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im looking for ways to punish an annoying neighbor for being a douchebag
Posted by: neighbor revenge ()
Date: June 17, 2023 09:34PM

does anyone have suggestions of questionably legal methods of making a neighbor miserable.

ive got a elderly family member whos also a veteran in their 90s and recently i had to trespass the neighbor for being a douchebag and trying to take advantage of an elderly persons kindness who turned into a whiny karen when they were kicked off the land they were trying to occupy without paying for.
we could have been nice to them and sold part of the property
we could have been nice and given them permission to use the land as an eavesment if they paid or at least tried to compensate
instead they said they would call the cops and cause us harm because they felt entitled to the land because the eldery vet has bad knees and wasnt able to walk the property.

so long story short. we are already past the point of no return and i want to crash the property value of the neighbor by being an absolute douchebag in return. the propery owner has given me permission to do anything i see fit in order to maintain what they have worked so hard to get. i dont think its to the point of weapons yet but its deffenitely past the nice and kind stage.

i dont want to make law enforcment freak out but neighbor fueds can get violent easy and the neighbor is deffenently a drug user,

bonus points on legitimate ways to terrorize thats fully in the clear legal that would make them move. because as was said, karen thinks they are entitled to use the 90 year old veterans land without permission because the vet cant walk out of the house much and when peaceful solutions were offered they became whiny karens and were trespassed.

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Re: im looking for ways to punish an annoying neighbor for being a douchebag
Posted by: jbdwg ()
Date: June 17, 2023 10:01PM

Too vague
Not enough information


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