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What is going on with LC Schools? Who is responsible?
Posted by: Who's in charge? ()
Date: November 11, 2018 07:14AM

How many teachers need to be charged with crimes against students before we start to identify who is responsible for hiring and keeping these people?

I've heard stories of really good principals being fired for no good reason and yet real problems with teachers having sexual relations with students, coming in drunk, unsupervised students in locker rooms being raped and anally penetrated are ignored by the school administration.

From what I can gather, the school administration is so afraid of the teachers union that that simply ignore the tell tale signs with "problem" teachers until the problem hits the front page of a Gazette newspaper.

The administrators at LCPS would rather fire a principal who did nothing wrong after a subordinate teacher complains about an evaluation or reprimand then investigate the complaint and placing the blame where it belongs.
Therefore, some teachers are not concerned with having to do the right thing knowing the union has their back.

The teachers union runs the show and has all the clout.

The change of principals at Lovettsville ES is a perfect example.
A new principal was placed in one of the worse elementary schools in the county regarding grade scores.
While attempting to do his job to raise grades at the school and supervise his subordinates, he was complained on by a teacher who proceeded to complain to the admin office. The teacher remains, the principal was fired and the poor grades of the Lovettsville students continues.

...as does the drunk teachers, sex between teachers and students and all the problems we see in the headlines, yet all the overpaid administrators keep their jobs. WHY?

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Re: What is going on with LC Schools? Who is responsible?
Posted by: Lansdowne Mom ()
Date: November 11, 2018 10:00PM

Have you seen the Tuscarora principal?

Large black woman that serially files race based complaints against the county. When the ass raping occurs at her school and she shuts down the dialogue, you better believe her job is safe.

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Re: What is going on with LC Schools? Who is responsible?
Posted by: thklm ()
Date: December 23, 2018 12:29AM

Libtards from the northern wastelands are taking over Virginia and they want lots of diversity. Easy to fire people who don't meet the quotas imposed as desired.

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