your chin
It's going in your mouth again
I wanna piss on you, I hope you drowned, I hope you do

I wanna piss on you, fill your mouth with super glue
I wanna piss on your mother too
And rape your sister, she is so cool

I wanna piss on you, everyone should be pissed on
I wanna piss on you, I hate you, I wanna piss on you
I wanna shit on you, piss on you and rape you too
I wanna piss on your brother, wanna piss on your father too

I wanna piss on you, wanna piss on you, you, you
I wanna piss on you, piss, piss, piss, piss, piss on you

"I'm A Rapest"
You'll know the feel of my whip cracking on your ass
I'd love to shove my shot glass up your tight, tight ass
Stick a knife into your nipples 'til you can't take no more
Pissing in your mouth, bitch, let's gangbang this whore

Scream bitch scream
I'll burn you 'til you cry
Scream bitch scream
I'll beat you 'til you cry
Scream bitch scream
I wanna rape you

Me and my gang will be cumming in your face
We wanna see you drown when we're pissing in your face
Fucking suck my cock, bitch, I wanna knock you up
If you say no little girl, I'm gonna fuck you up


Yeah my fuckin' cock
Yeah a little higher and to the outside
Yeah right on
I wanna rape that
I wanna rape that little cunt
I don't care what the fuck I said
You got a little tight ass
Got a little tight pussy
Piece of fuckin' hot
I want to eat 'em all
I wanna fuck, fuck
I wanna rape her
I wanna rape a fuck
Fuck, fuck


Take you behind the alley and make you suck us off
In your ass, your cunt, your mouth, we'll be getting off
You ain't shit to me, you're just a piece of meat
If you try to get away...I wanna rape...

Scream bitch scream
I wanna rape you

Scream bitch scream [x9]

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