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The myth of the American melting pot
Posted by: Yucky24. ()
Date: January 18, 2015 10:54AM


I really wish that conservatards would stop lamenting about America no longer being a melting pot as they idiotically try to articulate their alienation in a increasingly racially diverse society without sounding racist.

The problem isn't that we aren't forcibly integrating the various racial groups in America like we supposedly did in the past (which is mostly a myth); the real problem is the mere presence of this racial diversity in the first place. Scientific studies have shown that racial and religious diversity is antithetical to societal cohesion and harmony.


Besides, why the fuck does the modern faux-conservative movement want to encourage racial mixing? Since when did that become a conservative value? Miscegenation has always been a degenerate liberal value that conservatives were violently opposed to.

The reality is that the so-called melting pot in America was almost exclusively comprised of White ingredients for most of our history. The only racial minority of any significance in pre-1960 America were the descendants of black African slaves; and they were never really considered to be a part of the American melting pot because they were systematically prevented from participating in mainstream American society - not to mention that miscegenation was literally illegal for most of America's history. The so-called "Native Americans" were pretty much written off as a nonexistent irrelevance.

To better understand what was really meant when White Americans discussed the melting pot concept, we have to look to the White European nations where most immigrants in pre-1960 America migrated from.

In White European nations today, White European people struggle with the concept of viewing themselves as being members of a larger White racial group. They mostly view themselves as being French, German, Swedish, Italian, etc. It's really only in America and Canada where White immigrants from all over Europe intermixed and started to view themselves as being members of a larger White racial group.

This is something that we race-conscious White Americans and Canadians can add to the White European pysche which is too often crippled by a narrow view of national ethnicity. And relevant to the study discussed in this forum post, we can bolster this effort by pointing to solid genetic science. Contrary to liberal anti-racist propaganda efforts directed at White people, White Europeans are actually one of the most genetically homogeneous racial groups on this planet.

Being White isn't a social concept, it's a biological reality.

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Re: The myth of the American melting pot
Posted by: stp ()
Date: January 18, 2015 11:03AM


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Re: The myth of the American melting pot
Posted by: Hymen ()
Date: January 18, 2015 11:56AM

While there is some truth in what your write yucks, the reality is that there was an American melting pot throughout almost all of the country through the 1960's and it was fueled by the public school system. If you wanted to go to school, you learned English. If you wanted to go to school, you learned the history of America from a white-centric POV. If you wanted to go to school, you heard a nationalistic theme in civics. Now we have multi-cultural mumbo jumbo being taught in whatever language the kid speaks. There is no more E Pluribus Unum, but rather E Pluribus Pluribus. And no place is that misguided message more pronounced than in our educational system. The pendulum swung way too far to the left and is destroying our once great nation. If that had occurred in the 1940's, we'd have lost to the Japanese within 18 months and never even gotten a shot at the Germans.

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Re: The myth of the American melting pot
Posted by: heMpd ()
Date: January 18, 2015 01:54PM

is a quaint expression from history of going west

when there was land that was unowned about free to take by anyone who (ie, wasn't a member of the mexicans claiming mexico owned california). by about anyone. even the scottish!

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Re: The myth of the American melting pot
Posted by: TGm9U ()
Date: January 18, 2015 01:56PM

all land is owned and overpriced

there is no "just walk in" now.

border checks and papers were in effect since before the World Wars

infact if i went into mexico demanded a gov job like spics get here: i'd be shot

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Re: The myth of the American melting pot
Posted by: hyUkv ()
Date: January 18, 2015 01:56PM

niggers are taking a dive, euros are giving them permission to ISO counterfeit more by leaving borders unwatched

fucking niggers

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