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Obama Concerned About Europe Allowing “uncontrolled migration”
Posted by: Dog Walker1 ()
Date: April 25, 2016 10:26PM

No this is not from the Onion, CNN Twitter feed https://twitter.com/cnnbrk/status/723554861288198146 has just a portion (see the attached photo for that tweet) of the following key quote from President Obama:

What happens in Europe is going to have an impact in the United States. We consider it a major national security issue that you have uncontrolled migration into Europe. Not because these folks are coming into the United States, but because if it destabilizes Europe, our largest trading block, trading partner, it’s going to be bad for our economy.

You may read more and see the video of your President saying this at: http://dailycaller.com/2016/04/22/obama-uncontrolled-migration-into-europe-is-major-national-security-issue-video/

Unbelievable. Yet, if anyone suggests US national security is hurt by the uncontrolled migration into the US, as exacerbated by President Obama’s non-enforcement and unilateral rewriting (i.e., executive actions) of US immigration laws, Obama and his supporters will be screaming “bigot, xenophobe.”

Obama’s incredible statement was made a few days after the Obama administration argued to the Supreme Court that President Obama has the power by executive action to allow millions of illegals (so-called “dreamers”) to stay in the US, contrary to existing laws as passed by Congress and signed by a prior President.

An additional issue in the case, Obama also claims the power to give the illegals work permits. This is contrary to existing laws as it is illegal for immigrants to work without being here legally with work permits and Obama’s refusal to deport them doesn’t convert them to legal immigrants. Also at issue in the suit is Obama’s plan to give the illegals various welfare benefits (again contrary to existing laws).

These policies and actions are a magnet to people from countless countries to sneak across the US borders or to overstay their visas.

Maybe it’s asking too much, but how about a discussion of the merits of the issues without disparaging any ethnic or racial groups? I think the laws should be enforced whether it’s Irish overstaying their visas to work as bartenders in Boston, Canadians overstaying their visas to work as standup comics, Chinese ship crew overstaying in California, Latin Americans sneaking across the southern US border, or whatever.

Haters will hate, but reasonable people are totally repelled by those who hate others based on their ethnicity, whether the person follows the KKK, the Black Panthers, La Raza (Spanish for “The Race,” IMHO it’s an Hispanic supremacist organization).

I don’t hate immigrants for wanting to flee their countries, mainly third world hellholes largely run by socialist dictators who can change laws by executive action (i.e., no rule of law).

Importantly, our limited constitutional government under the rule of law could easily be permanently changed by many immigrants who (sad to say) support a strongman type-executive (think El Presidente) of unlimited government power to give free stuff to everyone he wants (meaning that Presidente can take from anyone he wants). I don’t want the US to turn into a Third World Hellhole where a president can simply ignore the laws on the books, a problem with the Uber-Presidency that Obama is implementing.

Relative to the illegals, and from a practical standpoint, we can NOT afford to provide food and shelter to that many of them.

Instead of libtard this, conservtard that, guntard, etc., does anyone care to speak to the merits? No ad hominem (i.e., name-calling). When people argue at a junior high level, it destroys the credibility of their arguments.

Should the US tighten up immigration enforcement like Obama is suggesting that Europe do? Maybe build a wall or series of substantial fences along the southern border (source of much of the influx)? Maybe stop incentivizing illegals to come or stay here?

Or should we just let anyone stay in the US if they sneak in or overstay their visas?

If it’s a major security issue for Europe to have uncontrolled immigration as Obama says, isn’t it a national security issue that the US border is not properly secured, that we have uncontrolled migration?

OVERARCHING ISSUE: Should a US President have the power to establish policies contrary to existing laws?

If you’re an Obama-supporting Democrat, are you willing to admit that a possible President Trump or a possible President Cruz would have the power to ignore laws per the Obama “Dreamers” precedent? For example, Cruz could decide that capital gains taxes are a bad idea and he would no longer collect or enforce those taxes. He could say, “Well, Congress refused to act as I wanted them to, therefore, under the Obama Dreamers example, I can change policy to what I like, even if contrary to the law.”

BONUS QUESTION: Why is Obama in favor of Europe stopping uncontrolled immigration there, while he is doing everything possible to recruit and keep illegals in this country?

My answer to the last question is that the Democrats need a large underclass to vote for them. These illegals are undocumented Democrat voters, who will look to govt for free benefits. Eventually (either when Dems succeed in giving them the vote legally or the illegals vote illegally*) these immigrants will vote for the Dems who give them free stuff. Basically, the open borders Democrats are trying to gerrymander the whole country by bringing in new potential voters.

*Illegal votes may well have tipped North Carolina into the Obama column in 2008 and tipped the US Senate election in 2008 to the Democrat per https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/monkey-cage/wp/2014/10/24/could-non-citizens-decide-the-november-election/


It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice. - John Cassis on manners

Ignoring juvenile attacks and remarks on the internet for over two decades.

Arguing by deflection or name-calling is an admission that you don't have a rational argument.
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Re: Obama Concerned About Europe Allowing “uncontrolled migration”
Posted by: Unbelievable ()
Date: April 25, 2016 11:52PM

Our president is literally retarded.

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Re: Obama Concerned About Europe Allowing “uncontrolled migration”
Posted by: Hypocritical nigger ()
Date: April 25, 2016 11:57PM

Unbelievable Wrote:
> Our president is literally retarded.

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Re: Obama Concerned About Europe Allowing “uncontrolled migration”
Posted by: Dog Walker1 ()
Date: April 26, 2016 12:33AM

I don't know about Unbelievable, but Hypocritical N is doing something calculated to associate a substantial, thoughtful critique of Obama with the racism central to his post.

I reject the racism as a toxic poison that repels any reasoning person.

Hypocritical N might be the racist that he, at first blush, appears to be.

MORE LIKELY SCENARIO, he is an Obama supporter. His post is made to try to tar well-reasoned criticisms of Obama with the repellent racism in his post. He does this b/c he is unable to counter the criticism of Obama with a meaningful response.

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Re: Obama Concerned About Europe Allowing “uncontrolled migration”
Posted by: Nogman Joe ()
Date: April 26, 2016 12:51AM


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