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Updates to Wikipedia
Posted by: Eric..Bonetti ()
Date: July 06, 2021 05:50PM

Bob Malm, perjuring priest

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Re: Updates to Wikipedia
Posted by: Incomplete Update ()
Date: July 06, 2021 06:07PM

Um, you forgot to include in your update that Malm was granted TWO protective orders against you by judges in two separate STATES that found his claim to have merit and that you’ve lost every lawsuit and appeal that you have thus far proffered. I mean, if you’re going to inform the public, inform them about ALL of it.

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Re: Updates to Wikipedia
Posted by: Lg ()
Date: July 06, 2021 08:20PM

This is just laughable!

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Re: Updates to Wikipedia
Posted by: Nutcase ()
Date: July 07, 2021 03:40PM

These nutcases always end up suing a Judge that ruled against them. This nutcase sued Don Haddock a judge in Alexandria. That's a sure sign of insanity.

I've seen these cases before. Usually the plaintiff has an underlying "reason", using the term VERY loosely, that is the source of their obsession. Something like that the pastor is really trying to control him using radio waves directed at his teeth. These nutcases know that they can't actually claim something like that in court. They're aware enough to know that their delusions will be seen as evidence of insanity. So they file all this other crap about somebody canceling appointments for their dead mother and lying about it.

He's a nutcase. Needs treatment badly.

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Re: Updates to Wikipedia
Posted by: I don't understand ()
Date: July 07, 2021 11:07PM

How can Bonetti not know how crazy he is? I mean, how can he not look objectively at the depth of his obsession and not even have an inkling that he’s completely deranged? Most people wouldn’t put this kind of time and attention into catching their own rapist or people that stole their life savings and yet he's been on an insane jihad for 7 years because someone said that his mother once called them on the telephone! It's just amazing to me that Bonetti is hemorrhaging insanity from every opening in his body and yet is so clueless to the fact that his own brain is severely fucked up. He’s lost his “marriage”. He’s completely unemployable. He’s wasted hundreds of thousands of his own dollars in legal fees and his own man hours writing irrational drivel. He has absolutely no friends. Even CHURCHES who accept EVERYBODY (including whores and lepers) have locked their doors to him and gotten legal protection orders. His own mother cut him out of her obituary. His family has disowned him. He’s convinced that the Alexandria Police Department, Massachusetts Police Department, Virginia Bar Association, Episcopal Diocese of Virginia and Massachusetts, City Judicial System, Federal District Court, and the entire Congregation of Grace Episcopal Church are all conspiring together in a MASSIVE conspiracy against him! HOW DOES HE HAVE NO CLUE AS TO HOW BATSHIT INSANE HE IS?

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