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I wrote a check to Gerry Connolly for $1,079,868
Posted by: Jesse Ferguson ()
Date: October 29, 2010 11:08AM

And it's perfectly legal. By collecting money from a few people interested in seeing Gerry return to Congress in 2011, and funneling it through my committee, we can change the outcome of this election.

Remember, voters are stupid. They are likely to remember the latest ad they see. In the next few days we want these voters to receive individual pieces of mail, each with one of our talking points.

We want the most recent memory in voter's minds to be one of the following:

Gerry Connolly doesn't support spending even though he voted in favor of all four trillion dollars of it in the past two years.

Gerry Connolly does not support Obama's expansion of taxpayer-funded health care benefits to all, despite voting in favor of it.

Gerry Connolly was successful as a Fairfax County official. Few complained when their taxes doubled during his time in charge of the Board of Supervisors, and the economic crash did not happen until his last year in office.

Gerry Connolly is in favor of creating more jobs, without saying he believes the best way to do this is to bring illegal immigrants into Fairfax County so they can work at affordable rates.

We will match these mailings with others attacking Keith Fimian on every issue including those that are not even being debated this year such as abortion rights and gun control.

We will even accuse Keith Fimian of being responsible for the Virginia Tech shooting. One of our supporters, Reema Samaha, is the sister of a VT victim and will allow us to use her in our ads.

Finally, with this money we can get President Obama to record a phone message and send cards with His signature to the party faithful, encouraging them to vote for Gerry Connolly.

We may not win on Tuesday, but we will at least be able to say that we spent more on Gerry Connolly than on any other house race.

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Re: I wrote a check to Gerry Connolly for $1,079,868
Posted by: T2T ()
Date: October 29, 2010 11:14AM


Thanks for your valuable contribution to the campaign funds of Gerry. However, there's one thing you've really overlooked when you wrote your check. It takes days to produce a commercial and days to produce and get out mailings. None of your contribution will get applied to Gerry's wave of attack ads.

Instead, your worthy contribution will be applied to the "after" party on the evening of November 2nd. Yes, your money will go towards several bottles of tequila, wine, beer, munchies and whatever our local favorite Democrat can come up with. I'm sure they'll also remember to stop by Costco and buy big bottles of Tylenol so all the "paid" volunteers won't have a headache when they wake up on the morning of November 3rd.

I'm looking forward to crashing his party. He probably has younger, hotter chicks working for his campaign than the stodgy Republican party does.

Thanks again for your contribution.

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Re: I wrote a check to Gerry Connolly for $1,079,868
Posted by: Kardinal ()
Date: October 29, 2010 12:10PM

No, actually, it's not legal.

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Re: I wrote a check to Gerry Connolly for $1,079,868
Posted by: DNCC ()
Date: October 31, 2010 11:31AM

That was on top of an earlier $1,000,000 check from outside-the-state Democratic Committee. $2 million is a lot of mailings.

All of it to change 18 months of Gerry's record in the minds of the voters, while continuing to mail false allegations about Fimian.

Connolly may win the election, but he has lost the integrity battle. Those who vote for him deserve him.

May God help Northern Virginia if Connolly is reelected. Because Connolly won't.

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Re: I wrote a check to Gerry Connolly for $1,079,868
Posted by: Kardinal ()
Date: November 01, 2010 01:31AM

I don't think it's legal for any entity to give $1m to a campaign for any reason.

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