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Successful Real Estate Investor offering virtual training & mentorship
Posted by: faraz ()
Date: March 05, 2021 01:55AM

Seeking 9-5'ers, hard workers, IT professionals, newbies, teachers & independent thinkers. This is not a get rich quick scheme.

***I JUST CLOSED A $375,000 residential flip, DEAL ON FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 5 IN FORT WASHINGTON, MD. MY NAME WILL APPEAR IN THE WASHINGTON POST FOR THAT WEEK. I purchased the property for 250K 6 months ago and put magnitude of resources into renovations/expenses. This is a real story and I'm willing to share all the photos and insight accordingly. I drive an E550 that's paid off and you can too. Real estate is the safest & best investment. I can teach you the keys to wealth, no matter your age, religion, income, etc. Mentorship/training sessions start at $50/hour

I've been professionally investing in real estate within the DMV region AND east coast, consistently since 2004. I'm offering my consulting and mentor ship services. You will have a chance to meet my real estate agents, hear their stories, understand lending & how to get a loan with little anxiety & least $ down possible. You get a ton of real first hand experience, connections, financial lending contacts, "cheatcodes" as the millenials call nowadays, insider tips & tricks, hard money firms, knowledge, and my wisdom for that. There's a lot more strategies here I haven't listed which you won't even see on biggerpockets.com

All the other real estate agents & consultants charge a heck of a lot more out there. They charge in percentages and I know most families have a tight budget so that's why my services are a small flat fee, unlimited time from my side in terms of follow-ups, seminars, webinars, meetups, teleconferences, etc. can be arranged. My 1st job was at mcdonald's making $5.50 an hour. Anything is possible in this country but you can't be cheap, you have to be willing to pay for someone elses time to mentor & train you to be a real estate SME

I bought my first house when i was 22. The property market crashed soon after that, 2008 came around, I purchased more properties, held and came out on top. I can teach you how to literally buy properties with no money down or very little. I have experience doing flips, wholesales, rentals, leases, landlord challenges, legal & tax knowledge in MD, VA & DC etc. I know some of the best and brightest real estate agents and real estate investors inside the beltway. I've held properties with a 20-30% cap rate. I've operated in multiple states, automated everything and can teach you to do the same. I can show you how to obtain passive/residual income in your sleep. This is not a scam. I've got 100s of references and was going to host public meetups until the CVD pandemic occurred.

Experience is everything folks. I've designed & decorated kitchens, bathrooms, basements. I've had to take contractors to court. I know how to talk to insurance companies, general contractors, listing agents. I'm offering a network of dozens of contacts along with automated and error-free investing/consultation services. I have multiple properties valued at over $2 million currently. I can guide you on purchasing NPLs or mortgage notes, which means you can also buy houses without taking possession or paying any of the taxes. Who else is going to teach you all this? Certainly not your supervisors.

Renting isn't good economics. If you have some cash & need to move out, buy your first home or want to expand and get a secondary property as passive income, I can show you how and I can drive you around and show you my portfolio. Again, I'm not trying to buy your home, i'm not a real estate agent, i'm an active investor with another dayjob.

I can also teach you how to sell or list a property on MLS for a FRACTION of what typical agents charge in this area. You don't need to pay anyone 3% or 2.5% to list a property. There's too many middleman now in real estate. It's a transactional trade for them, but it's a life time trade for you.

On the purchase side, I can help you get a 3-6% in kickbacks & seller subsidies at closing/settlement. I can show you all the paperwork and documents from all the deals I've done if you don't believe me. I use them today as blueprints for my next deal. There's a lot more strategies here I haven't listed. I've got the best contractors; they find all the flaws and are able to mitigate all the inspection items but you have to pay to play remember.. it's taken me years to accumulate an arsenal & directory of contractors & laborers on the east coast.

Looking for hungry souls who think outside box, eager to learn and are willing to put in the work that needs to be one to become a successful real estate investor or landlord. I know all the biggest investors in the area. I can connect you with folks who are earning 12K a month net income running AirBnb in Arlington, Alexandria and DC. There's a lot of ways to make a good earning in real estate, whether you're on the buy side or sell side. You don't even have to be on those sides, you could be a wholesaler as well or even get paid for "driving for dollars".. real estate is a growing industry and it's expanding rapidly. I can teach you how to leverage your hard earned money and convert it into real assets. Inflation is coming folks. Property prices are only going up. There's NO crash coming soon. What happened in 2008 was different than what's driving up demand now. don't be shy. willing to offer 1st session for free, hmu soon before i get busy.. it's just a matter of time before i get locked up on my next deal and get busy with the GC life.

Even if you live 60 miles outside of the DMV, I can still offer you an excel spreadsheet methodology & SOP that's bulletproof successful. Browse through some of my pics and just think "if only i could get 6 figure wire transfers"

If you don't have the capital to buy a house or you currently rent and don't own, you don't have to be left behind. The goal to homeownership isn't that difficult if you learn how to play chess & connect the dots so to speak. Everybody else wants you to pay $10,000-$40,000 for their program but I'm offering you the keys to the kingdom for a steep discount. It may take 2-3 months for this to happen from A-Z but I'm willing to coach you the whole way. If you're sharp, you could probably start submitting offers within the first 2 weeks.

I've got the time to sit down with you and teach you how the system works, virtually or in person. Nobody else cares, The system is crumbling but those who own resources & real estate will survive this decade and can provide beyond the basics for themselves & their families. There's a lot more strategies here I haven't listed.

The pics you see are all the properties I currently own, or have owned.
Mentorship/training sessions start at $50/hour. i accept paypal, cashapp, venmo, btc, ltc, etc.
Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 1.27.32 AM.png

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