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Anyone know who the lady is that panhandles at Lee Highway and Glebe Road?
Posted by: I want to eat her ass! ()
Date: July 21, 2017 08:49AM

I'm thinking about offering her my basement to live in, but she will have to give me sexual favors in return. She looks like she would clean up really well.

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Re: Anyone know who the lady is that panhandles at Lee Highway and Glebe Road?
Posted by: Driver ()
Date: July 24, 2017 10:25PM

What days and time of day is she out there?

If you're going to go that route, the first thing you do is get her tested. If you think you're the only one who has had that idea, you're about to be disappointed.

I hooked up with a beggar woman a long time ago. I had seen her for a couple of days, so I walked up to her and made her an offer. She took it, I took her for testing, she cleared. I had her take a bath and I took her to Walmart & bought her some clean clothes. She stayed about a month. Yeah, she banged me pretty good for that month, I came back one evening, anticipating a good BJ, and she was gone. She just took off, but she did put the key in the mailbox. I never saw her again.

Some people just choose to be vagrants.

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Re: Anyone know who the lady is that panhandles at Lee Highway and Glebe Road?
Posted by: I want to eat her ass! ()
Date: August 02, 2017 10:15AM

I asked her what she thought about the idea and she told me that she isn't a whore or prostitute, but she desperately needed a place to stay. I let her stay for free without having sex. She agreed to help clean the house and do things to help out. I keep my place pretty clean, so there wasn't much for her to do. I don't know if she felt guilty or what was on her mind, but I came home yesterday and she was gone. She left a note thanking me. She said that some day she'll pay it forward by doing the same for someone else.

Oh, she did clean up well, very well! She's originally from California. Came here for a job, things didn't work out as planned, she lost her job, didn't have any savings to fall back on, yadda yadda yadda.

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Re: Anyone know who the lady is that panhandles at Lee Highway and Glebe Road?
Posted by: Haver of money ()
Date: August 04, 2017 12:00PM

Too bad you couldn't get the nookee out of her. See, I'm a poor little rich boy college student here. My sister and I became an inconvenience to our parents when we were still in elementary school, so they shipped us off to bore-DINGGGGG! schools after that and just gave us a lot of money to expiate their guilt. They bought me this house to live in while I go to school.

Anyhow, I saw this same thing on 16th St. in D.C. I usually gave her something, but one night I asked her what time she quit begging, so she told me. I met her the next night and asked her what was up with her.

She told me she'd come from Illinois to work for this congressman twice her age, sucked his dick and he promised he was going to dump his frumpy wife for her. Of course, he didn't deliver, she still hung around for 5 yrs and then she pressed him about it so he fired her. She said he was chasing after another young staffer, anyhow. She was to embarrassed to go back to whatever hick town in Central Ill. she came from, so she tried to stay here, managed to get a couple of jobs but just got fired off them one after another until she got kicked out of her apt. and landed on the street where she'd been for 5 yrs. She had a degree and everything and once had a nice life.

So I told her what a poor little rich boy I was and had a house, was in school and wouldn't mind having somebody around to keep the place up, cook, when I needed it and do me, when I needed that. She started the same line how she wasn't a hooker and all that. I told her if I wanted a hooker, there were a hundred places on the web I could find one and I could afford the best there was. She asked what about just clean and cook. I allowed it might work, as I'm a pretty sloppy guy at home, but I told her no sex, no go. So she asked if I would use a rubber and I told her of course I would, since I was only 19 and I didn't want to have to marry her if I knocked her up. She told me she thought I was a little young, she was 32. I told her I didn't care about her age, just she did what we agreed to and kept herself clean.

It was a lot like the same thing for me. I took her to CVS, told her to pick out some basics, took her home, told her to scrub her ass and throw her rags in the wash, which she did. Then I took her to Macy's, bought her some clothes and make up, took her back home, told her to fix herself up and get dressed properly and I took her out.

Then I took her home and banged her.It turned out to be the best I'd had up to that time. She also taught me how to do it right. I was a ham handed 19 YO, after all.

It worked out well until the school year ended. I told her I was going to Italy for the summer, but she could stay in the house. If she was going to take anything, I didn't care, since the only thing I kept there worth anything was my old car. The other car was an junker I kept just because it was easy to find parts for it and places to work on it. I was taking the antique to New York before I left and if she stole the junker, I wouldn't have cared much, since I could get another one easy.

Anyhow, 2 days before I was headed for NY, I wake up, she's nowhere to be found and there's a note on the coffee maker telling me she's moving on and thanks for the helping her out and being such a good "pupil" in the sack. The key was taped to the note, so she left the front door unlocked. Good thing no burglars came, even though she did turn the alarm back on before she left. She left the cell phone I got her on an end table. She took the clothes and toiletries I bought her and I guess she put them in some trash bags, b/c she didn't take any of the suitcases. I would have liked it better if she'd at least taken a suitcase for her stuff.

It was prob better it happened this way, anyhow.

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Re: Anyone know who the lady is that panhandles at Lee Highway and Glebe Road?
Posted by: Gostoza ()
Date: September 23, 2017 12:31PM

Glad I'm not alone in this.

About 15 years ago I befriended a woman who was homeless. She was from Brazil and when she cleaned up, she was incredibly attractive. She was living in an abandoned house nearby and I'd see her every day at this Shell gas station in Woodbridge.

Began talking to her, gave her some $ and one afternoon, asked if I could treat her to a decent dinner. Several hours later and a dinner at Denny's, she timidly agreed to come home with me.

Nothing happened for the first 6 days, then the moment came and had incredible sex. I avoided oral and anal until she was tested, but her test came back quite clean. Not sure what it is about Brazilian women, but they consider their ass another erogenous zone. Nothing is really considered "dirty" per se, so you name it, we tried it.

Beautiful, dark downturned eyes that were so incredibly sexy, c-cup boobs with dark areolas the size of coffee saucers and round hips and bubble butt. She had quite the bush too.

Needless to say, I fell for her and began to try and 'educate' her on not only being a lady but an American. Through time I learned she had been raised in some filthy favela near Rio and had come to the US to see a relative and never left.

The sad thing is she lacked skills and had shitty English. I'm lucky I knew Portuguese from having taken it in college, but couldn't cope with her flakiness and occasional drama. She was so good and uninhibited in bed, I was in her hands and would do anything to keep her.

One afternoon I came home from work and she was leaving with some female friend I had never met. She had her clothes and belongings in multiple hefty bags. She told me she was leaving to go live with a family friend.

I was depressed for months. Never before had I been to bed with a woman who would traverse every inch of the sexual spectrum. Nothing was taboo and she'd let me do whatever for as long as I wanted and she got off on everything.

Whoever lands her better enjoy their time together, she's a keeper that's hard to pin down. I had my hopes for a "pretty woman" type of relationship but should've known better.

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Re: Anyone know who the lady is that panhandles at Lee Highway and Glebe Road?
Posted by: Porto Vecchio Pietro ()
Date: September 24, 2017 12:03AM

Yeah, there is something about Brazilian chicks. They seem to live for the Big O. They're easy to bring off, too.

My Brazilian GF broke up with me when I told her in the World Cup I rooted for USA, Italy, France and whoever was playing Brazil; in that order. She didn't like the last part. In fact, it made her violent.

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