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Edison High School Creepy Security Guards
Posted by: Alarmed ()
Date: October 06, 2010 08:22AM

What is up with Edison High School Security? There was a guy there a few years ago named Manny that was fired for dating students, then there was a shady guy named Hall who was let go for watching students have sex in a car on school property, and now they have a guy named Weber that seems a little shady. This guy Weber is an overweight wannabe player that flirts unmercifully with students. In addition, even though he is not working the games, he is at all of the football games dressed in his urban finery hugging female students and hanging out. On his linkdin he lists himself as a "behavior consultant" when in fact, he is a guard. What's up with this school?

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Re: Edison High School Creepy Security Guards
Posted by: justsayin ()
Date: October 06, 2010 08:36AM

So far you have listed nothing indicating the security of the students was in jeopardy... no allowing of Columbine-style attacks, no dealing drugs. Sounds like you need to worry more about your kids' grades (or your own grades) and stop worrying about guards watching people boink.

Here is a little dose of reality: security guards aren't paid that much. You aren't going to get top-of-line, model rocket scientists to do that job unless YOU go PERSONALLY to the school and volunteer to subsidize each security guard salary by an additional $20k or $30k.


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Re: Edison High School Creepy Security Guards
Posted by: NotARocketScientist ()
Date: October 07, 2010 03:07PM

What the FUCK does "subsidize," mean?!

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Re: Edison High School Creepy Security Guards
Posted by: ReallyMon ()
Date: October 07, 2010 03:18PM

Really? You don't know what it means?

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Re: Edison High School Creepy Security Guards
Posted by: SAYSO ()
Date: October 10, 2010 10:38AM

Just Sayin,
Your post defies logic. You justify creepy behavior because of low salary? You must be a creep.

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