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Software prices way up - compared to Reagan years HUGE INFLATION
Date: June 14, 2024 05:25AM

so my "subscription" to one software went from $350/yr Reagan (which i couldn't afford so i lost my position and didn't upgrade), to $500/yr OBAMA to $650/yr Biden and now ALSO DURING BIDEN, $950/yr. other CAD prices way up.

OS PRICES are way up: RedHat was $100 "for everything and source code also" (rolling script not incl. meh). RH is now $400/yr and i think no source

WIN10: $20,000 site license that doesnt' include anything but win10. (ie, capability to steam video to google TV? absolutely not that's another $100,000 or more i assume). Win95 was $50 and no site license required. (unix was $20,000 but was not a site license it included the rights to re-sell it with other products "you own that copy flat out $20,000")

I CAN'T AFFORD TO PAY FOR GOOGLE BULLSHIT. IT'S ALL SUPER EXPENSIVE. I can't turn off youtube ads or buy space it's all separate and ads up to thousands of dollars a year if you go "all in" so that google isn't full of junk ads and you can actually "use their services".

so that's $20,000 for a short career of using one single app and NO PAY NO SITE LICENSE, meanwhile gov workers are getting copies for free (who i want to kill for doing it), but that doesn't include OS prices

THE SOFTWARE COMPANIES NOW ALL HAVE MALWARE UPDATING - WHERE YOUR FILES GET SENT TO THEM AND THEY STEAL YOUR CONTENT (YOUR IP YOUR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY). this wasn't allowed and could be sued for during Reagan - during reagan it was considered "a federal offense" the exact same thing.


Honestly I'm looking at my books, and I can't afford it I'll have to call "the company" and tell them the subscription is canceled.

I hate doing that because I consider it kinda a science donation ... but they simply demand to much

furthermore they are nasty to me: they don't appreciate money they only appreciate power and hanging up on customers - why is IMPUGNITY which i won't discuss for brevity

I hate not using RedHat but really it's Ubuntu wrapped by corrupt americans and renamed RedHat - and they are "all about domination schemes and in depe with German dominance = germans hired to attack everyone but china and germany", RH is. (they say they are a gov contractor i can prove THEY ARE NOT - all their stuff that works is stolen from germany uk and other hackers: redhat added build fails on top of germany attacks - they did nothing for progress)

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Re: Software prices way up - compared to Reagan years HUGE INFLATION
Posted by: 34tyg46j ()
Date: June 14, 2024 05:25AM

little red riding hood

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