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Before You Pledge: $1 Out of Every $5 Goes to Bob Malm
Posted by: Eric Bonetti ()
Date: January 05, 2019 12:36PM

As you consider pledging in 2019, it may be helpful to look at Bob Malm’s compensation in light of the church’s overall financial condition. Here is a quick summary of Bob Malm — by the numbers.

Compensation as part of total parish annual budget
Total church annual budget: ~ $1 million
Total Bob Malm compensation, including indirects: ~ $200,000
Percentage of church revenue devoted to Bob Malm compensation: ~20%, or
1 out of every 5 dollars goes to Bob Malm!

Highest paid bishop on presiding bishop’s staff annual income, including housing, per DFMS annual financial report:
Bob Malm annual compensation: Higher!

Annual compensation versus local average
Alexandria mean annual family income per CityData: $89,200
Bob Malm annual income: Almost twice this number

Annual leave
Average annual leave for employees with 20+ years’ experience, nationally: 20 days (16 days actually used)
Average annual leave for Bob Malm: 35+ days (all used) (does not include sabbatical)

Average annual bonus
Average annual bonus per Monster: $1,797
Bob Malm average annual bonus, based on $100,000 bonus paid in 2014: $3,333

Average Alexandria home value:
$476,900 per US Census Bureau
Bob Malm home value: $734,263 per Zillow (note that this number is probably high due to deferred maintenance on Bob’s home, lack of improvements)

Keep in mind, too, that Bob’s almost $200K in annual income is not the same as your $200K, or my $200k.

Why is that?

It’s because federal tax law treats Bob’s housing allowance AND his mortgage as both deductible. When this double dip is factored in, Bob’s putative compensation is well north of $200K.

So, before you give sacrificially, consider this: 1 out of every 5 dollars you give does NOTHING to fund the church, but instead subsidizes Bob Malm. And even as the church’s financial position continues to deteriorate, Bob gets paid no matter what. Ministries may lose funding, but by gummy, the gravy train and the good life continue for Bob Malm, even though church governance has been a train wreck for much of his time with the church.

Caveat emptor.

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