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Jeffery "Sugarland" Chiow Buys Condo
Posted by: Eric..Bonetti ()
Date: June 10, 2021 01:12PM

Shenandoah County. It's not just for morons flying the Stars and Bars anymore. Indeed, a whole new breed of trailer park trash is moving in, as evinced by the news that Jeff Sugarland Chiow has bought a condo there.https://www.nvdaily.com/nvdaily/courthouse-notes-shenandoah-county-aug-7/article_8908a5c8-f52f-5697-aed5-652387935103.html

For the uninitiated, Jeff earned his moniker by virtue of the imaginary town of Sugarland, scene of an equally fictitious church shooting, that Jeff included in his pleadings in litigation against me. Combine that with the fabrications he offered the court, including his claims that I was never licensed as an attorney, and that I never was a police officer, and at best you have an attorney with some highly questionable ethics.

Mix in his decision to try to subpoena my terminally ill mother in violation of the law, his follow-up claim that he didn't realize she was dying, add his inflammatory rhetoric, stir in his settlement proposal, which evinces no understanding at all of Christian concepts of reconciliation and forgiveness, and sprinkle in his client's perjury and Jeff's decision to conceal evidence adverse to his client. Mix thoroughly and voila!

Instant trailer park trash.

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Re: Jeffery "Sugarland" Chiow Buys Condo
Posted by: Super Wow ()
Date: June 10, 2021 08:35PM

Eric..Bonetti Wrote:
> stir in his
> settlement proposal, which evinces no
> understanding at all of Christian concepts of
> reconciliation and forgiveness.

I'm amazed you can even type those words without bursting into flames or being struck by lightning. You truly are a hypocritical laughing stock.

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Re: Jeffery "Sugarland" Chiow Buys Condo
Posted by: /|\ ()
Date: June 11, 2021 01:22PM

The only cause that I’ve ever heard about the start of this was that the Bonetti guy didn’t get the senior warden job at the church and was very upset by it.

The reason he keeps losing is that there is no explanation to where this all began. Everything he complains about is a follow-on for something he can’t tell anyone. I’ve seen endless threads about ‘dragging my dying mother into court’. About what? ‘Malm claims she made appointments that she didn’t keep’. About what?

There is an easy answer to how this all began, and because Bonetti doesn’t address this, we can all assume he is in the wrong - the courts at least have proven this.

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Re: Jeffery "Sugarland" Chiow Buys Condo
Posted by: Long Time Follower ()
Date: June 14, 2021 02:52PM

I find calling somebody trailer trash based on where they live to be terribly offensive and a huge turnoff. Probably 90% of the geographic US could come under that umbrella. What makes him think he's better than people in fly over areas? Pretty sure the vast majority of them don't engage in endless stalking campaigns to cancel people.

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