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GM Law Question
Posted by: NoComment ()
Date: June 08, 2021 11:21AM

Why can’t anyone answer. It’s 2021.
Why do our public service and elected officials claim they have never heard of this site or it’s ‘no comment’.

Call or ask anyone in the state. They get nervous just hearing the question.
We’ve done it for a year and a half. Make a great documentary.

What is your opinion on the fact any age can access content on here.
No verification or login.

People can write anything they want about anyone which appear on a search engine.
For instance a child searching up his family on google sees a post from days to years ago about their family. REPEATEDLY same person.

Tell anyone questioning our efforts it’s a strategic plan not a shot of meth in an instant. Most drug addicts only think right now.

It takes time.
This is bigger than just taking down a post.
We really aren’t the ones-just the front line communicators.
It effects a lot of companies/agencies that benefit.
But there are innocent good people posted negatively on here.

How can you be a against ‘pedogate’ and post here.
You can’t see the hurt families ‘patriots’ in your own children’s schools.
As long as it isn’t your child or loved one posted about. Or you.
Thought you were against child abuse- posting about someone effects their kids.

Democrats vs Republican. No. Human Yes. Better tomorrow yes.
Catch the bad guys. Yes. Ask a simple question to those in power? Yes.

Where’s the StopAsianHate leaders bringing this site up?
We leave that to you.

Where’s BLM leaders bringing this site up?
We leave that to you.

Where are the Patriots to help these families?
We leave that to you.

Where are the Church leaders?
We leave that to you.
The teachers? Principals. Administrators. Counselors.
We leave that to you.

Charities? Lobbyist? All the great people of Fairfax County?

Is there an answer? Unless this isn’t what you thought when you posted about your cheating ex or used racial slang and included pictures of children and families.

15 years ago the truth was told on here.
Numerous times. And a few high school generations went by and did nothing.

Where’s GMU? One of the best law schools in the World.
Do they not want to help?
AU is close.
GT the root let us know what you think about this site having no age verification.

Did you get into your career to change lives? Help Victims?
Did they just indoctrinate you and now your a part of the system in front of a laptop doing pointless clerical work. What’s for lunch?
You can help make a change that effects a lot of innocent people immediately.

We not here to promote violence or hate.
If the site is the vehicle for communication and not liable it should have a age verification or login at least. I know that would effect the system watching over all of us but talk to the victims and you have a different point of view on the issue.

Who protects the innocent so they can live a better life when a victim is posted on here?
1. Become a Victim.
2. Go apply for a job or meet a new friend.
3. Watch the results
4. When children get old enough to google their parents.
5. Watch the results.

IG FairfaxUnderground.Victims
Some request got deleted.
DM anytime.

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