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So JOE Just "WOKE" and Now Is Going Down To Texas We Guess The Windmills Have Thawed Out
Posted by: Slow JOE In The Basement ()
Date: February 21, 2021 10:39PM


Ya slow JOE is finally getting to it after the windmills unfreeze so he can brag about Democrats and climate change, you know damm well Trump would have been down Texas that day and the next at least 3 times by now

Hey JOE what's it going to be all Democrat "Magic" windmills for liberal billionaires to jam us on prices in the future and then freeze up in a cold pinch or nice warm gas and electric with the juice coming from good King Coals mines with the throw of a little old switch and some great US union coal mining labor that pays good money for hard dangerous work that real Americans do.

That's the way the UMWA rolls that coal out when its really cold . Take one look at France and their enviro AAA+++ coal fired electric plants Dems and get off this goofy high water gig your on to help old Al Gore and John Kerry and so many enviro other goofs out as China builds the worlds largest navy huh you goofy fools

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Re: So JOE Just "WOKE" and Now Is Going Down To Texas We Guess The Windmills Have Thawed Out
Posted by: dementia man ()
Date: February 22, 2021 07:55AM

He needed to wait until Texas had power back and the place where Joe was staying had all the right foods and video games for him.

They also need to send his special toilet ahead by a few days to have it installed.

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