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FCPS Gym Survey
Posted by: Eastsider ()
Date: February 25, 2008 03:37AM

Some questions about gym. Yeah, it's stupid, but I kind of want to see if the culture was the same across the county.

1) Did you shower after PE in middle school? High school? Did you get towel service?

2) Did your schools have gang-bang (one-room) showers or private stalls?

3) Did the toilet stalls in your locker room have doors?

Seemingly, no one showered after gym in middle school (Longfellow); there was no time. Most people got towel service, wiped off, and applied deodorant.

In high school, again, most people didn't shower and there was no towel service (at TJ). While I never ended up showering in gym, I would sometimes shower after pick-up bball if I wasn't going home immediately. Our locker room had both gang-bang and private stall showers, with the former being much cleaner.

The toilets at TJ had stall doors. The toilets at Longfellow did not. There are few things more disgusting than walking in a bathroom and seeing some kid pounding out a growler in full view of everyone. Seems like having no stall doors encourages more crime (possible fights, pranks, etc.) than it might prevent (like doing drugs or smoking).

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Re: FCPS Gym Survey
Posted by: native ()
Date: February 25, 2008 03:53AM

lmfao. gang bang showers

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Re: FCPS Gym Survey
Posted by: KeepOnTruckin ()
Date: February 25, 2008 05:55PM

I dont think many MS/HS kids shower in gym, that would make them gay in the eyes of everyone else.

I have been to many of the FCPS facilities and i can say that the majority do not have stall doors but do have stalls. (Herndon and Robinson are without doors, i know) Although there are places that do have doors (Westfield is well equipped) Also at Oakton I saw a bathroom without any stalls at all. Punk kids knock them down and they arent repaired b/c they will get knocked down again.

There are usually (single-person) showers in the clinic, the special ed rooms, custodial office, and occasionally the dressing rooms behind the theater. Most schools have gangbang showers in the gym becuase they are cheaper, and maybe a handicapped stall.

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Re: FCPS Gym Survey
Posted by: Eastsider ()
Date: February 26, 2008 08:09AM

Maybe the schools should consider making concrete or cinderblock stalls with welded iron doors to prevent vandalism? Alternately, since nobody is using the showers, maybe kids should just drop deuces in there?

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Re: FCPS Gym Survey
Posted by: JJ ()
Date: February 26, 2008 11:16AM

1. Never had time, only had 10 minutes until another class. However it was available to anyone who wanted it.

2. Gang bang all the way.

3. All toilet stalls in the bathrooms had no doors....I thought this was stupid.

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Re: FCPS Gym Survey
Posted by: SE ()
Date: February 26, 2008 12:16PM

Chantilly HS, Franklin Middle had stall doors, gangbang showers, and no one used them, ever.

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