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COVID not resolved until 2024-5 with great idea
Posted by: Deport unvaccinated ()
Date: January 13, 2022 11:38PM

For those who refuse to be vaccinated, deport them to South of the Border to Mexico or below. As others in high COVID surge areas feel, you are not wanted and not welcome in this country, except for reasons in the next paragraph, if you are not vaccinated and also at my and others homes. The rest of us who are vaccinated have suffered for 22 months, keeping away from you unvaccinated in stores and forgoing medical care in COVID filled medical facilities. Enough is enough. Especially anyone at risk for a breakthrough infection who has been vaccinated, such as the elderly or have underlying health conditions.

Am sympathetic to children under 5 where no vaccine currently available or those allergic to the COVID vaccine. For those unable to get the vaccine due to lack of car or other transportation or medically cannot get out of their homes, some local governments are better than others reaching out to these folks.

What is it going to take politically for this deporting to happen? Do not see it happening under the Biden administration. Strong willed governors? 2022 congressional elections with new members of Congress supporting deportation, both traditional illegals like Trump did and vaccine refusers? 2024 and a new President supporting such deportation? A national health emergency or Biden to get deathly sick with COVID?

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Re: COVID not resolved until 2024-5 with great idea
Posted by: gaydar operator ()
Date: January 14, 2022 08:59AM

Yet you fags still accept unvaxxed illegals up from Mexico.

Really sad how you crying libtards have lost all sense of the real world.

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