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Black "wanna be" Ghetto trash test....
Posted by: john Carver ()
Date: March 22, 2013 03:22PM

If you are turd colored and live in Bristow, then you pass

If you are turd colored, period....you pass

Congratulations !

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Re: Black "wanna be" Ghetto trash test....
Posted by: jumped by blacks ()
Date: March 29, 2013 09:37AM

a troupe of pathetic monkeys tried to jump me in mannasshole recently.
They didnt know what to do when i charged them....weak, scared little animals.

I stomped their knappy heads into the ground until a cop rolled up and they fled.

Cop saw the last few seconds and laughed when i told him the whole story.
nobody likes monkeys...even when they live in the whitehouse

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Re: Black "wanna be" Ghetto trash test....
Posted by: bill clinton ()
Date: April 05, 2013 06:08AM

Some people think I'm black. I'm not, but I don't mind if they think I am. Let's face it, the niggers are here to stay, so it makes sense to try to get along with them. The same applies to the faggots. Although these types of people pull America down, I think the white population does more to pull these types of people up to white standards. Of course they won't ever be as good as white people, but that's ok. We all can't be in the top 1%. America needs a good portion to be in the bottom 10% or 20% max. If we spread the wealth equally, then the white standard of living will decrease. So, I say we keep the top 60% solid white and well off to maintain a solid majority. Keep the bottom 40% fed and with good shelter from the elements. They can also be used to keep our lawns and shrubs looking good. Remember, you want to have a good relationship with your yard guys. We need the faggots too. They do all the jobs real men refuse to do like working in the hotel industry and serving as waiters at eating establishments. Faggots love this type of work and it serves the straight white man well. So, since you now know that niggers and faggots have a purpose in life, it should be easier to try to get along with them.

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