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teen girls of fairfax
Posted by: lovin the darkness ()
Date: August 29, 2012 10:08PM

These young gals love the bbc. Your daughters are sucking our huge cocks, your wives are getting it in the ass while your at work and your mom has cheated on your father with a bbc. You mad pekerwoods?

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Re: teen girls of fairfax
Posted by: Birth of a Nation ()
Date: August 29, 2012 10:20PM

LOL back to the porn mooncricket

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Re: teen girls of fairfax
Posted by: Alpha Male ()
Date: August 29, 2012 10:37PM

Self-respecting white dudes want *nothing* to do with white women who bang black guys.

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Re: teen girls of fairfax
Posted by: alpha male too ()
Date: August 29, 2012 11:02PM

crack coke is white as well. enjoy a little white trash pussy! my portfolio of prison building/managing companies stock is rising. white devil likes letting you have a taste before we put you into the cage, where you belong.

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Re: teen girls of fairfax
Posted by: get shorty ()
Date: August 29, 2012 11:03PM

blacks have small penii

How would you describe the color of the hair on your head? (If it has grayed or fallen out, answer based on the hair you had when you were younger.)

Black: 18.3% (average penis length: 5.92")
Dark brown: 47.7% (average penis length: 6.15")
Light brown/dirty blond: 25.1% (average penis length: 6.20")
Blond: 6.3% (average penis length: 6.24")
Red: 2.6% (average penis length: 6.09")

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Re: teen girls of fairfax
Posted by: Ha-Ha-And-HA! ()
Date: August 29, 2012 11:23PM

Hey chimp, can you even count the number of cocks your whore, junkie nigger mom sucked or is that number too high for your stupid empty head to count, with barely one brain cell in that monkey-shaped head and all?

It is just no accident that I've never even known a nigger who was at least average in smarts all my life and I've known many from plenty of different backgrounds. It is one thing to know your limitations, but man these monkeys have been brain-washed into believing they are like the rest of us, LOL!

There are plenty of pets, and some even Chia pets, that are smarter than most of these monkeys whose biggest accomplishment is having learned to walk on hind legs.

And don't give me shit about the size of your dicks because you are too dumb to even reason with. I've fucked more than a few nigger bitches, including one stupid cunt a day before her wedding day and again a day after she came back from her honeymoon. She still thinks I loved her after all these years, LOL! And another dumb nigger cunt who packed up her two kids and waited at her relatives thinking I'd show up to take her and her little monkeys away, ROFL! It took that stupid cunt more than a year to even understand that I never even intended to show up that night.

So you see chimp, if you could understand numbers, I'd tell you that by ratio, much higher percentage of nigger men suck dick and take it up their ass than any other race but that would make your empty head spin so I'll spare your sorry ass because I don't want to be known to enjoy animal cruelty, although it is indeed true since I make an exception when it comes to monkeys.

So, go fuck those dumb whoever bitch that has such a low or no self-esteem of herself, I don't give a shit because she don't matter.

And just to let you know, I am neither White nor Hispanic, in case that solo cell in that monkey-shaped head of yours started to wonder.

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Re: teen girls of fairfax
Posted by: she likes it big ()
Date: August 30, 2012 01:42AM

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Re: teen girls of fairfax
Posted by: wowlol ()
Date: August 30, 2012 03:21AM

even the white hookers dont want niggers near them


"(No A.A.Men)" she will probably fuck 20 different guys today but that is still better then fucking one nigger.

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Re: teen girls of fairfax
Posted by: BEH ()
Date: August 30, 2012 08:13AM

Hey, to each their own.

Blacks seem to have some kind of genetic problem. Scores of generations have passed since the abolition of slavery , yet the negroes remain societys problem children.

Other races and nationalities have faced bias and racism , yet perservered .

The blacks are still procreating at an alarming rate, and for the most part taking no responsibility for their own children. So many of these ghetto rats are raised by their grandmothers, or by a drug addled mother. The fathers are largely absent , resulting in year after year of inbred savagery and isolation, with no room in their "culture" for education or hard work.

For what other nationality has there been so many social services , and actual dumbing down of school curriculums?

So, what are you going to do about white girls that choose to align themselves with them?

There is nothing to be done, it is their lives to live as they please.

You know how people are. If Silverback Gorillas roamed Fairfax , I'm certain they would be a bane on society and a magnet to girls with poor judgement as well.

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Re: teen girls of fairfax
Posted by: nigger attack ()
Date: August 30, 2012 08:28AM

did anyone hear if theat white guy that was beaten by the niggers on Capitol Hill is still alive? He went to a Nats game, and a bunch of niggers attacked him (surprise surprise) but I haven't heard anything since he was in the hopspital in a coma............sad, but not unusual...this is what niggers do.

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Re: teen girls of fairfax
Posted by: George "Noose" Allen ()
Date: August 30, 2012 12:58PM

Vote for me, George Allen. A few nooses and burning crosses will make a big difference.

Then vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, and just wait until you see the swastika go up on the Mormon temple. Sieg Heil Bain!

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Re: teen girls of fairfax
Posted by: Boo Boo shuts it down ()
Date: August 30, 2012 01:45PM

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